What It Means If You Have Taurus Rising As Your Ascendant Sign

Taurus Rising is the stability you need in your life.

taurus rising

While most of us are familiar with our Sun sign, also known as our zodiac sign, we may neglect the other important aspects of our birth chart. That’s especially true when it comes to our Rising sign.

Unlike your Moon sign, which represents your emotions and how you connect to others, your Rising sign, or Ascendant sign, represents the “mask” you present to those around you; it is how you come off to people when you first meet them, giving a first impression of what your personality is like.


Where your Sun sign correlates to the day you were born, your Rising sign is located in the sign of the zodiac that was positioned on the eastern horizon at the precise time of your birth. So, in order to find your Ascendant or Rising sign, you need to know your exact birth time; otherwise, if you are off by even a few minutes, your Ascendant will be in a different zodiac sign.

You can calculate your natal chart and Rising sign using a calculator, as that's the best way to determine which Rising sign you have!

Taurus Rising traits and characteristics

Taurus is an earth sign, so if you have Taurus as your Rising sign, you are loyal, patient, hard-working, organized, and have a taste for the finer things in life; however, you are also known to be stubborn and lazy, with jealous tendencies.


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Zodiac sign Taurus is also a fixed sign, in both Vedic astrology and Western astrology, meaning they have a traditional approach to life, and value structure, perfectionism, and productivity. And because Venus is Taurus' ruling planet, this sign is quite feminine and sensual, despite their somewhat brash exterior.


While Taurus may not appear like the life of the party in social situations, it's only because they prefer circumstances that are free of drama. Taurus Rising signs know exactly what they want — that goes doubly for their love life and home life.

People born with Taurus Ascendants strongly value life's simplest pleasures and believe that enjoying one's self means being free from turmoil. Because of this, they will go out of their way to always be in the presence of positive vibes.

Because Taurus is a fixed sign, they are consistent and "fixed" in their needs, meaning they are reliable yet unlikely to be swayed. Their stability makes Taurus Rising easily able to follow the goals they have set for themselves. Similar to a Scorpio Rising, however, this trait can also hold them back, as Taurus Rising may refuse to see a situation from another point of view. They resist changes that don't match their own ideas, which can lead to stagnation and rigidity.

This Rising sign is far from an idealist; rather, they are careful in how they approach situations and move at a cautious pace. Since they value security, Taurus Rising will act in a way that preserves this concept, meaning they won't jump into anything without weighing their options first. Their approach may not jive well with others, as their need to be sensible can make them come off as a bit standoffish and conservative.


Still, Taurus Rising tends to balance their practicality with the desire to enjoy their life.

taurus rising sign traits

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Taurus Rising in relationships

In relationships, Taurus Rising is all about privacy, meaning they don't divulge details to others. But when in a loving and trusting relationship, they are great listeners, are extremely loyal, and work hard to please their partner. They know that, above all, it's the small things that matter most, and they will put the work in to ensure a relationship full of love and affection.


Taurus Rising individuals will always prove their loyalty to friends and family by doing everything in their power to show their loved ones they are supported. Because they are such a constant in the lives of those they love, and because Taurus Rising is all about being agreeable and easy-going, this makes it easy for the people in their lives to know that Taurus will always be there.

Because Taurus' ruling planet, Venus, is the planet of love and attraction, Taurus Rising tends to be very sensual and physical. Along with their appreciation and desire for good food and atmosphere, Taurus Rising fully celebrates pleasure. Of course, this Rising sign must learn to not overindulge themselves, whether it's with food or sex. If they partake in too many self-indulgent activities, they may forget just how pleasurable those things are over time.

While Taurus Rising is practical and focused, they sometimes put their emotions on the backburner, allowing them to manifest as jealousy or possessiveness, particularly in their romantic relationships. Living a rigid life can also contribute to these feelings. In order to combat their jealousy, Taurus Rising must let go of situations they cannot control; otherwise, they will find their own sense of security and calm slipping away.

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Taurus Rising at work

If you have a Taurus Ascendant sign, you tend to do well in careers where teamwork is an essential part of your duties. While you are stubborn, because this Rising sign is so dependable, tasks will be completed thanks to Taurus Rising's drive, creativity, and initiative.

Just like they will refuse to budge on their opinions, once Taurus Rising has their focus set on something, there is no convincing them otherwise. Their stubborn nature means they stick to their guns, yes, but may also prevent them from taking on new opportunities. Since Taurus Rising does everything at their own calculated pace, they don't take kindly to situations that throw them off-course. In this case, they must remember that stepping out of their comfort zone and letting loose can do wonders.

Celebrities with Taurus Rising/Ascendant

Mariah Carey, Brendan Fraser, Queen Latifah, Miley Cyrus, Serena Williams, Camila Cabello and Aaron Rodgers all share a Taurus Rising sign.


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