How The 2022 Down-To-Earth Taurus Season Effects Your Zodiac Sign's Horoscope, April 19 - May 20

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taurus season 2022 zodiac sign affects april 19 - may 20

There's something about having the Sun in Taurus for a month that just feels good. When it's Taurus season, as it is from April 20 to May 20, we all get that sense of transition; something is changing, and it definitely feels right. Perhaps it's that we feel the summer is ahead and that always brings warm feelings as well as 'friendly' weather, or maybe it's because Taurus is the zodiac sign that is the most down to Earth.

During the 2022 Taurus season, we want to shake off the past and move forward. We want nothing to do with self-deception and we're willing to be honest with ourselves and others. Taurus season has no time for pure fantasy; there's a 'face the music' vibe to the entire season, and it is during this time that we figure out who we are, where we want to be, and who we might want to do it all with.

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This is the season where we make up our minds; if there's been a lingering thought that needed closure, this is when we bring ourselves that completion. If there's something that needs to be done to bring about the change we are counting on, then it only makes sense that during Taurus season, we get on it.

This is the time for doing, not talking...we walk the walk now.

And while Taurus can bring with it depression and stubborn behavior, most of it comes as a result of not sorting something out that is particularly confusing. So, while we may become ensnared in a Taurus mood, there's probably a good reason behind it: we're working it out.

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And that means forward action; if we hit a snag, we contemplate how to negotiate it and then we proceed forward. Taurus may come with the stigma of being lazy, or stubborn, but most times this only means that we're thinking it out. Taurus will get the job done, and when we work under a Taurus Sun, we do the right thing. Auspicious and fine-tuned; that's Taurus season for you.

Here's how the down-to-earth 2022 Taurus Season affects your zodiac sign (in all the right ways), starting April 19 to May 20.

No matter what your zodiac sign is, the 2022 Taurus season is going to be amazing.


(March 21 - April 19)

The crossover from your sign into Taurus season will be notable for you, and not only that — well needed. This season will act as a grounding tool for you to understand all that came before it. For instance, during Aries season, you were on fire; you felt creative, alive, a little pushy, and a bit scattered-brained ... that's where Taurus comes in to tidy up the remaining pieces.

What you started to do in the last month will make more sense to you during the 2022 Taurus season. This sign allows you an insight as to what you did wrong and how to right that wrong. Taurus Sun brings peace to your endeavors and soothes your warrior-like mindset.

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(April 20 - May 20)

We all like to know that we've just entered the zone of our birth sign, and for you, Taurus, it's going to feel like pure physical strength with a touch of mental acumen for a boost. You no longer have time to waste; you are inspired and ready...and you've prepared for this.

You'll be doing something this month that you've never done before and you are ready for all of it. These are the days when you take bravery to a new level; in the past, people have called you impulsive, but they didn't realize that you had wild dreams to manifest, all along. You are pure confidence during Sun in Taurus. Get the job done!

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(May 21 - June 20)

Taurus Sun is going to wake you up and put you face to face with a reality that you wanted to avoid. This could mean that you have to confront someone in your life, or that you will be confronted during the month by someone you've really been trying to avoid.

It's OK though, Gemini; if you get this out of the way, you'll never have to go back, and that will create such a free path ahead of you. This is the season where you come to terms with something from your past, knock it out of your life once and for all, and move on with the things of the present — the life that makes sense to you. This Taurus season is great for loosening up the spirit of Gemini.

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(June 21 - July 22)

You have probably been told that you are sometimes a little colder than people can take; that's OK, you are the one who lives your life and if you've had to shield your heart from trespassers, then that is what you had to do. What Taurus season brings you is the idea that you've always been right about your choices.

You have allowed yourself to be swayed by others, for the sake of 'being polite' in the past, but you've always ended up kicking yourself for not being true to your own values. The 2022 Taurus season and the Sun lets you bask in your own idealism; whether that's a good thing for others has yet to be seen, but in reality, you are the only one that counts because you are the one who lives your life.

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(July 23 - August 22)

You have always been the most faithful friend there is. Those in the know, know they can always count on you to come through for them in a pinch; you are faithful and true, though sometimes you feel like you're being taken advantage of.

During the 2022 Taurus Sun season, you will be taken advantage of — in all the right ways, meaning that you'll get to shine like the sun during this season because you will be so loved and appreciated by friends that it will be noticeable. And yes, friends will come to you for answers, assistance, and guidance, but they don't come with malice in their hearts; they come to you because you are the coolest person in their lives and they trust you.

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(August 23 - September 22)

Taurus Sun has a good effect on you. That 'down to earth' tone that comes easily with Taurus vibes? It works for you like a charm. You may find that you are defending your stance one more time during this next month ... here's the thing; you'll be in the right, and you'll know it.

There is no false pride here, there is knowledge and experience, and so when you go to battle for the sake of something you believe in, there's no false bravado here. It's all real, and you know what you're doing. Sometimes you fight without having any real backup; you go in ignorant and you fight without any knowledge. All that changes this month as Taurus season lets you feel like you are doing exactly what you should be doing, without fail. Failure is not an option.

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(September 23 - October 22)

Because of your already-friendly nature, you will do well, socially, thanks to the 2022 Taurus Sun season. Between the weather becoming nicer and your desire to mingle with the earthlings in a more amorous way, you will find yourself winning the popularity contest this month.

While you are generally shy and unassuming, there's a side to you that is always ready for the experience and, fun, and that's where Sun in Taurus makes a big impact on your life. What you don't want are high drama and theatrical reactions; you crave stability and pleasure, and you believe you can have the two at the same time. It's your belief in your own self that gets the work of the month done, and with Taurus Sun as your strong arm, there's nothing you can't succeed in.

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(October 23 - November 21)

Having Taurus Sun in your immediate life is like a breath of fresh air; you've had enough with Aries hardheadedness — you're ready to work and you have no qualms with diving in headfirst. There's nothing that makes you smile as much as knowing where things are headed: you love control and so does Taurus, but it's not as fiery or as hostile as Aries control ... it's more along the lines of knowing exactly what to do to get what you want done.

And you will be accomplishing many things during this season, Scorpio. Because Taurus season allows you to believe in yourself, you'll be a happy camper, as you plow through all that requires your touch. And, you may even feel some of that famous stubbornness, but knowing you, you'll make it work for you over time.

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(November 22 - December 21)

You moved well during Aries season, and it acted as an impetus for you to take things seriously. Now that you're in the 2022 Taurus Sun season, all that prior work is not ready for action. You feel directed and focused in ways you haven't felt yet this year.

Your Sagittarius nature works well with the Bull; it's as if two strong farm animals got together for a pow-wow, you being the Centaur horse figure. You feel stable and ready to take on a lot. When you use Taurus energy for focus, there's nothing that stands in your way, nor can there be. You are a force of nature with the Taurus season and the Sun working on your side. Aim that arrow and shoot, Sagittarius. Whatever your eye leads you to is where you'll place your intense concentration.

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(December 22 - January 19)

This is a fantastic season in your life, Capricorn, as Taurus gives you the ability to state what's on your mind without any false words or empty promises. You've watched yourself finesse people in the past; you've handed them line after line, hoping they'll take one so that you can claim a victory and get your way. What this means is that you've lied to get your way, and you've never liked having to lie — mainly because you always, inevitably get caught.

The 2022 Taurus season will put you smack dab in the heart of the truth, and you'll be put in a position where you have to be honest. Lo and behold, honesty will not only look good on you, but it will feel refreshing. This new honest lifestyle is exactly what you've wanted; it just took Taurus to make it happen — and it's happening.

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(January 20 - February 18)

If left to your own devices, you'd probably lie in bed all day long — much like a Taurus stereotype. Alas, Taurus Sun has other things in store for you, and as much fun as being super lazy may sound to you, you also know that you don't want to stay in one place for long.

This month lights a fire beneath you; you'll want to move, to travel, perhaps even relocate. Your desire for new things will be evident and you will clearly accept that work is required. If downtime is the goal, the getting there must be filled with the work it takes to afford that kind of downtime. Being that focus is big during Taurus season, take that vision of yours and manifest it, if possible. Because...all things are possible for you during this season.

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(February 19 - March 10)

You are just relieved to be away from the power punch of Aries season, and so Taurus Sun feels, to you, like a well-deserved rest. Rest, however, is not what you'll be doing this month as you will be feeling way too inspired and artistic to just let things sit.

Not to mention your sudden popularity; it's happening again. This is the time when Pisces folks become everyone's favorite. You'll be the friend everyone turns to and the family member that rules the roost; you are trusted in your community, and everyone regards you as someone who is stable and in tune with the times. Taurus Sun brings out the best in you and allows you to shine in the ways you know best. It's a happy time for you, Pisces. Enjoy it.

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