What It Means If You Have Aquarius Rising As Your Ascendant Sign

Aquarius Rising signs are calculated, cold, and... friendly?!

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Every person has a Sun, Moon, and Rising sign in their birth chart. Your Sun sign, Moon sign and Rising sign all represent a part of your essence and energy. Sun signs are your identity, while Moon signs are your hidden self.

Rising signs, also known as Ascendant signs, are in the first house of birth charts. This specific sign represents the "mask" you present to others in social situations. This sign is your first impression on people when you meet them.


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To find your Rising sign or Ascendant sign, you will need to know your time of birth. This is because your Rising sign is in the zodiac sign that was positioned on the eastern horizon, or the Ascendant, at your exact birth time. If you are a few minutes off, you could end up with an entirely different Rising sign!

Thankfully, you can calculate birth charts on the internet with free zodiac calculators. So take a look at your birth certificate (or ask your mom)!

What it means to have Aquarius Rising as your Ascendant sign

Aquarius, known as the water bearers of astrology, isn't a water sign like many think; actually, Aquarius is an air sign, so if you have this zodiac sign as your Rising sign, your attitude, appearance, and first impression don't conform to the norm. You flow like the wind from one paradox to the next. You defy all trends, yet you usually start them.


Since Aquarius' ruling planet is Uranus, the planet of originality and innovation, they are adept at putting their signature spin on everything they encounter. They are quite literally a breath of fresh air, pun intended.

Aquarius is also a fixed sign in both Vedic astrology and Western astrology, which means they like to stabilize concepts to make every aspect of their lives well-defined. In other words, Aquarius Rising (also called Kumbha Lagna in Hindu astrology), fleshes out situations with their personal inventions and ingenuity.

Aquarius Rising people excel when working in, and with, large groups of people. They are well suited for working in organizations that have a humanitarian focus due to their true value in making the world a better place. People with Aquarius Risings are also innovative people who flourish in technology, engineering, electronics, aviation, and even broadcasting.

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Aquarius Risings are ruthless with those that hold narrow views, yet they have a live and let live attitude. Since Aquarius Risings can be perceived as cool and calculating, similar to those with an Aquarius sun, they look for partners who are the exact opposite — as in warm, outgoing, and confident.

They desire a partner who can bring a level of excitement and passion to their love life. Because of this, Aquarius Risings get along well with fellow air signs Gemini and Libra, but also adore being involved with exciting fire signs, like a Leo or Aries sun.

However, their best match is with passionate and calculating Scorpios, where they get the best of both worlds.

Celebrities with Aquarius Rising/Ascendant: Barack Obama, Michelle Williams, Zendaya, David Bowie, Nicki Minaj, Khloe Kardashian, Matt Damon


Aquarius Ascendant Personality Traits & Characteristics

1. Logical

Just like Aquarius sun, Aquarius Risings are factual, logical beings. This is why they are often perceived as cool and calculated. They adopt this demeanor in order to give an objective view of situations to find the best immediate solutions to important issues that benefit most people.

They are able to clearly see through the emotions and focus solely on merit when making decisions. This can cause others to see Aquarius Rising as analytical and unfeeling.

2. Fair

Most air signs focus on maintaining relationships. For Aquarius Rising, they make connections amongst a diverse group of people and are always focused on making sure everyone is upholding principles of fairness, justice, and equality within the group. They are also fair within their personal life.

3. Selfless

Aquarius Rising people fiercely value equality, which makes them act in ways that will only benefit the collective. These people will never act or decide on something that will provide personal gain.


Aquarius is the Rising sign of the true humanitarian. They get what they need in a way that is socially responsible. They are constantly working to create harmony in their community.

4. Independent

People with Aquarius as their Rising sign hate being told what to do, how to dress, where to go, and when to be somewhere. They are extremely independent creatures when it comes to their personality.

Though they love working in organizations, this is only because their desire to bring equality to the world trumps their stubbornness to not conform. Their independence and need to go against the grain can be challenging to Aquarius Risings because they could end up isolating themselves by being “too different.”

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5. Innovative

Aquarius Rising are very smart individuals. They are always looking toward the future through the lens of how to better it. They are often found tinkering with ways to make things better for the greater good of their community.

6. Friendly

Though they can come off as cool or calculated, Aquarius Risings are actually very friendly when approached. They have the ability to read others and adjust their social strategy to connect with many different types of people.


7. Unpredictable

As one can tell from the diverse and varied personality traits on this list, those born with an Aquarius Rising sign can be quite unpredictable.

You may get a friendly social buddy or a cold problem solver. You could have a friend who would love to participate in your project or the one who would rather do it themselves.

They can act in ways no one could see coming, which makes them the unpredictable Rising sign they are.

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