Your Most Toxic Trait, Based On Your Moon Sign

Your moon sign reveals your emotional side, and when emotions are involved, things can get toxic.

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While your Sun sign is your outer self, the side of you that people regularly see, your Moon sign is who you are on the inside or your emotional self. 

Your Moon sign is determined by the zodiac sign the Moon was in at the moment of your birth.

It has been known to be the soul of your identity. This side represents the side of you you may keep hidden upon first meetings.

Since your moon sign plays such an integral role in your emotions, such as how they manifest and how you connect with others, it's not surprising that every Moon sign has at least one toxic personality trait.


TikToker @jmiko333 calls out each Moon sign's toxic personality trait in a video, noting that while other placements in your birth chart may cause these traits to vary from person to person, this is what each Moon sign is largely known for.



Each moon sign's most toxic personality trait

Aries Moon: recklessness

Aries Moons take risks. More often than not, they don't exactly think things through. 


According to TikToker @jmiko333, "You may be really impulsive and think decisions through. Be careful."

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Taurus Moon: selfishness

Taurus Moons are very into taking care of themselves. So much that they may go over the top.

"Be wary of taking too many self-care days," TikToker @jmiko333 explains, "you don't need that many."

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Gemini Moon: oversharing

Geminis are great social butterflies, but those with a Gemini Moon sign have the tendency to overshare.

"Be careful of oversharing," TikToker @jmiko333 warns, "you don't want to tell people your business too early."


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Cancer Moon: gullibility

Cancer Moons are good souls who see the best in people. However, this leaves them open to being taken advantage from bad people.

"People may try to take advantage of you," says TikToker @jmiko333, "you're really nice, don't let people take advantage of you, you're so sweet."

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Leo Moon: egotistical

Leo Moons can be egotistical and very self-centered. While they can be taken advantage of too, @jmiko333 explains that it happens "mostly by people who stroke your ego."


She warns, "Be careful of people who love bomb you."

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Virgo Moon: high strung

Virgo Moons can easily break down and become stressed out over little things.

"You tend to freak out over things that you don't need to freak out over," says @jmiko333. "It just kinda comes from learning to manage your anxiety and realizing what triggers you."

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Libra Moon: fear of commitment

Libra Moons are usually commitmentphobes. They don't like being vulnerable, a trait that relationships typically require.

"Libra Moons are stereotypically afraid of commitment," explains @jmiko333. "You kind of have to let people in to, like, be in a relationship with them."


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Scorpio Moon: highly guarded 

Scorpio Moons are sort of in the same boat as Libra Moons when it comes to vulnerability, but with Scorpios, they "just don't let people in," @jmiko333 explains. Vulnerability is weakness in their eyes, so they build walls up so high even they can't jump over them.

"You need to let people in to have people in your circle to support you," @jmiko333 continues, "you have to be vulnerable sometimes."

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Sagittarius Moon: time management

Time management is not the Sagittarius Moon's best trait. They have a hard time balancing their time between their work and social life that they often are stressed out.


According to TikToker @jmiko333, "If you can manage your social life and your work life so that you're not stressed out from either, you're doing amazing, sweetie." 

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Capricorn Moon: self-doubt

Capricorn Moons struggle with self-doubt. This can often lead to self-sabotage when it comes to their ambitions and goals.


"You really don't need to," says @jmiko333, "Stop doubting yourself." 

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Aquarius Moon: anxiety

Aquarius Moons put the worry in worrywarts. They worry over everything which can cause unnecessary stress.

"If something is out of your control, you don't need to worry about it," TikToker @jmiko333 encourages.

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Pisces Moon: overly trusting

Pisces Moons are one of the most trusting signs in the zodiac. But they can be too trusting and that can allow bad people to use them.


According to TikToker @jmiko333, "You have to learn that not everyone is in your circle and not everyone has the best intentions." 

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