Taylor Swift's Zodiac Sign And Natal Chart, Explained

Taylor Swift's zodiac sign and planet placements reveal exactly how the artist has made her way to the top.

Last updated on Apr 12, 2023

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Singer and songwriter Taylor Swift was born on December 13, 1989 in Reading, Pennsylvania at 5:13 a.m. EST. She has a four-planet stellium in the zodiac sign of Capricorn.

Taylor Swift's natal chart placements

Taylor Swift's zodiac sign is Sagittarius. She's a Cancer Moon and is believed to have a Scorpio Ascendant, though her exact time of birth is debated.

Her natal chart reveals a lot about this amazing celebrity.


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As you can see, Swift's natal chart takes on a see-saw shape, with most planets grouped directly opposite one another.

According to Kathryn Hocking, a renowned Business Astrologer, AstroBrand Strategist, Creator of the Business Astrology Oracle Deck & the founder of the Business Astrology Certification, "Someone with this chart shape may tend to seesaw with their life following a pattern of two distinctly contrasting alternatives." She explains that those with this chart organization "may find it difficult to integrate these two sharply different parts of your life, which are often in competition with each other." We may see this effect come into play with the competition between Swift's private and public lives.


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Sun in Sagittarius

Your Sun sign gives you insight into your identity, ego, and path in life. With Taylor’s Sun in Sagittarius, she tends to be very happy, kind, and cheerful. Sun in Sagittarius people love being social and making friends. They also are very adventurous and always want to keep busy. They are very optimistic and enjoy the lighter side of life. They love to have fun, laugh, and get to know others. They also tend to see the best in everyone and everything since they are so positive.

Sun in Sagittarius people are very curious and love to learn as much as possible about the topics that pique their interest. It takes a lot to get them angry but they are very quick to forgive and forget. They value their freedom and love to explore.


Moon in Cancer

A Moon sign rules your emotions, feelings, and moods. With Taylor’s Moon in Cancer, she is likely very connected to her feelings. Moon in Cancer people can be incredibly emotionally intelligent. They understand their emotions and how those around them are feeling. They are also very sentimental and yearn for familiarity, safety, and comfort. They value being alone, calm, and peaceful. They don’t like to be thrown for a loop or surprised because they prefer stability. They would rather experience something fun and connect with others than focus on the material things in life.

However, Moon in Cancer people can really connect to their emotions too strongly at times. If they are sad or hurt, they can focus on it and spiral into feeling even sadder. They also get taken for granted a lot and when they realize this, they won’t handle it directly. Instead, they will try to express their feelings in an indirect but attention-grabbing way. They sometimes even run with their feelings too much that they lash out in an irrational manner. However, once they feel like they have felt their feelings then they will heal and move on quickly.

They are very loyal friends and are always there for the people they care about. They can have a pretty zany sense of humor and love to be silly. They also have a different perspective on life and see things in a way that others don’t. They appreciate being treated kindly and affectionately. They just want security and if they are given that, then they will give comfort and love right back.

Mercury in Capricorn

Mercury rules how you communicate, talk, think, understand, and express yourself. With Taylor’s Mercury in Capricorn, she usually communicates in a slow and elegant way. She is very structured and processes information in a very practical way.


Mercury in Capricorn people get overwhelmed when too much information is given to them at one time. They prefer breaking down information and looking at things from piece to piece before making a conclusion. They like to learn and tend to be very curious so they enjoy working towards their goals and aspirations. They really dislike being lied to or being thrown for a loop. They also get annoyed when others don’t understand simple information that seems like general knowledge to them.

Mercury in Capricorn people tend to be trustworthy and like to be in control of situations. They have a very methodical way of looking at things and their perspective seems to be pretty straightforward. Even when they talk to others, they express themselves in a straightforward way because they don’t want to waste anyone's time. They usually reject foolish and impractical ways of thinking or information. They could even come off as more serious and conservative than they are because they think things through in a skeptical way.

Venus in Aquarius

Venus rules what and how you love. In Aquarius, Venus is an innovator.

Taylor Swift is a talented singer and songwriter who has produced many hits, and she's been performing music at an early age. She started off as a country singer and gained success by the age of 16. Her first hits were the songs “Tim McGraw” and “Teardrops On My Guitar” from her first studio album, "Taylor Swift," in 2006.


She released the Grammy-winning album "Fearless" in 2008 which had hit songs like “Love Story” and “You Belong With Me," making her the youngest artist in history to win Album of the Year at 20 years old. She also had albums like "Speak Now" and "Red" and with those albums, she became the first woman to sell more than one million copies of two albums in their opening week.

With Taylor’s Venus in Aquarius, she is likely very accepting and non-judgemental. Venus in Aquarius people are alluring when they are acting distant. They come off as quirky, seductive, and defiant. They don’t usually paint by the numbers when it comes to relationships and like to just see how things progress naturally. They tend to be drawn to weird and quirky people and partnerships. They don’t like to follow rules and dislike limitations.

They could come off as aloof at times but truly want a partner that values their intelligence and dreams. They want a partner that they consider a friend. Venus in Aquarius people also want someone that appreciates their unique perspective and supports their unique ideas. They also need their own space and freedom and will give their partner the same because they aren’t overbearing or possessive.

When they are in love, they are very giving and kind to their partner. They aren’t clingy and are usually pretty easygoing and reasonable.


Mars in Scorpio

Mars rules aggression and determines how you take action, assert yourself, and how you act when you are angry. With Taylor’s Mars in Scorpio, it is probable that she likes to push herself to new heights.

Mars in Scorpio people enjoy a challenge and are very motivated to accomplish what they set out to. They may also come off as very calm, cool, and collected when working towards their goals.

When it comes to making choices or decisions, they usually rely on their intuition to lead them in the right direction. They tend to be pretty observant and know what is happening all around them. However, they can be detached at times and have a hard time letting people in and sharing their feelings.

When it comes to their relationships, they enjoy intimate moments when their partner is devoted to them. They like to be in control when they are with their partner and they can be very captivating so things tend to usually go their way.


They like to challenge taboos and really push the boundaries when it comes to seduction. They are very committed and loyal to their partners and can be a little jealous so they usually want their love interest all to themselves.

They like to have things set in stone and do not tend to like compromises. They prefer making distinct choices instead of being wishy-washy.

Mars in Scorpio people enjoy challenges and even like to challenge themselves. They like to make big goals and to-do lists because they get great enjoyment from achieving their personal goals. They like to prove to themselves that they can get what they want.

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Jupiter in Cancer

Jupiter rules optimism, growth, and romanticism. With Taylor’s Jupiter in Cancer, she is at her best when she is compassionate and philanthropic. Jupiter in Cancer people like to be there for the people they care about and supportive of those who need a shoulder to lean on.

They value routine and getting successful enough that they are financially stable. They listen to their intuition when it comes to following their dreams and making decisions.

Saturn in Capricorn

Saturn rules restrictions, limits, responsibility, fears, boundaries, and self-discipline. Taylor Swift has four planets in the zodiac sign of Capricorn. So, she was born to rule.

With Taylor’s Saturn in Capricorn, she is likely very reasonable and level-headed. Saturn in Capricorn people strive for excellence but often dislike their responsible side at times. Although they usually want to be successful, it can be easy for them to criticize the notion of career and marriage success. They have a difficult time coming to terms with the fact they want to be successful and they try to play down their ambition.


Since they are very innately responsible, they sometimes want to run away from their responsibilities and get more in touch with their spontaneous side. Since Saturn in Capricorn people are very responsible, they can easily get annoyed or angered if they have too much on their plate. If they feel like they can’t handle something then they will quit before they even start.

They are also perfectionists who put a lot of pressure on themselves, so if they are scared to follow through in a situation that could even be advantageous for them, they will quit. The root of their fear is that they are often scared to fail so if they think they won’t succeed then they will bow out.

It is important that they let go of their unrealistic standards if they want to actually succeed and be able to follow through with tasks. It is probable that when they were young, they were treated like an adult so now they likely rebel against authority.

Uranus in Capricorn

Uranus remains in each sign for seven years, so it rules a generation. It rules innovation, progress, and rebellion.


With Taylor’s Uranus in Capricorn, she likely values innovation, changes, and breaking barriers.

Uranus can also signal disruptions in a person's life, and for Taylor Swift, her Uranus is in her second astrology house of material possessions.

Uranus in Capricorn can mean drama in career, and Taylor is no stranger to controversy. In August of 2017, she testified in court, because a radio DJ named David Mueller allegedly groped her in 2013 and he denied it and sued her for millions of dollars. Taylor Swift countersued him for $1. In 2019, she found herself embattled in a beef with Scooter Braun over ownership of her music. And let's not forget her feud with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.


Uranus in Capricorn people are individuals who walk to the beat of their own drum. They want to redefine traditions, rules, and structures. Although they want to make a difference, they can be a bit stubborn and can have a difficult time seeing things from a different perspective. At times, they fight authority figures and rules if they are not beneficial for everyone.

Neptune in Capricorn

Neptune remains in each sign for fourteen years, so it rules a generation. It rules imagination and dreams. With Taylor’s Neptune in Capricorn, she is part of a generation that generally abides by the rules and respects structure and discipline.

But Neptune in Capricorn can also mean having hidden enemies.

In 2009, she won a VMA for her song “You Belong With Me” and Kanye West interrupted her speech and claimed that Beyonce should have won the award instead. This stirred up a lot of controversies, and lead to some drama where it became apparent that Taylor Swift's friends weren't always 100 percent on her side.


At the end of the day, Neptune is optimistic, and Taylor Swift has proven herself to be also. She usually has big goals and dreams but their aspirations have to be practical for them to follow through. Neptune in Capricorn people have to genuinely enjoy what they are doing for them to continue doing it. They could be very optimistic people but their optimism isn’t what pushes them forward, instead, their practicality motivates them. If they believe that their goals are worth pursuing then they will pursue them with gusto.

Pluto in Scorpio

Pluto remains in one sign for up to thirty years, so it rules a generation. With Taylor’s Pluto in Scorpio, she likely has strong feelings about sexuality, closeness, devotion, and comfort.

Pluto in Scorpio people can go to great lengths when it comes to getting close to others or achieving their goals. They seek success and want to be so different from others that it can be difficult for them to feel at ease or satisfied. They may even push themselves and put a lot of pressure on themselves so they don’t come up short.

They are kind as well as pragmatic. They are also incredibly observant and try to see things for what they are.


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