The Astrology Placement That Predicts Your Favorite Music

Your favorite artists might have this placement in common with you.

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Your Moon sign reflects a lot about the way you express your emotions and emotional needs.

The Moon is a luminary linked to your early environment and the relationship you have with maternal figures in your life.

Because your Moon sign is such a strong indication of how your process your emotions, it can also be connected to your musical preferences.

Moon sign and music taste

Because the Moon is linked to emotions, the outpour of their emotions through their music could make you connect with them more. You might relate a lot to the way an artist sings or you could feel deeply connected to their lyrics.




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Aries Moon music taste

The Aries Moon is driven and industrial. Establishing their place on top can help them feel balanced and secure.

Rihanna is an Aries Moon and it is reflected in her music. She empowers fans with her lyrics. The independent energy is felt through most of her music.


Selena Gomez’s Aries Moon is also witnessed through her music. Her song, “Lose You to Love Me,” brings some rebirth themes tied with the sign. Through the experiences, she healed and came out stronger.

Celine Dion is a double Aries who also brings empowerment themes to her music. The powerful love story, the downfall, and the evolution of the self are seen through many of her hits.

Taurus Moon music taste

Having a Taurus Moon could denote that bringing harmony to your personal space is essential. Creating a strong foundation that allows you to accumulate wealth is also important.

Elton John is a Taurus Moon. His music reflects a lot of Venusian themes of love and courage (in part also thanks to his Aries Sun). Elton has expressed his ups and downs in love through his music.


Christina Aguilera’s album “Stripped” represents her independence and ability to express herself in the way she wanted to at the time. The Taurus Moon can be rebellious and will destroy to rebuild something they feel comfortable in.

Kelly Clarkson’s music has shown her power and ability to transform after going through relationships.

Venus can also show transformation through relationships and all three have endured, learned, and come out stronger within their love experiences in their music. 

Gemini Moon music taste

Like most air Moons, the Gemini Moon needs to focus their energy on doing something that they enjoy.

Gemini prefers to write their emotions down in a journal or paper because it allows them to process them better. It is a Moon sign that is witty, playful, and emotional (believe it or not).


Florence Welch is a Gemini Moon and her writing is poetic, and dreamy and can make anyone dive into another world. “Ceremonials” is a powerful album that showed the Gemini Moon’s mastery of words and emotions.

Tina Turner is a powerhouse and her ability to have music in a variety of genres reflects the eclectic nature of this Moon sign.

Kylie Minogue is another notable Gemini Moon known for her upbeat, catchy, disco-pop with love themes. Her ability to change her image throughout her career reflects the mutable nature of the sign as well.

Cancer Moon music taste

Cancer is one of the few signs the Moon feels extremely comfortable in. Those with Cancer Moon are expressive and not afraid to show their emotions to others as long as they feel safe and appreciated. They love hard and are compassionate to those who reflect kindness to them.


Taylor Swift is well known for her lyrics and how methodical her albums are. She is meticulous with the work she produces. She can convey a range of emotions in her music. from love to aching heartache after a rough breakup.

Dua Lipa’s music brings fun and excitement to the table. Lipa’s music shows love and romance with fun and catchy tunes, showing the comforting nature of this Moon sign when they are radiating love.

Gwen Stefani’s solo career and music show the pioneering energy of the cardinal sign. Her music shows empowerment and control when in love as well as the emotional sensitivities tied with this sign.

Leo Moon music taste

Leo Moons tend to hold their emotions in because they need to feel safe to show others who they are. It could make them feel uncomfortable putting themselves out there. They prefer not to be judged by others, so only a few people will be able to see their vulnerable side.


Lana Del Rey’s songs can present you with a very dramatized view of love. Del Rey’s songs depict the ups and downs of a relationship with the flare of the Leo Moon sign; sultry, emotive, and confident.

David Bowie was not afraid to break the mold and express himself the way he wanted. His music was theatrical, artistic, otherworldly, and bold like Leo Moon. He inspired (and continues to inspire) many artists to this day.

Sir Paul McCartney brings confidence to the table with his lyrics. A musical legend that can still capture everyone’s attention with his music after many decades in the industry showing the power this Moon sign has.

Virgo Moon music taste

We see the struggles with balancing perfection and inner strength with this Moon placement.


Virgo Moon artists are relatable because they know the feelings of imperfection or self-doubt that we might be going through. Virgo Moon taps into their power when they can find their source of confidence and self-esteem.

Dolly Parton can convey vulnerability and power through her vocals. Her classic, “Jolene,” encapsulates how we can feel insecure in relationships, especially when someone might try to steal the one we love.

Madonna has taught us all how to express and move and showed us how to put ourselves first, thanks to her Leo Sun. She was controversial in the 80s and 90s and has established that she is still influential to this day.

As we see through her music, Lizzo gives us a message of empowerment and motivation through her lyrics. Her Venus-ruled Sun presents beauty, love, and confidence in her music as well.


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Libra Moon music taste

Ruled by Venus, the Libra Moon is an expert on the topic of love, happiness, and heartbreaks.

It could be hard for this Moon sign to show its vulnerable side, but when they do, it is usually around people they trust. Libra Moons feel emotionally fulfilled when they have someone they can trust in their life. Solid friendships and relationships can bring them confidence.

This air-ruled Moon is playful and charming as seen through the music of Ariana Grande where she told us she was thankful for her exes in "thank u, next," letting us see the impact the relationships have had in her life. The importance of friendships is seen through her “7 Rings” song.


Harry Styles' music is stylish and romantic and blends many different genres. We see the diverse taste and styles of the Libra Moon here. There is the theme of finding balance in relationships, which is synonymous with Libra Moons. Romance, anxiety, love, and hurt are also reflected in Harry’s work.

Jay-Z, on the other hand, usually brings themes of business and self. There seem to be polarizing aspects of the Libra Moon, finding a balance between your public persona and who you are in private as well as the independent self and the partnered self in relationships.

Scorpio Moon music taste

Intensity, darkness, pain, and transformation are all themes linked with the Scorpio Moon.

Similar to Aries, the Scorpio Moon can show us chaos with love tied to one another. The Moon here is in fall, and they know how to bring the intensity that comes with such a misunderstood placement.


Scorpio’s power is seen in artists like Beyoncé. As a Virgo Sun, she is meticulous with her work and it is seen through her visual albums. She can bring us beauty and darkness seamlessly. Beyoncé excels at showing us how to tap into our inner power and not fear evolving after heartache through her music.

Lady Gaga reflects transformation, love, and chaos. We have seen Gaga flirt between the pop and jazz genres in recent years.

Another notable Scorpio Moon is Miley Cyrus, who has shed old personas with each album. Navigating through marriage and then divorce, we have seen Miley rise from the ashes. The Scorpio energy is apparent in all of these Scorpio Moon artists' eras, they become more powerful with each new one.

Sagittarius Moon music taste

Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius is not afraid to let everyone see their darker sides as well as their joyful moments. Singers with this placement can bring color and excitement to our world with a tint of hurt and pain.


Adele shows the evolution and the mutable nature of the Sagittarius Moon. Each album has allowed us to see a new side and she has expounded on the topics of love and relationships.

Hozier is a Sagittarius Moon with a Pisces Sun and has mastered the balance of dark and light in his music. We see the poetic side through his Sun and the colorful vibrancy his Moon adds to his lyrics.

Mozart was not a singer but he is one of the most renowned composers in history. As a Sagittarius Moon, he represented the adventurist spirit of the sign. The religious side is also seen through Jupiter's influence on the moon in many of his pieces. 


Capricorn Moon music taste

Earth-ruled Capricorn Moons are misunderstood and dark and can bring an emotional intensity to the way that they express themselves. Capricorn Moon singers are mesmerizing, relatable, and deeply honest.

Stevie Nicks music shows us the darker side of love and breakups. The Capricorn Moon is seen through her songs, as they present things as they are, giving us the good and bad. Nothing is sugar-coated but we are mesmerized by what they have to say.

Frank Ocean's work shows the hard work and perfectionist qualities of the Capricorn Moon. Each album’s lyrics are powerful, thought-provoking, and engaging. We always anticipate a new album but Frank takes a while to give fans what they want right away. This shows the detail-oriented nature of the sign.

Amy Winehouse gave us some dark lyrics portraying the ugly and beautiful side of love and romance. There is nothing to hide in the album "Back to Black," where we see how romance can get us to meet our darkest selves.


Aquarius Moon music taste

The Aquarius Moon can break barriers and will portray their emotions in a way that rebels against the status quo. Aquarius Moon can allow you to dive in but what many will see is just the surface, a lot more digging will be needed to go deeper into their psyche.

Britney Spears is an Aquarius Moon and one of the most influential pop stars in the last several decades. Each of Britney’s eras has shown some rebellion, most notably in the album "Blackout" where nothing is sugar-coated for the fans.

Billie Eilish is another artist not afraid of changes, just like the Aquarius Moon sign. Billie’s sophomore album is a great change from the first, showcasing how this Moon sign is willing to embrace changes and how they can't be defined by one genre.

Solange was able to establish a name and place in the industry by showcasing talent and force. With each album, Knowles breaks and rebels from the norm by not being afraid to experiment and pave a fun and captivating creative path.


Pisces Moon music taste

The Pisces Moon is spirited, passionate, and prepared to show a side that others would be too afraid to expose. They need to be able to connect with their spiritual and healing nature to feel balanced.

Bad Bunny represents the mutable nature and versatility of the Moon in his most recent album. He can discuss social changes and romance in his music while getting people to dance. The escapist, ethereal and mysterious energy of Pisces is felt listening to his music.

SZA's newest album encapsulates the power in the Pisces Moon with poetry and raw emotion behind every lyric. SZA can present love the way only a Pisces Moon can, filled with vivid imagery, theatrics, and heartfelt emotion.

Christian Yu's (DPR Ian)'s music allows the listener to escape, and connect on a deeper level through powerful visuals with music videos that tie well with the story that is being presented. Christian shows the listeners multiple sides of who they are as well as the longing and desire that comes with failed relationships.


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A.T. Nunez is an Afro-Latina Astrologer and philosopher living in NYC. She is passionate about astrology and aims to continue writing more about stargazing in the future.