7 Things You Need To Know About Loving A Feisty Sagittarius

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loving a Sagittarius woman
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Being a fire sign, Sagittarians are wild, exciting, feisty, independent and full of life. They are also called the "wild child of the zodiac." No wonder they can be as difficult and as easy depending on how you treat them.

Here are 7 brutal truths about loving a Sagittarius woman, which might make it easy for you to understand her.

1. She's extremely sexual and sex is her favorite sport.

She loves to play it with the one who deserves her attention and passion. It's the only way she feels completely alive and gets in touch with her deepest, vulnerable self.


She never says no to sex, but she won't jump into bed with any Tom, Dick, and Harry unless she is sure about why she wants to do it in the first place. Her sense of clarity is spot on, and she knows what she wants and why.

Friendship is the first step to attract her sexually, and it’s rare you will go wrong if you can keep the friendship alive and merge it with passion. Remember someone said, "Love is friendship that has caught fire."

2. She's a free soul. 

She loves her space more than anything. She hates being chaperoned, told what to do, and what not to do, how to dress up, what to talk or not talk. She loves and values her freedom more than anything else.

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3. She's honest and blunt.

And she expects you to be the same. Nothing pisses her off more than lies and dishonesty. The best way to keep her is to be straightforward and honest with her. She can deal with the bitterest of truths, but a small lie is likely to tear her to pieces and can unleash the mean part of her.

4. She's naturally aggressive, impatient and sarcastic.

Born with a gift of the gab, her sarcasm is not easy to handle — she knows exactly what to say and when. The Archer is an expert at darting the arrows at the right spot, remember. 

If you are careful not to step on her wrong side, she can be the most harmless, easiest and sweetest woman to get along with. On the brighter side, she's extremely witty and can make you laugh endlessly. Her sense of humor is well known and she’s a master of wit.

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5. She can mask her emotions well in spite of being transparent.

She will never reveal what she doesn't want you to know. And it's not that she is hiding it on purpose; it's probably not the right time to reveal it to you as yet.

She is very discerning when it comes to partners and even though she is a great conversationalist and can communicate easily with strangers, there are only a few people she keeps close to her heart and allows into her innermost circle.

She's extremely private even though she's an extrovert, and that is a big paradox of her personality.

6. Tactless and blunt to the core, she's very intense and can exhibit extreme emotions

She will be over the moon when she's happy, but when she's upset, you better not come in her way to avoid being wounded by her darts. She can shoot off her mouth without thinking as she operates more from the heart rather than the mind.

7. She's flirty and is a charmer.

But once she finds her man, she's a one-man woman. She loves surprises. She gets bored easily and the best way to keep her interested in the relationship is to be unpredictable and keep surprising her. Mysterious, enigmatic and extremely loving, you can never ignore a Sagittarius woman.

She has her own set of rules to live her life by, and she has probably broken all the rules of the game and carved out her own rule book. Treat her exactly the way you want to be treated and there's not a more fun-loving, gregarious, passionate, intense woman like her.

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