What It Means If You Have Virgo Rising As Your Ascendant Sign

Virgo Risings make amazing workers and friends.

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You are much more than your Sun sign, also known as your zodiac sign. While there are 9 planets in your birth chart, there's one part of yourself that is often overlooked: your Rising sign.

Where your Sun sign is your ego, and your Moon sign represents how you express emotions, your Rising sign is the "mask" you present; it's the first impression you give when meeting others.

Your Rising sign is also called your Ascendant sign. That's because your Rising sign is located in the specific zodiac sign that was positioned on the Ascendant or eastern horizon at the moment of your birth; this is unlike your Sun sign, because your Sun sign is determined by your birth date.


To determine what your Rising sign is, you need to know the precise time you were born; otherwise, even if you're off by a few minutes, your Ascendant will be in a totally different sign. Luckily, you can easily calculate your natal chart and Rising sign using a free calculator.

What it means to have Virgo Rising as your Ascendant sign

Virgo is an earth sign, so if you have Virgo as your Rising sign, you are trustworthy, orderly, responsible and detail-oriented. But you are also known to be matter-of-fact, intimidating, and quite guarded.

As a mutable sign, Virgo has a strong willingness to change and plan ahead; however, they tend to not be as easy-going as other signs, instead focusing on the details and practicality.


Because Virgo's ruling planet is Mercury, the planet of communication and understanding, they are curious and quick-thinking; Virgo's other ruling planet is Chiron, making them methodical and logical.

If you have a Virgo Ascendant, you do well in careers that let you thrive in your ability to serve others, as well as not feeling like you're working at all. Virgo Rising is a very hard worker, and will put their all into projects and tasks at hand. While they may seem rigid and serious, Virgo Rising is actually more focused on feeling inspired by those they work with.

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People with Virgo Ascendants are considered healers among their family members and friends due to their selfless nature and willingness to help others. They may seem intimidating and somber, but once you get to know them, you understand that they value stability, pragmatism, and intelligence.

In relationships, Virgo Risings take their sweet time learning the ins and outs of how their partner operates; this means determining the best way to communicate with each other, thanks to their ruling planet, Mercury. It takes time for them to open up, but once they do, their deep personality traits truly shine.

Though it may seem like people with Virgo Rising are a bit standoffish, it's important to give them time to show their true colors. Because once they do, Virgo Risings are supportive, loyal, and considerate. But because they keep their feelings to themselves, their partners may have a hard time trying to get a read on them.

These individuals are most compatible with fellow earth signs Taurus and Capricorn, as well as water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. However, they tend to gravitate away from air signs like Aquarius.


Celebrities with Virgo Rising/Ascendant: Timothée Chalamet, Sharon Stone, Emma Watson, Chris Martin, Keanu Reeves, Kris Jenner, Dolly Parton

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Virgo Ascendant Personality Traits & Characteristics

1. Reliable

Because Virgo Rising is so responsible, it's no wonder other people rely on them to keep them grounded and achieve their goals. Virgo Risings take pride in their reliability, which makes them not only great workers, but amazing friends.

The fact that others can rely on them gives Virgo Rising purpose in their life. Whenever you find yourself in a rough spot, you can count on them to be there for you, helping you through it.


2. Organized

Virgo Ascendants have an innate need to control the situation, which, on a positive note, allows them to set goals and meet them. However, this same need for control means they may fear outcomes they don't want.

While Virgo Rising has a knack for being able to notice the tiniest details, sometimes they need to give themselves a break, relax a little bit, and stop worrying so much about what other people think.

3. Judgmental

Yes, Virgo Risings are nurturing and caring once they open up emotionally, but that doesn't mean they aren't critical — both of others and themselves. They are incredibly tough on themselves, and when things don't go as planned, tend to fall into judgmental tendencies.

Their critical nature also means they have a tendency to worry, especially about their health. Mercury rules the nervous system, controlling the brain and body-mind functions; for Virgo Rising, when they don't complete tasks to their high standards, it can cause great strain on their mental health.


virgo rising traits

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4. Observant

Highly intellectual and analytical, Virgo Risings notice every little detail. And because of this, they are not only observant, but put their all into making sure those subtleties are perfect.

Due to their observant minds, they are wonderful at solving problems. However, this also means that Virgo Risings become critical, intent on ensuring that everything turns out "just so."


5. Intimidating

Thanks to their mutable energy, Virgo Risings are well aware that change is constant, and it's the same kind of change they strive for. However, they also want to maintain the stability they need so badly. This can make them seem guarded and intimidating.

Combine their need for stability with their intellect and critical nature, and it should be no surprise that they appear withdrawn to other people.

6. Perfectionist

When Virgo Rising's balance is off, they become confused, anxious, worried and begin to doubt themselves. And it all stems from their desire to be perfect, in every sense of the word.


Along with their perfectionist tendencies, Virgo Risings are very picky — about their food, clothing, and lifestyle. They can easily lose themselves in their workload, which leads to overwhelm and burnout.

7. Altruistic

Despite their flaws, Virgo Risings are some of the biggest humanitarians in astrology, aside from Aquarius, of course. They are at their best when in service to others, helping out in any way they can.

It's a big reminder that they are humble and down to earth.

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