What Makes A Sagittarius Mad?

It's all fun and games until you mess with sassy Sagittarius.

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No one likes to walk around on eggshells, but there are times when a bit of knowledge goes a long way.

Take knowing what makes a Sagittarius mad, you definitely don't want to upset this zodiac sign if they already have anger issues.

So as a good friend or partner, it's nice when you can see a problem before it begins. And, astrology can help you to do that.

What makes a Sagittarius mad?

This zodiac sign is associated with spirituality, so a closed mind is one thing that can rub them the wrong way.


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Sagittarius is the optimistic, free-spirited, and hilarious zodiac sign but they have a temper as well.

It might be hard to imagine but they can be quite sensitive.

Their sensitivity causes little things to get under their skin.


Here’s what makes a Sagittarius mad, according to astrology and this zodiac signs personality traits:

1. Unsolicited advice

Unless a Sagittarius bluntly asks you for advice, don’t try giving it to them.

They don’t handle criticism well and will take most forms of advice as an insult.

They appreciate your advice when it’s asked for but if it’s unwanted, then lookout.

This is the easiest way to piss off Sagittarius without actually trying.

Although you’re only trying to be helpful, nine times out of ten it’s better to keep your opinions to yourself and let them figure things out on their own.

They might seem like they desperately need advice or as the answer to their problem is obvious to everyone but them.


However, this still doesn't give you a green light to give them your perspective.

Give them space if you want to keep the peace.

This will get a little annoying because they will still come to you for a shoulder to cry on when things fall apart.

2. Negativity

Being overly negative means that you have a closed mind and that makes a Sagittarius mad.

The Sagittarius is known for its sunny and optimistic demeanor, and they consider this a way of life.

They don’t like this lifestyle to be interrupted by people who are always ‘bursting their bubble’.

These days it's hard to keep a positive mindset about life but Sagittarius makes this their number one priority.


Surrounding themselves with positive energy is very important to their well being.

Keep the negative thoughts to yourself unless you want to see Sagittarius go from a bright ray of sunshine to a dark stormy cloud.

We can earn a thing or two from the Sagittarius, it’s always better to look on the bright side.

3. Lack of spirituality

Having poor morals comes from a lack of spirituality, and this can also make a Sagittarius angry.

Sagittarius is all about equality and love for everyone around them and they expect the same from their family and peers.

If for whatever reason your moral compass isn’t exactly strong, think twice before showing it to the Sagittarius.


They dislike people who lack strong morals and ethics and will be personally offended if you act this way in their presence.

Regardless of whether or not you’re around a Sagittarius, try to stick to your values, and choose kindness.

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4. Controlling people

Being controlling is a big no-no to a Sagittarius.

Try to control a Sag and the anger will follow.

Sagittarius is known for being a lighthearted free spirit who marches to the beat of their own drum.

Be careful not to interfere with this mentality or you’ll get burned.

They despise being told what to do and like a moody teenager, will purposely do the opposite of what you told them to do.


This brings out a very spiteful and immature side of the Sagittarius.

Keep your distance and let them do their own thing to avoid an argument.

Even if you're a natural leader you'll need to step aside and keep things equal during group tasks as well.

While this can be easier said than done, it's the best way to ensure you don't make your Sagittarius friend mad.

5. Over simplification.

Dumbing things down isn't necessarily a bad thing, but a Sagittarius loves to learn.

When they want to gain knowledge and you withhold it from them, it makes a Sagittarius mad.

While Sagittarius can come off as more of a funny class clown rather than an ultra smarty pants, they are actually quite intelligent people.


They are often offended when people mistake their humor for stupidity.

People will insult their intelligence by dumbing things down for them and explaining things as if they are a child.

This infuriates a Sagittarius and they will likely lash out and then recoil away from you permanently. I mean ... can you blame them?


Be nice and treat them with the respect they deserve.

6. Labels

Comparing them or anyone else to others is frowned upon by Sagittarius.

This will probably come as no surprise but the Sagittarius likes to be unique and consider their only competition themselves.

If you try comparing them to their peers or family members, they will not enjoy this. I mean ... does anybody?

Most of us dislike when people feel the right to compare us to others but a Sagittarius will take it extra personal.

Even if you're just simply pointing out a celebrity that you think they look like or innocently pointing out differences between them and their siblings, they'll be annoyed.


Chances are they will retaliate in a rude way by comparing you to other people as a way to show you how it feels.

If your intentions were purely innocent this can come off as hurtful and confusing.

It's best to side one the comparisons and instead compliment them on how unique their style and personality is.

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