Leo Ascendant Sign Meaning

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Leo Ascendant Sign Meaning

The first house of your natal chart is also referred to as a rising sign or your Ascendant in astrology.

The best way to find out your Ascendant sign is to know your exact time of birth.

You can find your natal chart and rising sign for free here.

What is the meaning of a Leo Ascendant sign?

A Leo Ascendant sign means you are charged with extra positive personality traits. Everything that makes a Leo is magnified.

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Everyone has an Ascendant sign, even if they don't know what it is.

A Leo Ascendant is a person who is ruled by the Sun, that doesn't mean that your Sun sign will also be in Leo.

If you are born with a Leo Ascendant sign, your career sector may fall within Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn.

A Leo Ascendant sign means that you work well with money, can be financially responsible, and are driven to lead.

Although a sign in Leo could lead you to think that this means you prefer to take risks, it's actually untrue.

Your zodiac sign has fixed energy which means you need stability in your life.

People born with an Ascendant sign in Leo attract Aquarius partners in marriage and in business.

An Ascendant sign in Leo means that you admire and respect individuals who are creative and try new things.

The zodiac sign that was positioned on the Ascendant at the time of your birth reveals the first impression you leave when others meet you.

An Ascendant sign in Leo means you can't be forced to do something you don't believe in.

A Leo Ascendant sign also means that your twelfth karmic house is in the zodiac sign of Cancer.

Your home life is a priority, and you will do whatever it takes to make it an enriching environment for yourself and others.

Knowing that you have a Leo Ascendant zodiac sign can explain why you act the way you do.

So after looking online and providing all your details of your birth, you find yourself having a Leo ascendant sign but you have no idea what that means.

Here is what it means to have a Leo ascendant sign, per astrology:

An Ascendant sign in Leo means you're bold.

Leo is ruled by the Sun and having a rising sign in Leo means that you are naturally happy and confident.

With a Leo rising sign, it makes you very self-aware and body-conscious, aware of others, and how you come across to people.

An Ascendant sign in Leo means you're alert.

Leo rules the fifth solar house of astrology, which is about romance and enjoying life.

Meaning you always are aware of your surroundings, which includes the people you’re with, the environment you are in, and how it affects your public image.

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An Ascendant sign in Leo means you love attention.

Leo is one of the fire signs, so there's lots of energy and you love to please the crowd.

Basically, anywhere you go is the stage and you are the only performer and the world is a stage, even in a little cafe surrounded by strangers in town.

An Ascendant sign in Leo means you take *calculated* risks.

Leo is the opposite of Aquarius, which is about innovation.

So, even though Leo is a fixed fire zodiac sign, there's an element of danger that appeals to your personality, but not without weighing the risks first.

You aren't likely to give in to making rash decisions. Rarely will someone see you throw a dramatic temper tantrum.

Even though you might come off as bossy when in charge, you prefer to remain calm at all times.

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This parallels your drive to commit along with idealism that keeps you out of trouble.

An Ascendant sign in Leo means you're courageous.

Leo is represented by the archetype, the lion. As the lion of astrology, you were destined to lead.

Leadership requires a level of bravery that is not found in other zodiac signs.

An Ascendant sign in Leo means you're protective.

You are born to protect others and to seek out the best for your friends.

You have a heart of love and nothing gets in your way when you make a decision.

These sound negative but have no fear, there are positives to your rising sign!

An Ascendant sign in Leo means you're strong.

Leo has a naturally strong body frame and hair that is thick and mane-like.

You have a strong physical constitution and pay attention to your personal appearance and mannerisms.

You chose a style that carries a youthful glow and carries manners that show you are strong.

An Ascendant sign in Leo means you're forever young.

No matter what age you are, you always are a kid at heart.

Your friends love you for your fun-loving energy, your warmness, your generosity, and spirit.

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