What It Means If You Have Cancer Rising As Your Ascendant Sign

Cancer Rising brings compassion and emotion everywhere they go.

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Do you know that everyone has a Rising Sign, also known as the zodiac sign in your 1st house? No, this isn't your Sun sign, which is determined by your birth date; rather, your Rising or Ascendant sign is determined by the time you were born — the exact time you were born.

You see, every person has a Sun sign, Moon sign, and Rising sign in their natal birth chart. Your Rising sign is the "mask" you present to people in social situations. This means that your Ascendant sign is the first impression you make on people when you meet them.


In order to calculate your Rising/Ascendant sign, you need to know the exact time of your birth, because if you are even a few minutes off, you can end up with an entirely different sign.

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Ask your parents or search for your birth certificate. Then, you can plug it into one of the many free zodiac calculators to find your Rising sign, like this one!

What it means to have Cancer Rising as your Ascendant sign

Cancer is a cardinal sign, in both Vedic astrology and Western astrology, which means they enjoy constant movement. Just like a river, Cancer needs to keep moving; however, they value being alone the same amount they do as being with their friends and family.


Many mistakenly think that because Cancer Risings crave movement they are energized 24/7, but that's not true. Cancers can often burn out easily. Cancer Risings are extremely aware of their emotions, which is another reason why they need some alone time to "recharge."

Cancer Risings' ruling planet is the Moon, which sets them apart from most of the Zodiac because the Moon is not technically a planet. Cancer Risings are always moving from one emotion to the next and can be influenced by the feelings of others. This makes them very compassionate and empathetic to those around them.

Cancer Risings work best in careers that allow them to travel and move freely, or a job that makes them feel like they are not stuck in one place. They also thrive in jobs that challenge their mind and allow them to learn, making them great teachers, social workers, and childcare workers.

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Cancer Risings are known as the darlings of the Zodiac. They are easy to approach and hold a certain elegance in the way they interact with others. This is why they present their tender sides but hold off from sharing their intimate details.

Cancer Risings have a Capricorn Descendant, which is the point directly opposite the Rising sign. This makes Cancer Risings understand and value the levels of human interaction. They're nice, but you need to prove your loyalty before they open up to you.

For Cancer Risings, once you are accepted into their close circle, they are one of the best people to have in your life. They are there for your important events, showing up when no one else does. They are the type of person who remembers your favorite things and surprises you when you're feeling down.

Cancer Risings are compatible with people who can give them a sense of balance to their emotions by providing them with logic. This is why earth signs like Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorns often find Cancer's warmth attractive.


Cancer Risings also get along with their fellow water signs, Pisces and Scorpio, because they understand each other on a deeper level. Though they can connect with almost everybody, they might want to steer clear of air signs, specifically Aquarius Risings, in their love life.

Celebrities with Cancer Rising/Ascendant: Angelina Jolie, Kanye West, Julia Roberts, Adele, Cindy Crawford, Hailee Steinfeld

Cancer Ascendant Personality Traits & Characteristics

1. Emotional

This isn't very shocking, as those with a Cancer Sun are also emotional people. Cancer Rising people are emotional, but not because they get hurt easily or worry that people need to like them.

This sensitive water sign is emotional because they value their feelings. They always know what others are feeling, which can sometimes become overwhelming. When this happens, they find a quiet place to regroup and get grounded.


2. Compassionate

Because of their heightened emotional intelligence, Cancer Risings are all too often consumed by the feelings of those around them.

Many Cancer Risings identify as empaths and can actually feel the emotions of the people around them. Because of this they are pulled to act and help those that they can. This Rising sign feels what you feel and desperately wishes to help whenever they can.

cancer rising sign traits

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3. Cautious

It can take a bit to crack the outer shell of Cancer Rising. Though friendly and kind, they are only surface-level nice upon first meetings. They don't immediately open up to create deeper connections, but wait to reveal personal details until they feel like they have gotten to know who you are.

They are wary of others and feel that their intimate details are to be kept private until they can fully trust the other person. The people around Cancer Rising make a deep impact on who they are, which is another reason they may be a bit more guarded.

4. Energetic

Cancers are cardinal signs, which means they need movement. Double that with being a water sign, and Cancer Risings are always in motion.


Like Aries, they can be the life of the party; however, unlike Aries Risings, Cancer Risings need their alone time, too. Just like rivers, Cancers can only keep going for so long; they eventually reach a delta.

5. Friendly

Cancer Risings release the kind of energy that makes people want to approach them. They are warm and inviting people who will have a conversation with just about anybody.

Cancer Risings will never make someone feel unimportant or as if they are a burden. That is why Cancer Risings are probably the most approachable sign in the zodiac.

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