25 Pisces Tattoo Ideas & Fish Tattoos For Pisces Zodiac Signs

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Getting tattoos is addictive. I only have three so far, but I love them all and I still have a giant list of tattoos that I eventually want to get in the future. Sometimes, the best place to look for inspiration and tattoo ideas is online — especially if you're debating on what to get inked permanently on your body.

Sometimes I think about how cool it would be to have something that my sister has drawn for me right on my body in tattoo form for me to see every day. She's a Pisces, so she has that unique, artistic side in her and I know that a tattoo that she's drawn for me would be an amazing addition to my ever-growing list of tattoos.

Another tattoo idea on my list is to get a tattoo to represent my zodiac sign. I have always liked my zodiac sign. Granted, I am an Aquarius and not a Pisces, but I still think that my zodiac sign is a big part of myself. And because of that, I want a way to represent my horoscope on my body because it is such an integral part of my personality.

In my opinion, astrology is a unique and different way to look at the world around us.

And if you are a fan of the stars and the universe, then there's a good chance that astrology is also pretty big in your life – or at least has made a special guest appearance.

Every zodiac sign is unique, and your tattoo should reflect that distinctiveness. No other sign is like Pisces, and no Pisces is quite alike, so no tattoo for this zodiac sign should be the same.

And with so many options out there for you to choose from, it can get a little daunting, but it's always exciting when you finally decide on a tattoo that you really want.

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My suggestion? Decide on a tattoo and then mull it over in your head for a few weeks or months before you commit. I don't know how many times I've thought a tattoo was a good idea and then realized years later how terrible that idea would have been on my skin permanently.

So, take your time, but definitely look for inspiration – especially if you're looking for a Pisces-inspired tattoo.

So, if you know for a fact that you want a tattoo symbolizing the Pisces zodiac sign, use this list to help you get started.

25 Best Pisces Tattoos

1. Mixing classic and modern tattoo styles.

Pisces' ability to take the good with the bad, and because this sign is a mutable sign (which means PIsces is always embracing change), makes this tattoo very symbolic. The movement between a classic fish and a more geometric one is like the modern-day equivalent of the yin and yang.

2. A combination of fish and the Pisces constellation.

What I love most about the Pisces fish symbol is that the fish can be any color and style, which means you can make it all your own. Plus, adding a subtle constellation in the background brings even more meaning to your already gorgeous tattoo.

3. The classic constellation tattoo.

The Pisces constellation is very pretty on its own, so I totally get if you just want to highlight it by itself as a tattoo. Whether you stick with the classic stars or switch them out for flowers, you've got a lot of different ways you can do this tattoo.

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4. Maybe you just want one fish to rule them all.

While Pisces IS known for the two fish representing the zodiac sign, there's no rules that say you can't do just one fish. Besides, you might not be big on doing things like everyone else, so this just might be the way to go.

5. Or maybe you just want a hint of symbolism.

I love this tattoo because it's subtle, it can go on any part of your body, and it's a step away from the norm. You might be the only person who knows that these fish scales are meant to represent Pisces, but it'll still always get you a compliment and maybe even a question about what it means to you.

6. The perfect placement if you want to show off AND hide your tattoo.

The back of the ear is a cute place to get a tattoo because you can pull your hair up and show it off or keep your hair down and hide it during more professional hours of the day, but either way, it's the perfect spot for a small, adorable Pisces symbol.

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7. Or you can just get a back tattoo if you want a bigger canvas.

No one says you have to go tiny when it comes to getting a tattoo and getting one on your back is definitely the best placement for one if you want something big. Plus, this fish are absolutely beautiful and they deserve to be big enough so that you can see all the detail and colors.

8. Here's a smaller take on the back tattoo.

If you've got your heart set on getting your tattoo on your back, but you don't necessarily want something huge, this is a good compromise of the two. You still have the uniquely ornate fish, but it's not too big that it might be overwhelming on your body.

9. A tattoo with a little bit of everything.

I like this tattoo because it has the Pisces constellation, the symbol, and heck, even the word Pisces all together to create an eye-catching tattoo. Plus, this tattoo would be pretty either big or small, so it'll fit anyone's taste.

10. The Planet Neptune is perfect for the creative Pisces.

Pisces is ruled by the planet Neptune, which is the planet of fantasy. And if anyone appreciates and embraces fantasy the most, it's the dreamy Pisces. Plus, you can still have your Pisces-related tattoo without having to go into all the symbols if you don't want.

11. Here's a big constellation tattoo for everyone to see.

It doesn't matter what your zodiac sign is, the constellation tattoos are always pretty. Plus, I like the fact that you can still do it really big like this and it'll still look amazing.

12. The original Pisces symbol for the classic astrology lover.

Maybe you don't want to get crazy with your tattoo and you just want something simple that represents your zodiac sign. If that's the case, then this Pisces symbol tattoo is the perfect option for you.

13. A minimalist constellation tattoo.

I like how this constellation tattoo is a little bit more simple than the other ones because it proves you don't have to go all out or do something complicated to have a beautiful tattoo.

14. A perfect Pisces tattoo for the rule-breaker.

No one says that the Pisces fish have to be a certain kind of fish, right? So, why not have the best of both worlds and get a tattoo that represents your zodiac sign, as well as your favorite kind of fish? Perfect!

15. The symbol for water sign is another subtle way to tell people you're a Pisces.

Pisces is a water sign, which is represented by this upside-down triangle symbol. You might not be a huge fan of the Pisces fish symbol, but this tattoo still carries a lot of meaning if you're still interested in getting something Pisces-related.

16. A perfect tattoo for you and your Pisces BFF or just you!

Maybe you and your BFF are both Pisces, or maybe you just like the idea of splitting up your Pisces fish on both arms (or legs) instead of keeping them together. This tattoo is both adorable and proves that you can share your Pisces love, rather than keeping it in one place.

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17. A very artsy take on the Pisces symbol.

This tattoo reminds me of something I would see in a dream, which any Pisces would love. Some old-school koi fish, a crescent moon, and some traditional Japanese waves all make for a very dreamy tattoo.

18. A two-for-one Pisces tattoo.

If you're all about symbolism, then this is the tattoo for you. You can get both the Pisces symbol and the Neptune symbol tatted on you to show everyone that you're serious about your zodiac sign.

19. A tattoo idea to bring out the romantic in you.

The constellation, the watercolor fish, the flowers — this tattoo is oh-so romantic and perfect for a Pisces.

20. Simple, yet sweet.

If you just want a simple Pisces symbol tattooed on you, this is the one to get. It's simple, yet sweet and it's in the perfect spot on her arm.

21. What's black and white and fishy all over?

This Pisces tattoo! You don't have to get a tattoo saturated in color to make a statement because this tattoo is stunning in black and white. Plus, the constellation in the background gives it some depth and extra beauty.

22. Geometric fish for the minimalist.

I love this placement, plus the different dimensions the shading makes on this tattoo. Geometric tattoos have started getting more popular and they're great for those of us who want something beautiful, yet understated.

23. A dreamy alternative to the classic Pisces tattoo.

Yes, I know this is a seahorse and not a fish, but I like that the watercolor and the placement make it look very dreamy and romantic. Plus, seahorses are very playful, like Pisces, so I don't see why you couldn't break from tradition and get a water creature to represent your zodiac sign instead.

24. There are so many different fish in the sea — choose your fave!

Again, the best thing about getting a Pisces tattoo is that there are so many fish in the sea to choose from and so many different colors that your Pisces tattoo is almost guaranteed to be unique and special.

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25. An elaborate tattoo design for those of us that like to do things differently.

Maybe you're looking for something a little bit more intricate, like this. The arrows, circles, and shading all come together to create something beautiful.

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