Best Zodiac Tattoo Ideas For Each Sign

zodiac tattoos

Tattoos tend to carry a lot of meaning with them, so when you put permanent ink on your body, you better make sure it has a darn good meaning.

Some people get tattoos in honor of loved ones, important experiences, or daily reminders of how to live their best life. Since it will be forever a part of you, it's best to choose something that you won't regret in a few weeks.

Many people opt for tattoos of things that will always be in their lives, whether or not it's on their skin. When thinking of something meaningful enough and forever to tattoo onto your skin, it may be a hard and thoughtful process.

But it can also be an easy decision because your zodiac sign is something that will never change and will stick with you forever.

Not only is your zodiac sign forever a part of you, but it also sends a message to the world about who you are. We use our zodiac sign to define us and our personalities. Getting a tattoo of your zodiac sign is expressing a very inner part of yourself.

Sure, you could focus on updating your wardrobe or post a bunch of Deepak Chopra quotes on your Facebook page if you're wanting to display a little self-expression. But rather than chase something that you'll forget you did in a few years, why not opt for something you'll never forget, like some of the best zodiac tattoos?

Zodiac tattoos are not only full of meaning, but they can be absolutely beautiful when displayed as a piece of art. Some people go for the big, over-the-top tattoos with intricate designs and themes, and others chose to have little, hidden tattoos that offer a subtle, yet still valuable meaning.

Tattoos are an art form that leaves a permanent mark of beauty on your skin. Choose a zodiac sign tattoo to represent what would not only be meaningful but also beautiful. Plus, it’s always fun to show off the things you love, and this tattoo could be a good chance.

No matter which level of art you chose to have on your body, a zodiac tattoo isn't something that will go out of style anytime soon. 

If you're looking for inspiration on how to design your zodiac ink, check out some of the best zodiac tattoos we've compiled.

Remember that tattoos are very personal pieces of art, and it's proper etiquette to never copy someone else's tattoo. Instead, look at these zodiac tattoo ideas as inspiration for your own unique piece.

Aries zodiac tattoos

Symbolized by the Ram, Aries is the first zodiac sign known for its self-starting and independent personality. There are a number of different Aries tattoos you can get inspired by this first zodiac sign, whether you opt for a ram, fire to represent the fire sign, or the Aries constellation.

1. Minimalistic ram's head tattoo

2. Floral Aries symbol tattoo

3. Aries woman tattoo

4. Realistic Aries ram tattoo

5. Aries ram and constellation tattoo

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​Taurus zodiac tattoos

Taurus is an earth sign symbolized by a bull. One of the most hard-working and down-to-earth zodiac signs, they are many different Taurus tattoos you can get.

1. Geometric tattoo representing the Taurus earth element

Photo: Daniel Eliashevskyi / Unsplash

2. Hard work elbow tattoo

Photo: Luis Villasmil / Unsplash

3. Earth element tattoo

Photo: Austin Jack / Unsplash

4. Bull skull tattoo

5. Taurus constellation tattoo

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Gemini zodiac tattoos

Gemini is the sign of the twins. Gemini's duality can be recreated in tattoo version using the zodiac sign's glyph, constellation, and other Gemini tattoo designs.

1. Tiny Gemini symbol

2. Gemini faces linework

3. Floral Gemini symbol

4. Gemini twins and constellation tattoo

5. Twin faces tattoo

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Cancer zodiac tattoos

The Cancer zodiac sign has a lot of associated symbolism to choose from when mapping out your tattoo. From its symbol (the crab) to its constellation and its ruling planet (the moon), here are a few Cancer zodiac tattoo ideas.

1. Moon phase tattoo

Photo: emy / unsplash

2. Crescent moon tattoo

Photo: Dave Godreau / unsplash

3. Ocean tattoo

Photo: Kseniia Zaitseva / unsplash

4. Crab with the Cancer zodiac glyph tattoo

5. Cancer constellation tattoo

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Leo zodiac tattoos

The Leo zodiac sign is symbolized by the lion. Known for the attention-seeking ways, Leo zodiac tattoo ideas include lions, tattoos related to stardom, and the Leo constellation.

1. Geometric lion chest tattoo

Photo: LexScope / Unsplash

2. Fortune and glory tattoo

Photo: Allef Vinicius / Unsplash

3. Lion tattoo

Photo: Najib Kalil / Unsplash

4. Lion and Leo constellation tattoo

5. Leo glyph and ruling planet tattoo

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Virgo zodiac tattoos

The Virgo zodiac symbol is the maiden. Known as the purest of all the zodiac signs, suitable Virgo tattoo ideas include the Virgo constellation and tattoos revolving around its earth sign element.

1. Virgo woman hugging the Earth

2. Virgo constellation hand tattoo

3. Watercolor Virgo symbol tattoo

4. Virgo maiden tattoo

5. Floral Virgo glyph tattoo

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Libra zodiac tattoos

Libra is an air sign known for their commitment to justice. Symbolized by the scales of justice, popular Libra zodiac tattoos include scales and the Libra constellation.

1. Intricate floral scales tattoo

2. Woman holding Libra scales tattoo

3. Hand holding scales tattoo

4. Geometric Libra scales tattoo

5. Tiny Libra glyph tattoo

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Scorpio zodiac tattoos

The Scorpio zodiac sign's symbol is the scorpion. Popular Scorpio zodiac tattoos include scorpions, the Scorpio glyph, and tattoos representing the sign's water element.

1. Traditional-style scorpion tattoo

2. Scorpio goth girl tattoo

3. Minimalistic scorpion tattoo

4. Scorpio vase tattoo

5. Scorpio constellation tattoo

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Sagittarius zodiac tattoos

Display your archer, warrior status with a delicate — but fierce — bow and arrow and other symbols representing the Sagittarius zodiac sign.

1. Geometric arrow tattoo

Photo: Matheus Frade / Unsplash

2. Delicate Sagittarius sternum tattoo

3. Geometric floral bow and arrow tattoo

4. Archer tattoo

5. Floral Sagittarius constellation tattoo

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Capricorn zodiac tattoos

Show off your ambitious sign with a subtle, pretty tattoo that could literally be placed on any area of your body. 

1. Intricate goat tattoo

2. Sea-goat tattoo

3. Floral goat skull tattoo

4. Capricorn glyph tattoo

5. Capricorn woman tattoo

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Aquarius zodiac tattoo

Use beautiful blue colors to show off your water sign Aquarius. 

1. Watercolor Aquarius glyph tattoo

2. Color water bearer tattoo

3. Aquarius water bearer vase tattoo

4. Minimalistic Aquarius glyph tattoo

5. Aquarius woman tattoo

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Pisces zodiac tattoo

Pisces is an air sign symbolized by two swimming fish.

1. Delicate swimming fish tattoo

2. Geometric Pisces fish and constellation tattoo

3. Floral Pisces constellation tattoo

4. Pisces glyph tattoo

5. Pisces linework tattoo

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