19 Elegant Scorpio Zodiac Sign Tattoo Design Ideas

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19 Scorpion Zodiac Sign Tattoo Images

If you're a Scorpio, you want the world to know. Not only do you have a reputation for being one of the most attractive zodiac sign in astrology, but you also are the most feared and powerful. It only makes sense that you'd want a tattoo design that matches your personality.

But it's so hard to pick when your strengths consist of being brave, resourceful, stubborn, passionate, and you are a true friend.

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Your weaknesses may be that you are secretive, violent, jealous, and distrusting. You like to experience passion. You enjoy having long-time friends. Being right is important for you. You prefer to side by truth that is supported by facts.

Sometimes teasing from others, comes across as passive-aggressiveness, which you really don't like. It reveals secrets and dishonesty.

You are very passionate about everything you do. You like to be assertive and are determined to do the best you can. You are a great leader and are resourceful. You can solve any type of problem.

You are very expressive about your emotions and you can easily slip into deep jealousy and you can be suspicious of others while you try to adapt to different situations. And you never will be the "baby in the corner."

If you decide to get a tattoo that refers to your Scorpio astrology, you may want to know what it means. If you get a scorpion tattooed onto your body, it might represent your personality traits of being stealthy, deadly, and that you should not be messed with under any circumstances.

It can also mean that you are passionate, protective, overly sexual, tough, strong, and loyal. So, there are many different designs that you could pick for your astrological tattoo. If you decide on a tribal tattoo that has a scorpion, it is supposed to protect you against evil.

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As a woman, if you get a scorpion tattoo, it can express that you are strong and you can take on anything, no matter the size. The scorpion is never afraid to defend itself and fight, even if they are against something larger than they are, so this means that you are a fighter, even if you are super small.

If you decide on a scorpion and a rose tattoo, it represents that you should be wary. You can be sweet like a rose, but you can also be prickly. This tattoo is also a metaphor for your personality of being pleasant but you can still sting. You can even have the constellation drawn out like a scorpion.

As a symbol of the zodiac sign Scorpio, it means that you have struggled and you are still resistant. It can also mean that you have won.

So, if you are looking for the perfect astrological tattoo for you, here are some design ideas that might give you inspiration for your own tattoo and it will make you shine and be proud to be a Scorpio.

1. A colorful image for a colorful Scorpio.

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2. A Scorpio dream catcher.

3. An airbrushed scorpion.

4. A Scorpion for a Scorpio.

5. A flowery Scorpio constellation.

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6. A rose for all those who have thorns.

7. The symbol of a Scorpio.

8. A realistic 3D scorpion.

9. A colorful, tropical tribute to the Scorpio.

10. A floral arrangement.

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11. A whimsical scorpion.

12. A thick outline.

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13. A floral constellation.

14. A different take on a scorpion image.

15. An image that can jump off of your chest.

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16. A subtle outline.

17. A paisley scorpion.

18. A colorful scorpion.

19. An abstract scorpion for those Scorpios who don't want a realistic image.

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