20 Facts You Need To Know About A Sagittarius Woman

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Sagittarius Woman: Zodiac Sign Dates, Personality Traits & Facts

A Sagittarius woman, born between the dates of November 22 to December 21, is known for being fierce and adventurous.

As a fire sign known by the symbol of the Archer, she is brimming with passion and energy, and she's known to be super curious and active. You'll likely see her spending her free time roughing it in a van for a road trip or reading any new book she can get her hands on in her down time.

To other signs, a Sagittarius female may seem hard to pin down, as she always seems to be on the go and has wild ideas.

As a friend, she's are always pushing her peers to go on more adventures. And as a lover, she's passionate and spontaneous.

Although a Sagittarius woman may seem difficult to get to know because she's never in the same place more than once and can't keep still, if you know her, you're sure to want to get to know her a little deeper.

20 fascinating facts about Sagittarius women you need to know.

1. A sagittarius woman can be secretive.

​Sagittarians are always on the run and they rarely bother to let others know what's going on in their lives.

She's not trying to hide anything — she just doesn't see a point in updating people all the time.

2. She can't stand liars.

Sagittarius women will never lie, and they hold others to that same standard.

3. She just wants to have fun!

Sagittarians are a fun-loving sign. She likes to unwind, be silly, and love life.

4. A Sagittarius gal is good at using her imagination.

Sagittarius women are always looking for new possibilities. They have active imaginations and frequently fantasize throughout the day.

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5. She can be pretty dang sassy.

Sagittarius women are usually laid back, but when one of their values gets violated, they have no problem telling you off.

A Sag female isn't afraid to be completely blunt, and she isn't about to let other people stomp on her.

6. Sagittarius likes to get philosophical.

"What is your purpose?" "Why are we here?" She likes to think deeply about her personal values and ethics.

A Sagittarius woman often gets into philosophical moods, and when she does, she loves to share her ideas with you.

7. She's easily stressed, but she'll never show it.

Sagittarians seem to always go with the flow, but small tasks can overwhelm her.

She actually gets stressed pretty easily — she just hides it well.

8. She can be kind of oblivious.

A Sagittarius woman is constantly active, so she doesn't have time to focus her attention on one thing for too long.

This also means she's sometimes downright clueless about what's going on around her.

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9. Sagittarius loves the outdoors.

Fresh air calms her. She loves sitting at parks and relaxing on the grass, as being outside helps her clear her head.

10. She's passionate about her dreams.

Sagittarians will go to great lengths to achieve their goals, so she dreams big and works hard to make her dreams a reality.

11. She doesn't care about what others think of her.

A Sagittarius woman doesn't get easily offended by criticisms.

She's often told that she is too brash or too inconsistent, but she loves to embrace her personality and live life unapologetically.

12. She's witty.

She has a super smart mouth.

A Sagittarius female always has a comeback up her sleeve, with a clever response ready for just about everything you throw at her.

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13. She has great taste in music.

When it comes to music, no other sign is as tasteful as a Sagittarius.

Sagittarius women love to jam out and are known for giving out great music recommendations.

14. She's blunt.

She loves honesty, so she doesn't water-down her opinions.

Besides, a Sagittarius woman always prefers to speak her mind.

15. Sagittarius is known for being inconsistent.

A Sagittarius woman never stays in one place.

Others may see her as very fickle, but it's really that she has difficulty sticking to only one thing at a time when she has the world at her fingertips.

16. She avoids appearing weak or vulnerable.

Sagittarians are more sensitive than they want to admit.

A Sag woman will never let herself appear weak if she can help it, because she believes she is tough enough to get through difficult times — and she's usually right.

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17. She's easily irritated.

Like the fire sign she is, a Sagittarius woman is hot-tempered.

But while she gets annoyed easily, she usually don't make a big deal out of it ... usually.

18. She rarely gets jealous.

A Sagittarius woman understand the value of freedom, so she's not likely to be controlling of her partner.

She sees life as bountiful and rarely gets jealous of others for having more than she does.

19. She hates clingy people.

Nothing annoys a Sag female as much as clingy people.

Sagittarius women do not feel the need to constantly be around other people, so she gets bothered when others cling to her.

20. She has lots of friends.

Sagittarius women love to roam the world.

In her travels, she may end up meeting a lot of people and she has a knack for easily becoming friends with just about everyone.

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