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Meaning Of The Taurus Venus Sign, According To Love Astrology & Zodiac Compatibility

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Meaning Of The Taurus Venus Sign, According To Love Astrology & Zodiac Compatibility

Love astrology and zodiac compatibility is the best way to understand a Taurus Venus sign, especially when the planet of love rules the Bull.

What does it mean to have a Venus in Taurus?

A Venus sign in Taurus is all about love and money.

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Whenever Venus passes through a planet they are going to bring about changes in these two aspects of your life.

Some people consider Venus to be one of the most motivating planets because love is what drives us more than the want of money.

Taurus is usually one of the more stable signs, and when the planet Venus is in this placement it is at home. Venus rules Taurus (and Libra)

Venus in Taurus signs want to work hard, have simple, nice things, have a loyal partner, and have a partner to be loyal to. There isn’t usually a lot about a Taurus that is a wild card.

However, when you are born with a Venus in Taurus and Venus takes a pass through Taurus each year, things can get interesting.

Here's everything you need to know about the meaning of a Venus sign in Taurus, according to love astrology and zodiac compatibility.

Best love matches for Venus in Taurus zodiac signs

Best love matches for people born with a Venus sign in Taurus include Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer, Virgo, Libra, and Capricorn.

Worst love matches for Venus in Taurus zodiac signs

Zodiac signs with their Venus in Aries, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius, or another Taurus will find love complicated during dating or marriage.

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Venus in Taurus and love astrology zodiac sign personality traits

Taurus’s push the boundaries in their relationships, spend impulsively and use this time to be as reckless as a Taurus can get. Which is still not all that reckless, but still interesting behavior.

Taurus by itself is usually quite practical and resourceful. They like to treat themselves, but only if they know they can comfortably afford it. When Venus is in Taurus, things get a little bit wilder.

Taureans tend to be more impulsive. They may treat themselves to an expensive massage, or a fancy dinner. It may even be as simple as buying everything on the shelves leading up to a register.

This is certainly going to be a time of financial carelessness for a usually very careful sign.

That same indulgence experienced in their financial lives, it could also apply to your romantic life, when Venus is in Taurus.

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Venus sign in Taurus and zodiac sign compatibility

Zodiac signs who want love in the fast lane will need to be patient. Where a Taurus would normally, when thinking romantically, would have a slow and steady wins the race sort of mentality. This will not be an impulsive time period.

They may adapt, if only for a short time, more of a "you only live once" way of thinking that could lead to some passionate romances and/or straight-up bad decisions.

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Venus in Taurus and beauty

While physical appearance isn’t usually something that a Taurus might judge a person by, they are ruled by Venus. So when Venus is in Taurus, try not to bring your credit card to Sephora.

Why? You'll crave the latest creams and fashion luxuries to make yourself look beautiful.

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Venus in Taurus is going to inspire you to get the more expensive face cream and tell you that 30 dollars isn’t too much money to spend on nail polish and that yes, you do need that lip mask!

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What to expect when dating a Venus in Taurus zodiac sign

If you are dating someone with Venus in Taurus, they are going to want you to be more submissive in both mind and sexuality. They want to be in control.

If this is something you enjoy and are comfortable with, a person with Venus in Taurus will certainly want to be the leader. Expect to be expected to give in when it's not important and when it is important, don’t expect them to concede.

People with Venus and Taurus are very into things that are simple and natural. It is likely that their love language is physical touch, so you will often find them running their hands through your hair or stroking your arm.

They also respond well to touch, so make sure to reciprocate.

It is important to remember when loving a Venus in Taurus that the most important thing to them is loyalty. Make sure they know you have their back, and they won’t let you down.

Taurus always has a strong sense of duty. However, Venus will act as a sort of Fairy God Mother and turn their sense of duty into something more romantic: passion.

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