What It Means If You Have Pisces Rising As Your Ascendant Sign

Pisces Risings are deeply emotional beings.

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You are much more than your Sun sign; in fact, there are 9 planets and 12 houses in a typical birth chart. And while your Sun sign is the equivalent of your zodiac sign, your Rising sign represents another aspect of your personality.

Your Moon sign represents how you express emotions and connect to others, and your Sun sign is the core of who you are, but your Rising sign is the "mask" you present to others, and the first impression you make when meeting people for the first time.


Your Rising sign is also called your Ascendant sign. It's located in the specific zodiac sign that was positioned on the eastern horizon at the exact time of birth. Where your Sun sign depends on your birth date, your Rising sign depends on your birth time.

To determine your Ascendant, you must know your precise birth time; otherwise, your Rising sign will be in a completely different zodiac sign, even if you are off by a few minutes. Luckily, you can easily calculate your natal chart and Rising sign using a free calculator!

What it means to have Pisces Rising as your Ascendant sign

Pisces is a water sign, so if you have Pisces as your Rising sign, you are sensitive, emotional, intuitive and creative. However, you are also known to be aloof, insecure, and possessive.


As a mutable sign, Pisces is flexible and adapts to change easily; however, they struggle to find stability. Pisces' has two ruling planets: planet Jupiter and planet Uranus. Neptune is the planet of dreams and imagination, while Jupiter is the planet of luck and abundance; the two celestial bodies have a strong influence on Pisces, making them emotional and dreamy.

If you have a Pisces Ascendant, you do well in careers that let you be creative and compassionate. Pisces Rising are dedicated to helping others, and do well in careers like social work, therapy, counseling or teaching.

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Pisces Rising people are deeply emotional due to their water element, but this also makes them hard to read. While they may have a sunny disposition, on the inside they can feel overwhelmed by their feelings. Sometimes, they may feel trapped in this sense, and become unable to express themselves in a healthy way.

In relationships, Pisces Rising is devoted and attentive. Because they feel their emotions at such a deep level, they show their appreciation and adoration by doing anything in their power to please their partner. Unfortunately, this may cause them to emotionally drain themselves.

But their love life is important to them, and they take no issue in showering their partner with care. They are dedicated, tender, and loyal, and will defend their loved one with vigor; in addition, Pisces Rising takes the time to make sure their partner's needs are tended to and strive to make a meaningful connection to last a lifetime.

Pisces Risings are most compatible with fellow water signs Scorpio and Cancer, as well as earth signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. They have very strong compatibility with Virgo Risings, as they share a love of curiosity.


Celebrities with Pisces Rising/Ascendant: Gwyneth Paltrow, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Ryan Gosling, Jimmy Fallon, Demi Moore

Pisces Ascendant Personality Traits & Characteristics

1. Dreamy

Pisces Risings are frequently daydreaming, thinking about all their ideas and pretending to be grounded in reality. Because of this, they tend to not take things too seriously and are carefree in their disposition.

Peaceful by nature, they consider having a good time the best thing they can do in life. But because they so often drift off into LalaLand, they find it difficult to focus on the task at hand.

2. Compassionate

Pisces Risings are deeply caring individuals, who keep an open mind and heart towards everyone around them. They make excellent friends for this reason, and are the perfect person to have around in times of strife.


Not only are they compassionate, but because they are incredibly watery, they take on the emotions of others. This can oftentimes lead to feeling overwhelmed, so it's important to take time to decompress alone.

pisces rising traits

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3. Moody

Because of their inner turmoil brought on by feeling so deeply, Pisces Risings have a tendency to be moody, often going from extreme highs to extreme lows. They are very restless, and find it hard to stay focused on one thing at a time, striving for change.


Their wavering moods make them hard to be around and tolerate, especially since they have trouble controlling their emotions.

4. Erratic

One of Pisces' ruling planets, Neptune, inspires this Rising sign to delve into the unknown, which isn't a negative trait; however, they refrain from taking risks or pursuing their ambitions for fear of "what if?"

In a staunch contrast, Jupiter influences Pisces by making them want to be independent, while Neptune prevents them from jumping into things too quickly. Additionally, their erratic behavior means they have a tough time making decisions.

5. Adaptable

Thanks to their mutable energy, Pisces Rising is down for any plan of action another person proposes. Comparable to a chameleon, they adapt to new situations with ease.


They change their minds quite frequently, but this means they lack structure and stability; they lack a solid foundation and planning for the future.

6. Isolated

Though they are caring and kind, Pisces Risings seem to understand that the world isn't always a happy place. Overwhelmed with feelings, they retreat into themselves, closed off to the world.

Asking for help just isn't in their nature; they become so disheartened when others want to help, which comes from their need to protect themselves. Their personality makes them detach from any situation that makes them uncomfortable in this way.


7. Intuitive

Communicative and open-minded, Pisces Risings are also incredibly intuitive, tapping into their psychic abilities often. These abilities allow them to seek guidance from within, as well as detect the emotions of others.

Their intuitive nature also helps them connect with their spiritual side, allowing them to connect with higher powers.

8. Creative

With their dream-like personality, Pisces Risings are incredibly creative and have strong imaginations. Through Pisces Rising's dreamy eyes, they have a knack for anything associated with the arts and music; they use these channels to express their gifts.

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