Which Celebrities Have A Sagittarius Zodiac Sign & What Makes Them Shine

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Famous Celebrities With A Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

They are famous for a reason.

The fire signs of November and December have a knack for bringing us light and warmth when we’re in the darkness of lost inspiration and monotonous daily grind. Sagittarius are known for their humor, enthusiasm, and ambition.

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They’re the kind of people who don’t just aspire to title or salary, rather, they take over industries in which their communities were once underrepresented. They put their energy into breaking down barriers and have no patience for anyone who bullies or doesn’t believe in them. Once the archer finds their target, it’s wise to stay out of the way of their arrow.

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Sure, Sagittarius aren’t known for having filters, but they wouldn’t be fire signs without bringing the heat. Sagittarius stars will be the first to share an unpopular opinion and they won’t have a problem putting out a sick diss track if provoked.

In that way a potential character flaw can actually boost their careers! The same is true of their unwillingness to wait for anything or on anyone. Among celebrities, you’ll find the Sagittarius are often described as “prolific” because they’re always ready to realize their next idea immediately.

Sadly, Sagittarius can sometimes aspire to grandiosity beyond what they can implement, so if it sounds too ambitious it probably is, at least for right now.

Boundless curiosity and optimism drive the Sagittarius and you can see it in their work. Experimentation and reinvention are key to staying relevant in entertainment and people born under this zodiac sign thrive on both.

Sagittarius aren’t as secretive as other signs either, so they’re happy to share their creative processes and their personal journeys with their fans and admirers. Sagittarius stars don’t shine just because they can—they want that light to illuminate the path for others too. Here are some who inspire us! 

1. Tyra Banks

Birthday: December 4, 1973

Known for: Modeling

While she first became famous as a supermodel, Tyra Banks is now a Producer, Entrepreneur, Actress, and more. She recently released a book called Perfect is Boring and is finishing up the film Life Size 2!

Banks has been promoting both on her Facebook and Twitter, and she has an Instagram as well. As if all of that weren’t enough, she has a makeup line too! Banks is truly exceptional in that she uses her star power to promote body positivity and inclusiveness rather than just soaking up the glory for herself.

She doesn’t just encourage people either, she gives them real opportunity, such as the 24 seasons she spent teaching others to be fierce so that they could find their own light on America’s Next Top Model!

2. Sarah Hyland

Birthday: November 24, 1990

Known for: Acting

Hyland has been in the entertainment industry most of her young life and comes from a family of actors. She is especially well known for her role as Haley Dunphy in Modern Family but has been in numerous other TV shows and films.

She doesn’t just do live action performances either—she has several voice acting credits to her name with The Lion Guard among them. She has accomplished all of this while at the same time struggling with chronic illness, notably kidney dysplasia, which she has become very outspoken about! Keep up with Hyland by following her Instagram and Twitter.

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3. Ashley Benson

Birthday: December 18, 1989

Known for: Acting

This Pretty Little Liars star got her start modeling in dance catalogs at age 5 while she pursued various dance styles, but PLL seems to have solidified her acting career. She’s so committed to her passion that she went to audition for the hit series soon after finding out that a show she had landed a role on was canceled.

These days you’ll find Benson at fashion shows or in Manhattan, showing off her super cute apartment! Keep up with her glam modeling and future endeavors by following her on Instagram and Twitter.

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