What Are The Phases Of The Moon & The Astrological Meaning Of Each

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What Are The Phases Of The Moon, Per Astrology

Basically, the phases of the Moon refer to how the Moon appears to us on Earth. Each phase repeats every 29.5 days on a cycle.

Some fun facts about the Moon are that it is about 4.5 Billion years old and about 250,000 miles from Earth.

The Moon also moves at an average of 2,288 miles per hour around the Earth.

A lunation is a term for the complete lunar cycle of the Moon from New Moon to New Moon.

During this cycle, the Moon makes one complete rotation around the Earth.

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From an astrological standpoint, you go to the Moon on your horoscope chart to figure out what your emotions are.

You turn to the moon for peace and comfort so that you know your emotions are normal for each specific time in the Lunar cycle.

But the moon affects all of us differently, so you need to further research what each lunar phase is and what it means to you specifically, by zodiac sign.

It's important to start paying attention to the Moon Phases because the Moon correlates with our moods.

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So if you are stressed, irritable, frustrated, sensitive and you may lack assertiveness, you are most likely suffering from a case of the Full Moon.

When the Moon begins a New Moon cycle, you will probably feel a sense of calmness overwhelm you.

You will find that your emotions will stabilize and you will regain your determination to do things.

Good-bye procrastination! You will also feel like you have more energy and are more tolerable of others.

So, to get more familiar with the lunar cycle where you can explore each phase of the Moon, look below for more information.

See how each phase will affect your personality and how it will change at different points of the lunar cycle.

New Moon (Waxing, 0-45 Degrees)

In the first 48 hours of a New Moon, it's the best time for new beginnings. You will find that it's a good time to set plans for the future because it will come true later on.

You will feel enthusiastic and the atmosphere will be full of excitement. You will want to go ahead and start the projects you have been wanting to start for a long time.

During a New Moon, it is important to let yourself have impulses and let yourself make a new start in an aspect of your life.

Crescent Moon (Waxing, 45-90 Degrees)

You will find that during a Crescent Moon phase that there is a slight decrease of enthusiasm because you are not so open to the unknowns anymore.

You want tangible results for all of the hard work you have been doing.

This moon phase is good for continuing to move forward in what you started in the New Moon Phase and you will need to gather some more information to help shape up your plans a little more.

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First Quarter Moon (Waxing, 90-135 Degrees)

You are starting to become highly emotional during the First Quarter Moon phase. You will start to become anxious about making sure that you are making everything you do worthwhile.

You don't want to put in all of this effort for nothing. Follow your gut instincts and let them guide you in the next phases of your plan and how to navigate through obstacles that arise.

Gibbous Moon (Waxing, 135-180 Degrees)

You will find that distractions are going to start to encroach on your plans.

You may start reevaluating your plans and how you are going about accomplishing your plans.

You may want to find a way to do a cause and effect. Like if I do this, this will be the outcome.

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Full Moon (Waning, 180-135 Degrees)

You are able to look objectively and clearly. You will find that you are reflecting on what's inside you and whether or not your heart is in it for the long run.

The Full Moon phase traditionally means that emotions will start swirling.

Disseminating Moon (Waning, 135-90 Degrees)

This moon phase is the last stretch of the race for the finish line. You may find that you have a burst of creativity and you will get everything done.

You will find that you are naturally seeking guidance from someone who knows what they are doing so that you can make sure that you come out of this phase successfully. This phase is all about sharing what you have learned with your peers.

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Last Quarter Moon (Waning, 90-45 Degrees)

The Last Quarter Moon phase is when you have completed all that you have set out to do. You will realize all that you have done and how far you have come since you started down this path.

This phase is a more reflective time, not a time where you start something new. It's important to take responsibility for everything you have done and be proud of your accomplishments.

Balsamic Moon (Waning, 45-0 Degrees)

This is the phase where you are at the end of the road. You now have time to rest, relax, reflect and reevaluate everything you have done.

You will find that through this reflection that you will reconnect with your inner strength.

The Balsamic Moon phase is the perfect time to rest and regain your strength mentally and physically for the next cycle.

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