30 Meaningful Cancer Zodiac Tattoo Ideas

A Cancer crab and proud of it!

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If you're a Cancer zodiac sign, you have tons of options for meaningful Cancer zodiac tattoo ideas to choose from.

This sign in particular has a lot of associated symbolism to choose from when mapping out your tattoo. From its symbol (the crab) to its constellation and its ruling planet (the moon), you can get as complicated or as minimalistic as you want.

Cancer zodiac tattoos can be some of the most creative pieces of art around. Crabs are intricate, beautiful creatures already, but mix them with some stars and modern tattooing techniques, and you can come up with some really cool, unique art of your own to carry on your skin forever.


So look to these 30 tattoo ideas below for some inspiration and to get the juices flowing, then do it! Just take the plunge and get yourself a custom piece of art.

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Meaningful Cancer Zodiac tattoo ideas

1. Moon phase tattoo down the spine

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Cancer's ruling planet is the moon, so a tattoo showing the moon and all of its influential phases has big meaning.

2. Crescent moon tattoo on the wrist

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Not only is Cancer's ruling planet the moon, but this is also the Moon sign symbol in your birth chart.

3. Ocean forearm tattoo

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Cancer is a water sign and is symbolized by the crab, a water creature. Lean into those aquatic features with a water-themed tattoo.

4. Crab with the Cancer zodiac glyph

Integrate two aspects of the Cancer zodiac sign by decorating the crab's back with the zodiac sign's glyph.


5. Cancer constellation tattoo

If you want to keep it minimalistic, the tiny constellation packs in a lot of big meaning.

6. Cancer zodiac glyph finger tattoo

If you want to represent your zodiac sign without going too large, a tiny finger tattoo will do the trick.


7. Floral Cancer zodiac glyph

Feminize the Cancer zodiac glyph by adding florals.

8. Geometric Cancer forearm tattoo

This tattoo incorporates both the zodiac sign's ruling planet and symbol.


9. Crysanthemum crab tattoo

Add some color to the Cancer crab with Chrysanthemums.

10. Cancer space tattoo

Though small, you can't miss the meaning in this Cancer zodiac tattoo that includes not only the constellation but also the moon phases.


11. Simple crab tattoo

Keep it simple with some linework and pointillism to create your Cancer crab.

12. Black and white Cancer zodiac tattoo

This straightforward tattoo features both the Cancer glyph and its ruling planet.


13. Geometric Cancer calf tattoo

Though small, you can't miss the detail in this Cancer tattoo!

14. Crab outline

The simple linework shows off the Cancer crab.


15. Cancer crab and constellation tattoo

Show off both the Cancer zodiac sign's symbol and constellation.

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16. Cancer woman tattoo

If you don't want anything too straightforward, a tattoo like this one will get the point across without being too in-your-face with its representation.

17. Woman in the water

This simple linework has a lot of meaning in it, including aspects of the Cancer zodiac sign such as water, the moon, and a few stars from the Cancer constellation.


18. Minimalistic Cancer constellation

This tiny constellation even gives the crab some color.

19. Crab with a moon on its shell

Decorate your crab's shell with some of the zodiac sign's features to pack in even more meaning.


20. Floral Cancer constellation

If you like the Cancer constellation but want something other than stars, this feminine floral constellation is exactly what you're looking for.

21. Cancer crab back tattoo

For those daring Cancers who want to go big.


22. Linework Cancer woman tattoo

The woman has the Cancer glyph on her forehead and is wearing a Cancer symbol necklace.

23. Geometric neck tattoo

Minimalism doesn't have to be boring. This neck tattoo incorporates a few different elements of the Cancer zodiac sign.


24. Water moon phase tattoo

Add some color to the Cancer ruling planet.


25. Detailed Cancer crab

Any element associated with the Cancer zodiac sign that you can think of this crab has in it.

26. Galaxy Cancer crab

Add some color to your crab by including the universe and its constellation.


27. Lifelike crab

If symbolism isn't your thing, try something more realistic!

28. Cancer zodiac sign ankle tattoo

If you want your tattoo to include more than just your Sun sign, this is a cute way to incorporate more of the placements in your birth chart.


29. Abstract Cancer zodiac tattoo

Have fun with color and shapes to create your unique and meaningful Cancer tattoo.

30. Cancer tarot card tattoo

Did you know that each zodiac sign is also associated with a tarot card? Have some fun with yours.


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