25 Best Arrow & Constellation Tattoo Ideas For Sagittarius Zodiac Signs

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As someone who believes in letting your freak flag fly (no matter what that looks like for you), I love the idea of getting tattoos. If you want to get inked on every free space of skin you have, go for it!

If you want one tiny tattoo that only you can see, do you! If you don’t want any tattoos, then let your tattoo-free flag fly high.

Your body is your canvas and tattoos are a great way to help you turn that canvas into art that’s all your own. And being a Sagittarius, you’re all about marching to the beat of your own drum.

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Which probably means that you’ve also thought about getting a tattoo or two to show off just how unique and fun you are.

Of course, you don’t always believe that tattoos need to have meaning — they can, but some Sagittarians are down to get a tattoo that just makes them laugh. Or a tattoo that's a good conversation starter.

And you know what? I like your style, Sagittarius.

Getting tattoos should be fun, even if you’re getting a tattoo to memorialize someone or you want something serious like a meaningful quote on your body.

You might have even thought about getting a tattoo to symbolize your zodiac sign – I know I have. I’ve always been a fan of the zodiac sign constellation tattoos, but I also like the minimalist look of getting a small, simple zodiac tattoo.

For you, Sagittarius, that symbol would be an arrow, but the best part about being you is that the animal associated with your horoscope is the archer; better known as the centaur who shoots arrows like a boss. Isn’t that so fitting?

So, if a simple arrow isn’t really your thing, you can go all out and get a crazy, colorful centaur with a bow and arrow somewhere everyone will be able to admire it, like your arm, or really go big and get a huge back tattoo.

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Or, if that’s not your thing, you can always opt for the ever-flattering behind-the-ear or finger tattoo, which you can show off or keep hidden.

Hey, the best part about getting a tattoo? You have total freedom to do whatever you want, which I know for a fact you love, Sagittarius.

But before all that, here are 25 of the best Sagittarius tattoo designs to help you get an idea of what kind of ink you should get to show off your love for astrology.

1. An ornate arrow with just enough detail.

This tattoo placement is perfectly flattering to your neck and it's just ornate enough to show off a little detailing, but isn't too over the top. This is perfect for someone who wants to show off their tattoo, but still wants something simple.

2. Maybe you're looking for a bow and arrow tattoo with lots of shading.

The shading on this bow and arrow tattoo makes it look like it's made of shiny metal. Plus, the black and white option is always flattering for tattoos.

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3. A break from the norm.

Who says you have to go with the centaur to have a Sagittarius tattoo?! Really, you just need an archer, which means your tattoo is open to all kinds of interpretation. Plus, no one else will have a tattoo quite like this one.

4. Get an ornate tattoo with your bow and arrow for something eye-catching.

I love the fact that every Sagittarius bow and arrow tattoo is different and this one is no exception. The only word I can think of to describe this tattoo is beautiful because it really is!

5. A minimalist tattoo for the minimalist person.

A few shape, a simple arrow, thin lines — this tattoo screams minimalist and modern, but is still nothing short of gorgeous.

6. Or maybe you'd rather spruce your tattoo up with some color.

This tattoo reminds me of those constellation tattoos that are actually flowers and vines instead of stars. Your bow and arrow has the potential to look like anything you want, so get creative!

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7. Something tiny, yet intriguing.

This tattoo is perfect for someone who wants something only they can see and is simple in design.

8. A classic Sagittarius constellation.

If you're someone who loves classic tattoos, then getting a classic constellation tattoo for Sagittarius is perfect for you. Plus, this tattoo can go anywhere on your body and it'll look amazing.

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9. A unique centaur tattoo for the person who doesn't play by the rules.

If you're someone who doesn't want your tattoo to look like everyone else's, then getting the Sagittarius centaur filled with ornate flowers is the way to go.

10. A geometric tattoo with an arrow might be what you're looking for.

This geometric tattoo is eye-catching and simple, but still has a lot of detail to be simply unique. This one is in the middle of her back, but it would also look great on your wrist or the center of your chest.

11. Another geometric arrow!

If you want a little more pizzazz in your arrow, this tattoo is perfect for you. There's some more shapes, it'll still look great no matter where you put it on your body — it's a home run!

12. A tiny tattooed bow and arrow is subtle, yet stunning.

What I love most about this tattoo is the placement. The bow and arrow is the perfect size for a shoulder placement and it would look great if you want to show it off in something sleeveless.

13. Another flowery bow and arrow for those who just can't get enough.

Here's another take on the bow and arrow with flowers, also including a feather and some ribbon. Sagittarius has a lot of options for bow and arrow tattoo, which I love.

14. Maybe something with a little color is your style.

I love this tattoo because it's not too overwhelming, but the dots and the little hint of color work really well together. Talk about eye-catching!

15. If you want something you can hide, get a tattoo on your foot!

This placement is a subtle kind of sexy — if you want to show it off in heels or when you're barefoot, you can, but you can also keep it covered when you want to. You'll notice that it's not just an arrow, either; there's also a bow attached to the arrow, which is an interesting take on the archer's duo.

16. Something simple only you can see.

Like I said, arrow tattoos like this will look good no matter where it is on your body, but I do like how it just seems to fit right there on the ribs. Plus, this is one of those tattoos that feels like your own little secret because only you know where it is.

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17. The tiniest behind-the-ear constellation tattoo ever!

Here's another adorable constellation tattoo, only this one is super tiny. The behind-the-ear placement is something you can hide or show off, depending on your mood, too.

18. Why not create an entire scene for your constellation tattoo?

If you like the idea of getting a constellation tattoo, but you want to do something a little bigger, why not add your constellation to an entire outdoor scene? Are the outdoors important to you? Well, here's a good tattoo to inspire you!

19. A watercolor bow and arrow to lead the way.

The combination of bow and arrow, the compass within the bow, and some watercolors makes it feel like this tattoo is pointing you toward your next adventure.

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20. Another metaphorical arrow tattoo.

You always hear how bow and arrows need to be pulled backward before it can go forward, but having an arrow tattoo on your foot is kind of like having a guide moving you forward one step at a time. This tattoo can be your motivation to keep on keepin' on, even when things get hard.

21. This tattoo is for anyone who has their heart set on the astrological symbol for Sagittarius.

This tattoo is simple, yet gets your point across clearly: You're a Sagittarius! if you've always wanted a tattoo of the astrological symbol for Sagittarius, this is the way to go.

22. Another beautiful bow and arrow combo.

Here's another example of the kind of style you can go for if you want a bow and arrow tattoo. This one is in black and white, but you could also add a little color or do what this person did and add some shading. Interesting!

23. Finally a flower constellation!

Yay, I love these flower constellation tattoos! This one has flowers that are super cheery and make me want to smile. Plus, the leaves add a little something extra.

24. Another simple Sagittarius symbol tattoo.

This simple symbol is also a behind-the-ear tattoo, but still lets everyone know that you're a Sagittarius and proud of it.

25. A gorgeous little bow and arrow for your ankle.

I love how ornate the bow is and how simple the arrow is on this tiny tattoo — the two different styles really mesh well together!

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