The 7 Dark Sides To The Sagittarius Zodiac Sign, According To Astrology

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The 7 Dark Sides To The Sagittarius Zodiac Sign, According To Astrology
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Their unmatched wisdom only gets them so far.

Everyone has a dark side, even if they have many strong and positive personality traits. For example, the Archer of astrology, the Sagittarius:

The Sagittarius zodiac sign (November 22 - December 21) is known for a plethora of positive attributes. The Sagittarians in your life are likely goal-oriented and intellectual.

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They love outdoor adventures but also thrive indoors exploring information. They’re optimistic, extraverted, and thrive during deep discussion and debate.

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The Sagittarius sign is represented by an image of an archer or a centaur, representative of their sharp focus and aim in achieving their goals. They crave success and approval from themselves and others, and their relentless drive helps them achieve these with ease.

The sign can also be represented by fire, an indicator of the fleeting nature of their thoughts and interests and, obviously, their bright minds (get it?). To Sagittarians, every topic is compelling and worthy of their attention and ponderance. They seem all-around fascinating, right? Well, most of the time.

Sagittarians have a dark side that only those closest to them can identify. what are they? Here is what astrology says is the dark side of this horoscope sign.

1. Sagittarians think too much.

Due to their knack for contemplation and critical thought, a Sagittarius is prone to overestimating his or her intellect and, as a result, can come across as egotistical.

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2. They can have a god-complex.

Narcissism has a tendency to lead to self-indulgence, and Sagittarians can get carried away with it. While it rarely gets in the way of their work, it certainly poses the risk of driving away friends and family.

3. They can be blunt and rude.

It’s clear that Sagittariuses are well-aware of their intellect and confidence. Of the many possible consequences of such awareness, foot-in-mouth syndrome is possibly the most consistent among them. Sagittarians may forget to think before they speak which leads to awkwardness at best and tarnished friendships at worst.

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4. Sagittarians can be judgemental.

They are also quick to judge, finding themselves attuned to people’s demeanors during first impressions. First impressions aren’t always accurate, though, so unwarranted grudges might manifest before even a second encounter.

5. They take risks and worry about the rest later.

Sometimes, risk-taking is a positive quality. Some signs, like Libra, tend to struggle with taking risks, which leads to more roadblocks in their lives than open doors. A Sagittarius has the opposite of this problem.

They are liable for putting themselves AT risk by indulging in risky behaviors such as gambling and drug use. They make the mistake of assuming that they are invincible and/or untouchable, which gets them into trouble and often burns bridges with those who try to stop them (did I mention that they don’t like being told what to do?).

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6. They hold a grudge for a long time.

A piece of advice for those who are close to a Sagittarius: try to avoid wronging them. Sagittarians are not forgiving, especially when someone attacks their character. When their ideas come into question, they are quick to bluntly argue and will often resort to rudeness.

7. They believe firmly in revenge.

When Sagittarians are stabbed in the back, they are swift to retaliate ruthlessly and intelligently. You might not even know that it was them if the revenge was well-orchestrated enough; they’ll get creative.

While all individuals have their own version of a “darker side,” Sagittarians have one that is unique to their zodiac sign. With their cunning ability to innovate, however, Sagittariuses have an edge in finding a way to make their dark side work for them. They’re no strangers to confidence, and confidence is key in their assertiveness and dominance. Hey, it works for them!