What The Part Of Fortune Means In Astrology

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The Part of Fortune in astrology represents the areas of life that will bring you the greatest success if you live authentically.

This aspect of astrology can also be interpreted as your purpose in your life; what you are meant to do, be, or even focus on.  

The Part of Fortune is not a planet or asteroid but rather the exact place where your sun, moon, and rising signs find compatibility with one another, resulting in harmony and peace.  

This aspect of astrology is often known as lucky, however, it doesn't necessarily bring luck. Instead, it reveals your natural best assets that have the potential to effortlessly bring you the greatest success whether it be in career, love, or big life decisions.  

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Like many aspects in astrology, though, it also makes a difference where it shows up in your natal chart.  

You can use a birth chart calculator to calculate your Part of Fortune, or Fate of Fortune as it is sometimes called, which is the place where your Sun, Moon and Rising signs intersect.

Part of Fortune meaning in the signs

Part of Fortune in Aries 

Under this energy, you are encouraged to trust your intuition and skills. Follow what you instinctively are drawn to. This means trusting your own self, following through, and making sure the decisions you are making are genuinely yours.  

Part of Fortune in Taurus 

As an earth sign, you need to focus on what you want to build and create in this life that feels stable and long-term. This will allow you to find success in material wealth which will keep your lifestyle exactly where you like it: luxurious.  

Part of Fortune in Gemini 

If Gemini is your Part of Fortune, it means that you are gifted with your words. Communication, writing, and anything that involves you expressing your thoughts and feelings will allow you to find success.

The more that you can tap into your true self and express that truth the more success you will find.  

Part of Fortune in Cancer 

As a Cancer, self-love is actually a huge part of your Part of Fortune. You naturally want to dote on and take care of those around you but to harness your own success, you need to remember to take this energy and direct it back towards your own self, giving yourself everything you extend to others.  

Part of Fortune in Leo 

With your Part of Fortune in Leo, your greatest success comes when you can live out loud no holds barred. You are meant to shine, and you are able to do that when you can share your gifts with others.  

Part of Fortune in Virgo 

You may not need to be in charge of anything in order to find success, but you do need to feel honored that your natural skills are being valued. This means doing something in which your detail-orientated planning skills can be put to use. When that happens, success is yours.  

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Part of Fortune in Libra 

When you have your Part of Fortune in Libra, you need to make sure that you are not overextending yourself or working too hard. You need a slower pace of life and time to explore what truly is of interest to you. This may include doing more of what you want rather than what you have to do.  

Part of Fortune in Scorpio 

Under this energy, you find your greatest success when you are able to tap into matters that others shy away from.

You have a fantastic ability to read people and understand hidden motivations for doing certain things. By using this ability to navigate human nature naturally, you will find remarkable success.  

Part of Fortune in Sagittarius 

Freedom is key if you have this Part of Fortune. Not just because you do not like to be restricted but so you can learn and experience new things.

Whether it is through school, your career, or even travel, you like to always be evolving, growing, and making the most of every day.  

Part of Fortune in Capricorn 

It may be hard for you to manage more than one big goal at a time, but if you can slow down and focus, then you will find remarkable success, one step at a time. It is important for you to be able to make sure you are letting yourself accomplish one project at a time so that you can give it your all.  

Part of Fortune in Aquarius 

You have an incredibly unique and innovative way of looking at life. Part of Fortune in Aquarius needs to be in an environment or career where these ideas are encouraged and embraced.

Make sure that wherever you settle into your life or workplace, you are being honored and valued for who you truly are.  

Part of Fortune in Pisces  

As a very spiritual sign, you need room and space to be able to tap into your unique qualities so that you can find success within them. Whether it is through esoteric themes like astrology, art, writing, or something else entirely, you need to embrace your creative side to maximize your potential.  

Other influential aspects on the Part of Fortune in astrology


If your Part of Fortune is on your Ascendant, it represents a strong connection to your Rising sign, signifying a great amount of luck and easy success in life.   

Ruling planet

Your Part of Fortune sign's planetary ruler provides insight into how to best tap into the strengths afforded by your Part of Fortune placement. 

For example, if your Part of Fortune is in Taurus, Venus is its ruling planet. From here, you'd look at Venus' house placement in your birth chart to see what specific area of life your strengths are in. 

Planets or aspects in the same sign

These reveal the areas of your life where you will find the greatest achievements, especially when accompanied by benefic planets.  

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