What Does The Leo Symbol & Glyph Mean In Astrology?

Leo is the Lion for a very specific reason.

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Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac, and is a masculine sign ruled by the Sun. Leo is a fire sign known for his passion, truth, dedication and, at times, drama.

Because he's ruled by the Sun, this sign tends to be drawn towards the limelight and basks more comfortably in attention than other signs. The Leo symbol is often depicted as a Lion and, because of that, is often seen as the king or queen of the zodiac.


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Leos are charismatic, friendly, outgoing, and always seem to be in the middle of having a fabulous time; if they aren’t, they are planning to. Because of this sign being affected by the Sun energy, they tend to want the best of everything, including for themselves to be that way.

The Mythology of Leo as the Lion

Leo just seems to command attention, and a big part of this is because they are ruled by the Sun. In astrology, the Sun is at the center of the zodiac, which relates to the heart. Leos are known for following their heart at all costs, and also being led by it at the same time.


We often associated following our hearts with only romantic pursuits, and while true, for this sign it also goes deeper than that.

Leos have an internal compass that is connected to their hearts and their ruling planet. They live according to their own rules, often not caring if they go against the wishes or beliefs of others.

Sometimes they are seen as cold and calculating, which can be also be a connection to the myth that surrounds this zodiac constellation. But more often than not, this sign protects its heart a bit more deeply than others.

In Greek mythology, Leo is connected to the tale of the Nemean Lion, which was killed by Hercules after he lured one too many warriors to his cave in pursuit of saving those held kept captive there.

Although there are many different renditions of this story, the qualities that come across that describe Leo the most is one of courage, ambition, assertiveness and confidence.


The constellation of Leo was actually one of the first that was ever recognized and named, dating back to Mesopotamia and beyond. In many of the legends surrounding this lion are stories of honor, greatness and even royalty.

Even if unaware of these ancient roots, they tend to have high expectations of life.



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Leos are known for their dominating nature and their interest in their physical looks, especially their hair, as it connects to the significance of the lion’s mane. For many Leos, they have luxurious locks, or the desire to always look their best.

While superficially this can come across as vanity or arrogance, it’s also just that connection to Sun.The Sun doesn’t try to be the center of the solar system — it just is.

Leo carry this same energy, as they just naturally radiate and have command over their lives. Being the center of attention isn’t something they have to consciously try for, but it seems others are just naturally drawn to their extravagant and generous lifestyle.

Meaning of the Leo Symbol and Glyph

The zodiac glyph that represents Leo is most often drawn as a curvy upside down "U" shape. This symbol is said to represent the lion’s mane, his greatest quality, but also the heart because this sign rules that part of our bodies.


Sometimes we just see Leo represented by a lion, a lion’s head, or even a heart.

In different astrology texts, Leo is sometimes symbolized as the curvy "U" shape with a circle at the end, which may look as if it’s separated into four quadrants.

This is to symbolize the heart shape and significance that this sign has to follow their own heart.

Even if we are not born under this zodiac sign, more than likely we still have Leo somewhere in our birth charts.


Our birth chart is a description of what sign all the planets were in at the time of our birth, and can help us learn more information about who we are and why we do the things we do.

For instance, we can see these same qualities show up in our own life if we have our Moon, Venus or even Mercury in the fire sign of Leo, but it would be in a more specific way.

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Leos are the proverbial Kings and Queens of the jungle, but they are also nicknamed "The Boss" of the zodiac. While they may slightly differ in meaning, this sign is one that you’re going to take notice of.


They tend to not only be in the limelight, but also in those positions that require leadership. Interestingly, while following their heart is an essential part of their purpose and even strength, it can also be their downside.

For the lion, it seems they are always focusing on the next best thing, which means that even in love they may adopt this belief. While the lion can be loyal, they also can be fickle, especially if they feel their heart is drawing them down a different path.

Being rational and logical is not a strong suit of Leo. Instead, they usually invoke that courage and strength from their mythical self and will push forward, sometimes at their detriment.

Remember, though, that to a lion, pride is essential. So, even if they do venture down a path they regret or get themselves into trouble, they usually have a hard time admitting as much. While not a sign that changes their minds often, they can instead become stubborn, refusing to budge, even if it ends up being for their greater good.

Leos have a deep love for themselves and revel in owning the truth of who they are, even if others don’t like it. This deep-seated belief is part of what attracts so many to this sign, because it’s not just about being seen, but in being seen for who they truly are.


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