How To Find Your Dominant Planet In Astrology (And What It Means)

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There are so many aspects in astrology and the birth chart that can help you understand yourself and your life more deeply, with the important influence of your dominant planet being lesser known.  

Your dominant planet is different than your Sun sign and even your ruling planet (the planet that rules your Sun Sign or Ascendant).   

Your dominant planet is the astrological aspect that holds the major answers that you seek within your life and provides more knowledge. Igives insight into the part of you and your personality that is the most prominent and influential energy to utilize because it is always working beneath the surface.  

It helps you understand your sense of self and how you approach others and the world and ends up establishing the mood for your life.  

In some ways, if your ruling planet feels limiting, it may be easier to see the obvious ways that it shows up in your life while your dominant planet works beneath the surface, guiding your unconscious self forward.

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How to find your dominant planet

Unlike a lot of other astrology aspects, such as planet placements or even specific points made up of the intersecting lines of other aspects such as the Part of Fortune, your dominant planet isn't a specific point on the natal chart.

Instead, it's the planet (or planets, if you have multiple) that holds a prominent position with the most aspects to it in your birth chart.

To find your dominant planet you must first calculate your birth chart. it is important to choose one that it gives you a more detailed chart with various aspects included because that is what you will need to find your dominant planet. This can be done on any number of free sites.



Once you have your birth chart, then it is a matter of looking at it for specific themes to try to determine which planet is actually your dominant planet.  

There are distinct aspects that you want to look at in your own chart to find your dominant planet.

Planets conjunct the Midheaven or Ascendant

The planet conjunct your Midheaven sign or Ascendant sign (especially if that planet is one and the same), more than likely this is your dominant planet as this represents an immensely powerful force within your life.

Multiple placements in the same sign

For example, if your Ascendant, Midheaven, and Moon signs are all in a particular sign, such as Aries, it would indicate that Mars is your dominant planet.  

Stellium in the natal chart

Another indicator of your dominant planet is if you have a stellium, meaning three or more planets, in a particular sign.

For example, if your Moon, Venus, and Mars signs are in Taurus, you have a Taurus stellium. Since Taurus' ruling planet is Venus, Venus might be your dominant planet.

House placements

An astrology house with five or more planets can also indicate that the ruling planet for that sign is your dominant planet.

This method of finding out your dominant planet takes a bit more work when it comes to analyzing your chart, but often the bottom line is it is the planet usually involved in the most aspects in your birth chart, especially those which hold significant importance like your Midheaven.  

Once you have found your dominant planet, though, the fun and the insight begin.  

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Dominant planet meanings 

Sun dominant planet  

When you have the Sun as your dominant planet, you take on the qualities of this planet and the Leo zodiac sign. Think big, expressive, and courageous — and having the ability to naturally draw people to you as a natural leader.

If you have a Sun dominant you likely are very warm, caring, and energetic which will radiate to all of those in your life.  

Mars dominant planet 

As a Mars dominant, you tend to go after what it is you want with remarkable success. At times you can be seen as impulsive, but that is more attributed to your elevated level of self-confidence. You do not need to overthink something to know that it is right.

You are passionate and tend to either be all in or out and will go to any lengths for something that you believe in.  

Moon dominant planet 

Even though like the Sun the Moon is not technically a planet, when it comes to traditional astrology, it is considered one that is just as important as any other.

If you are a Moon dominant, you can come across as very Cancer-like. This makes you very feminine, soft, artistic, or inclined to esoteric pursuits like philosophy or astrology. You are creative and experience the world through feeling.  

Jupiter dominant planet 

Jupiter is the planet of luck which means if this is your dominant planet you tend to be able to attract the best in life. You have an overly optimistic and understanding attitude, especially as Jupiter dominants also often are incredibly spiritual.

You are always looking for a better way to do things and feel that anything is possible, it is just a matter of figuring out how to accomplish it.  

Saturn dominant planet 

Saturn dominants put hard work and diligence above everything else. You understand that there is a system that needs to be followed and for you, rule-breaking just for the sake of being a rebel is something you would never consider.

You hold people to lofty standards and may take a bit to warm up to others. However, you also are extremely loyal and faithful in all that you do.  

Neptune dominant planet 

If you have Neptune as your dominant planet you tend to take on many of the qualities of Pisces. This would make you dreamy, intuitive, and even psychic at times. You have a unique way of seeing and experiencing life as someone who is extremely sensitive.

Love is a priority for you as is making sure that you are feeling valued by those around you.  

Uranus dominant planet 

Uranus dominance makes you not only highly intelligent but also often seen as an outsider. You tend to not fit into a lot of social groups and feel as if you are always misunderstood or viewed as odd. This is because how you move through life is so radically different from others.

Your high intelligence makes you dismiss matters that are not important and you're on a quest to learn something new.  

Venus dominant planet 

As a Venus dominant, you tend to be very physically attractive and stylish. You exude a graceful and caring attitude in all that you do.

You are someone that naturally will be sought after for friendships and romantic relationships, often never really knowing what it means to be alone simply because you have not had to be. You have a natural charm that attracts the best things in life.  

Mercury dominant planet 

It is no surprise that as a Mercury dominant, the mind is your ruler. You are extremely focused on communicating effectively and tend to have a very rational and pragmatic thought process. Words are incredibly important, and it seems that you are able to use them to have the world fall at your feet.

Highly intelligent yet also personable and funny, you positively affect all those you connect with.  

Pluto dominant planet 

Even though Pluto is not often spoken about in many positive ways, it actually makes a compelling and rewarding dominant planet.

Pluto makes everything more intense, so this will likely be the way that others describe you. But it also means that this is the depth of your feelings, your intellect, and your experience in life. You have a great gift of understanding a side of life that most do not.  

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