11 Ways A Pisces is the COOLEST Friend You'll EVER Have

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Wake up and smell the fishes, babe.

You’re allowed to have more than one best friend, but trust me, you NEED a Pisces in your life!

If knowing that Rihanna, Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, Justin Bieber and George Washington are/were Pisces isn’t enough to convince you that they’re the people you need in your life … well then I don’t know what to tell you, honestly, other than you need to wake up and smell the swimming fish. That wisdom and chill is what you need in your life.

Here's why Pisces friend are simply amazing:

1. She gives great advice.


Pisces are known to be wise, so you can go to her with an open heart and get some great feedback! She'll understand where you’re coming from and do everything they can to help.

2. She can READ you like a book.


Pisces have this trippy intuition that seems to tell them when something’s up with one of their friends. So if you’re the type that tries to hide your feelings, a Pisces is the remedy you need! You can try all you want, but she'll notice that something’s off, and won't buy your BS.

3. They’re in it for REAL.


While being overly trusting is considered to be one of Pisces’ negative traits, if you’re their friend and you deserve that trust? It’s awesome. Not only will she trust you, but you’ll find that she's just as trustworthy. She doesn't play around or pretend like she believes in you. … If she says she believes in you, she ACTUALLY believes in you. She'll trust you to have her back as much as she has yours.

4. You can chill with her.


Pisces enjoy downtime and being alone. Partying can be fun and all, but let's be honest, you need those days to just snuggle up on a couch, and have some one on one time with your girl. And she’ll be the best chillaxing friend you’ve got! So throw on some sweats, make some tea, and have a nice long chat in the living room (or anywhere else you can escape from the rest of the world)!

5. She'll be your go-to TV buddy.


One of the things that a Pisces enjoys most is visual media. TV, movies, you name it! So when you’re having your one-on-one chillaxing session with her, Netflix and Hulu will be all the extra company you need. It’s so nice to have someone who can enjoy the education of a documentary, the fun of a rom-com, the craziness of a reality TV show, and everything in between!

She just GETS IT, and she won’t judge you either! (Can you say sister from another mister? Cause that’s what she is!)

6. She’ll love/support you at your best AND worst. 


She’s the type of girl you can always be open with, so you won’t have to be nervous about sharing your intimate, embarrassing, or silly stories. She’ll be your biggest fan when you succeed, and your shoulder to cry on when you make a horrible mistake. Pisces are natural caregivers, and have a lot of patience (especially with their close friends and family), so you’ll know that she’s there for you no matter what. Always.

7. When she cares about you, she really REALLY cares.


Compassionate, understanding, and probably the sweetest zodiac sign there is, you’ll never feel more loved and appreciated than when you’re with her. She's also super selfless, which is awesome! But don’t forget to show her some love. She needs (and deserves) it too.

8. She’ll Genuinely Cheer You Up


Pisces girls are the hopeless romantics everyone needs in their lives. When things feel hopeless, their optimism will brighten you up and make you believe in the best all over again! They’re that little dose of happiness and hope that we often forget about, and man they make some awesome points!

Not only will she help you up when you’re down, but just listening to her talk about the way she constantly sees the glass as half full will be so enlightening and admirable that she’s impossible not to adore and look up to!

9. She's a great (and willing) listener.


Need to get something off of your chest? Have some exciting news to share? She’s there! She loves listening to what you have to say, and she'll actually listen rather than wait for her turn to talk. She’ll share your excitement, sympathize, and just all around be the best person to talk to about pretty much everything!

10. She'll be real with you.


If there’s drama, call 1-800-Pisces (please don’t call this number, I made it up and I don’t know what it goes to). Pisces have a tendency to see both sides of a situation, so if you’re being unreasonable, or not understanding someone, she’ll tell you what’s up. She'll be on your side but also totally understand the other person’s perspective (much to your dismay) and help keep you levelheaded and understanding. And if that wasn't enough, she'll then help you come up with the best, most fair (and mature) plan of action.

11. She’ll keep you grounded.


It’s easy to get caught up in the chaos of the world, but when you’re with her, you’ll be able to sit and remember what really matters. She’s got this natural air around her, and an interest in all things having to do with your spirit and wellbeing, so she knows how to let go of the small stuff, and get back in touch with what’s actually important and worthwhile (you, her, and the next episode of that hilarious new show).

So if you have a true Pisces friend? Don’t you dare take her for granted.

She’s amazing, inspiring, and a an amazing find. If you are friends with a Pisces, make sure to take care of her as much as she takes care of you. Pisces can often see themselves as victims. She might not show it, being super awesome and all, but trust me, she’s human, and needs you to be there for her too.