Billie Eilish Natal Birth Chart & When She Was Born

How does Billie Eilish's natal chart impact who she is and her success?

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When was Billie Eilish born? Indie-pop artist Billie Eilish is a Sagittarius who was born on December 18, 2001, in Los Angeles, California at 11:30 a.m. PST.

What does Billie Eilish's birth chart reveal about her zodiac sign?

Birthplace and time are two important factors in determining someone’s entire birth chart.

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The “Ocean Eyes” singer has a natal chart that reveals she was destined for fame and success.

If Billie Eilish had been born in New York City, New York at 1:30 PM, this would still make her a Sagittarius, but her Midheaven and Ascendant signs would most likely be very different.

Billie Eilish natal chart Sun zodiac sign

Billie’s sun sign, Sagittarius, also plays a big role in making her who she is and even in the decisions she makes as an artist and in her personal life.

Sagittarians are known for their sense of humor.

They have the ability to uplift the spirits of anyone they come in contact with by just saying one joke.


Because of this, they are very charming and a lot of people enjoy being around them.

Along with their sense of humor, they are known to say what they mean and mean what they say.

It is very rare for someone with a Sagittarius sun sign to hide how they feel or what they think about certain topics.

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With lyrics like, “quiet when I’m coming home and I’m on my own / I could lie, say, “I like it like that, like it like that”' or “take what I want when I wanna,” it is clear that Billie is not afraid to express herself in and out of the studio.


People with Sagittarius suns are also infamous for taking risks in their careers. They love making money and are willing to try almost anything to get it.

While Billie Eilish did not anticipate or even intend for her first single to go viral, bringing her instant fame, she did not run away from the spotlight.

Despite only being 14, she stood at the center of the spotlight and decided to remain true to herself regardless of how anyone else felt about it.

Billie Eilish has been able to acquire so much fame and fortune because it was simply written in the stars.

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If there had been a change in her natal chart, it is valid to wonder where she would have ended up and if fame would have found her the way that it did or if she would have decided to do something different with her life.


This could have dramatically changed her personality as well as the trajectory of her life.

If these factors ended up being something different, she may not have even been famous.

Not every place in the world sees the Sun in the exact same position at the same time, the Sun is located at different coordinates and positions everywhere.

This alters someones’ entire birth chart, but mainly their Ascendant and Midheaven, as these two are the fastest moving and they make a full cycle through all 12 zodiac signs every 24 hours.

Here are indicators found in her natal chart that ultimately determine her personality.

Billie Eilish natal chart — rising sign

Billie Eilish’s Ascending sign, (also known as the rising sign), is in Pisces.


People with Pisces rising signs are known for being compassionate.

They will do anything possible to help not only the ones they love but for anyone who is in need.

Because of their big hearts, it is easy for them to get taken advantage of by manipulative people who view them as prey.

People with a Pisces rising are also known to resist any type of labeling.

They like to think outside of the box and do things their own way without feeling as though they have to fit a mold that society has placed them into.

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If any artist has proved that they do not feel the need to be what society claims they have to be, it is Billie Eilish.


She wears what she wants, says what she wants, and does what she wants.

When attending award shows, she does not wear fancy dresses, tightly curl her hair and pin it up or put on a face full of makeup as others typically do for awards shows.

She continues to dress the way that she does for her concerts or how she just dresses in her daily life.

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Billie Eilish natal chart — Midheaven

She has a Uranus sextile Midheaven, meaning she aims for independence and wants to be unique in her own ways.

She has no desire to play by the rules and does not feel the need to be uncomfortable with who she is to make everyone else comfortable.


Often, people with a Uranus sextile Midheaven are seen as weird or unusual by many people around them.

A lot of people may not understand their interests or why they choose to do the things that they do.

When Billie Eilish first hit the scene, a lot of people did not understand where she came from or why she had black goop resembling tears coming out of her eyes in her “When The Party’s Over” music video.

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A lot of people did not understand why, instead of giving long, dramatic speeches when she won awards she would say a few words and quickly leave.

Many even criticize her colored hair and her choice to wear baggy clothing rather than tight, form-fitting outfits like many other artists did at the age of eighteen.


Luckily, Billie’s Midheaven would not even allow her to be concerned about these things.

It is natural for her to handle this criticism well and not let it alter who she is as an artist and as a person.

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