Why Are Sagittarius So Afraid Of Commitment?

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Why Are Sagittarius So Afraid Of Commitment?

Are Sagittarius zodiac signs afraid to settle down? Dating can be fun for all zodiac signs. You get to meet new people and experience things you haven’t before. Dating someone who is a different zodiac sign from you can be thrilling, but scary at the same time. Which is why some zodiac signs are afraid of commitment.

Why are Sagittarius so afraid of commitment?

People who know a little bit about astrology may say that Sagittarius is known for not committing to relationships and is only looking for something quick but entertaining.

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You might discover you're compatible, and once a Sagittarius gets in the mindset about being in a relationship with you, they may stick around without any signs of leaving.

Still, the reputation is there, and many people who have dated a Sagittarius will say that they are so afraid of commitment.

Maybe dating a Sagittarius in the past hasn’t been very wonderful for you, and you are now considering dating another one with this zodiac sign.

Even though the start was beautiful and freeing, the end comes very fast, and you're likely wondering why is Sagittarius so afraid of commitment?

Astrology has some insight as to what makes the Archer afraid to commit, and what makes them leave. These astrological insights might help you avoid another future heartbreak.

Here is a look into why a Sagittarius is afraid of commitment, per astrology:

Giving up freedom is hard for Sagittarius.

Why is Sagittarius so afraid of commitment? Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of growth and nothing is scarier than being tied down.

Sagittarius has a free spirit and an adventurous nature that doesn’t like to be caged in with relationships. They need someone who understands their need for freedom, who won’t try and control them, and who in the end trusts them.

Once they have those things from a partner, then they will show loyalty and love. Deep down they do crave the connection that comes from a soulmate.

They tend to throw themselves into a relationship whole-heartedly in the beginning, but keeping up with that never stays in their mind. It’s always going to be a long stretch with them.

Sagittarius needs room to explore.

A Sagittarius is associated with the ninth astrology house, which is about learning and expanding one's knowledge of cultures and the world.

A Sagittarius can be very fun-loving when things are new. They share affection in playful ways. They are always open to new love and all that comes with it.

However, they soon get bored in the relationship because it's not enough to only know about one thing.

Over time, Sagittarius has a strong personality and this zodiac sign can become blunt in conversations and resentful. They also are distant and stop communicating for long periods of time with no explanations.

Most likely they want to learn something about the world and fear their partner will hold them back from adventuring.

Sagittarius needs people.

Sagittarius is associated with the number 9 of numerology, which is the humanitarian life path number.

In relationships, a Sagittarius is always concerned with justice and moral responsibility between them and their partner, along with their independence. Approach them with honesty and make sure not to be clingy, and they will start to open up to the idea of commitment.

Their main trait for love is to be straightforward, they aren’t putting up a fake personality and they want you to love them without making them change. They can be irresponsible occasionally but they do care deeply, and they might show signs of jealousy and possessiveness.

Sagittarius are ambitious in love and life. They experience success in anything they choose to do in life whether in love or career. As mentioned earlier, they can get easily bored and are tempted to find love in someone new.

For Sagittarius men, they are inclined to change their views frequently and constantly look for something new that keeps their attention span entertained, but it doesn’t work for long. The men like to hang out with large groups of friends and telling one joke right after another keeps him the center of attention.

For Sagittarius women, they love variety and to have fun, is always supportive of her partner and will want that same support for her new projects. She tends to change her mind very easily without warning but knows how to be responsible when it comes to family.

Sagittarius needs positivity.

Relationships can be hypercritical when couple's get close. Things their partner does that might make a Sagittarius leave are being lazy, controlling, someone who is doubtful, someone who forces them to make promises and who views them as a possession. Although they might show jealousy once in a while, they hate when their partner shows jealousy and who needs them to explain themselves.

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Will they cheat or will they stay faithful?

Sagittarius people, once in a relationship, are very loyal and devoted to their partner. But they start to get bored and try to look for someone who can give them what their current relationship couldn’t.

Before they go looking, they try to talk things out with their partner and what they think is missing from the relationship and how it can be fixed. However, if they feel like their partner is not going to change, they would rather end the relationship than to cheat.

So for the most part, don’t worry about being cheated on by a Sagittarius. But when they do cheat it’s in a moment of weakness, where they feel like their partner doesn’t care about them and aren’t worried about where they are and who they are with.

If they do cheat on their partner, they immediately own up to their mistake and are honest. They are sincere and are understanding if their partner wants to end things or wants to continue but with changes.

To make sure things don't get to that point, their partners need to keep communication on the line no matter what and to make sure they know they are loved and cared for. Before being harsh and coming to conclusions, make time to talk and let things out so there is an opportunity to come back from the troubles.

Being with a Sagittarius can be fun and exciting, and you might feel like things are going great. But keep in mind they will want some space and have something that they won’t feel bad leaving behind.

If they do want commitment, things will be great. But once they feel like you don’t care and aren’t wanting to mend the relationship, they start to get bored and look for someone else who will give them what they felt was missing between the two of you.

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