This Is What It's REALLY Like To Have Sex With A Sagittarius

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Sagittarius Between the Sheets
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What you ask for is what you'll get with the Archer.

Because they're basically kids at heart, Sagittarius like to have fun in bed. They're not above roughhousing, wrestling, tickling and giggling, sometimes simultaneously. In fact, they find the act of laughing to be arousing. Sag guys and gals can actually get stiff or sodden after some good guffawing.

Sex games are fine for Sags, just so long as they're not too involved or time-consuming. The Archer's love of flitting from one thing to the next continues in the boudoir.

But Sagittarius absolutely hates being tied up or restrained in any way. It seriously freaks them out and can send them packing. Perhaps this is rooted in their horse-self, a revolt against being domesticated. So just remember, no ties! Literally.


You won't need to play a guessing game to find out what turns this zodiac sign on — they'll tell you, straight up. Some have gotten the rep of being selfish lovers, which is unfortunate, because in the sack Sags can be very giving.

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Although they're extremely direct and forthcoming about their own needs, Sagittarians have no problem satisfying yours. Just don't beat around the bush because they have no patience for coyness in bed. Let them know just what you want and you'll get it... and get it thoroughly.

If you seek a serious lover with plenty of romance, keep looking. Sagittarius like to cut to the chase and get down and dirty with little ceremony. While they're not big on foreplay, they make up for it with endurance.

Many Sags can also be talented in the area of oral pleasure. They take the acts of fellatio or cunnilingus luxuriously slow and steady, which I equate with their horse-half's penchant for grazing. Imagine the methodical way a pony munches in a field and you'll get a picture of Sag's style.

The term "hung like a horse" brings to mind the Sagittarius man because they are usually especially well-endowed. Even short in stature Sags have been known to sport impressive packages. Plus, they can go at it like prize breeding stallions.

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Not surprisingly, doggie-style is their fave position — which, in their case, can also be called "horsy-style." But most Centaurs aren't adverse to a little Cowgirl and being taken out on the range for a long, hard ride.

Relationship wise, tread lightly with Sagittarians. Though they are not opposed to settling down, all too often they equate commitment with confinement. They are easy to bed but tough to wed, because of their fear that marriage might put the kibosh on the freedom they hold so near and dear to their big hearts.


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Make no mistake, though — Sags aren't against monogamy or opposed to being fully devoted to one partner, but they are terrified of feeling trapped. Once they meet a partner who understands their need for freedom, they are happy to roam, but even happier to come home to your welcoming bed.

Sagittarian spontaneity between the sheets is legendary. Hooking up with a Sag in the sack is almost always a tremendously satisfying union for both parties, the perfect combination of fire and fun. Think: multiple orgasms with a daring partner that just won't quit, and an adventurous soul to boot.


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