The 10 Best Careers For Sagittarius

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Work can tiresome, especially when you have a job that doesn't seem to fit who you are. Have you considered that it might be because your job isn’t compatible with your zodiac sign?

For instance, Sagittarius careers should be adventurous, based in something that continues to inspire them, and ideally have a travel-related element. 

It's important to find a career that fits you, if possible, because staying in a job you don’t feel is right can keep you from reaching your full potential. 

What are the best careers for Sagittarius?

As a Sagittarius, seeking out knowledge is always going to be part of who you are. Your adventurous side is never shy and you attract many people with your humorous and adaptive flexibility. 

In the workplace, your optimism is contagious and your energy is never-ending. That outgoing nature translates into being an amazing leader, and hard work is not a burden. To you, working hard to achieve a goal is natural!

Here is a list of careers that as a Sagittarius, should make you feel comfortable, based upon the best and worst traits of the Sagittarius zodiac sign.

This list could possibly help you find the career that will lead you into a successful future.

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1. Educator

Why this a great Sagittarius career: Everyone loves books and gaining knowledge, but there are only a small number of us who love engaging in our passion and sharing with others — and that group includes Sagittarius! 

Sagittarians make great teachers of older kids, especially, because you get to focus on one subject or area of knowledge, inspiring your students and giving new insights to old ideas and encouraging them to think outside the box.

You also get the opportunity to do research and further investigation into everything you ever wanted to know. This career can help quench your thirst for knowledge and mastery. 

Also, once you get tenure, you can keep your job forever — which is a dream for Sagittarians, who are often afraid of change

2. Travel blogger or influencer

Why this is a great Sagittarius career: This job really tops the list of best careers for Sagittarius, if you can get it! Your love of exploring new countries, cultures and languages is sure to fill that wanderlust sized hole in your heart.

Sure, you're going to have to be self-funded at first, but you're a good problem-solver and can find ways to log all your travels in an innovative way so that you can build a following big enough to get sponsorships and branding partnerships. 

3. Coach 

Why this is a great Sagittarius career: That rush of meeting new people and getting more ideas on how to further inspire them to do their best is what should drive you to be a coach. Your optimism helps you see the best in people, which, as a coach, can help you draw out the strengths of your athletes. 

The position welcomes unbridled enthusiasm and curiosity in wanting to see how your methods have helped changed others. Of course

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4. Travel agent

A travel agent is a professional planner who can coordinate any aspect of a person's travel: booking flights, hotels and rental cars; finding venues for group events; and sniffing out the best deals and schedules.  

Why this is a great Sagittarius career: Traveling is a major passion for Sagittarians, as is gathering information and learning about everything and anything about travel — such as what hotels are best and ways to make the best out of any location. Could there be a better job for someone like you? No way!

Travel agents are easy-going, able to handle stressful situations and a warm personality, things that make Sagittarius stand out. 

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5. Development officer

A development officer is somebody who raises money for a nonprofit or college or university. They are in charge of informing people about the cause they are donating to and coming up with many ways to help secure funding.

Why this is a great Sagittarius career: Your drive for purpose is what makes you stand out from others, along with your ability to convince others to do the right thing.

As a development officer, you will be in the world of networking with potential donors — and your Sagittarian optimism and friendly attitude make you perfect for this job! 

6. Brand ambassador

A brand ambassador is the "face" of a brand, usually chosen because they have the type of lifestyle and personality that appeals most to that brand's customer. 

Why this is a great Sagittarius career: Your friendly, optimistic nature makes you a great representative for anyone! On top of that, you are comfortable being the center of attention and you have an easy time interacting with anyone. 

7. Personal trainer

Why this is a great Sagittarius career: Similar to the career of a coach, you want what’s best for your clients. Researching the best practices and then integrating those into your schedule and techinique to find the best results are right up your alley!

On top of that, making your clients comfortable and knowing what works well for them are all that will make you perfect for training.

8. Archeologist 

Why this is a great Sagittarius career: Cleaning off and finding boring rocks might seem mundane at first, but uncovering truths and learning more about the past should spark some interest. The feeling of excitement and discovering something others haven’t found are things that Sagittarians look for. 

On top of that, Archaeology demands a lot of travel — exactly why this is one of the best careers for Sagittarius. 

9. Business administrator

Business administration is a broad term for jobs that involve management in all sorts of different types and sizes of businesses.

According to Wikipedia, this job "includes all aspects of overseeing and supervising business operations. From the point of view of management and leadership, it also covers fields that include accounting, finance, project management and marketing."

Why this is a great Sagittarius career: Good communication and organization is in your blood, and so is knowing how to keep people together while under stress. As a business administrator, multitasking operations and managing them with prosperity is not something that will scare you away. 

10. Flight attendant

Why this is a great Sagittarius career: What could be better than seeing the world on someone else's dime?

For a Sagittarius, being able to talk to people and travel at the same time is ideal. Sure, becoming a flight attendant is a whole lot of work, and it's a labor-intensive job, but you don't shy away from hard work. Especially if the payoff at the end is the ability to travel non-stop and get paid for it. 

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