25 Best Taurus Tattoo Ideas

The one time it’s good to be stubborn as a Taurus.

Last updated on Aug 09, 2022

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Zodiac sign tattoos are a popular way for people who are into astrology to represent their own sign. Luckily for the Taurus zodiac sign, there are so many awesome tattoo designs that weave in Taurus symbolism, whether it's the Taurus symbol the Bull, its glyph, or even its zodiac constellation.

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Remember that tattoos are very personal pieces of art, and it's proper etiquette to never copy someone else's tattoo. Instead, look at these Taurus tattoo ideas as inspiration for your own unique piece.

Taurus tattoo ideas

1. Geometric tattoo representing the Taurus earth element

taurus tattoo ideaPhoto: Daniel Eliashevskyi / Unsplash


The Taurus zodiac sign is an earth sign. This tattoo design incorporates that element by featuring a mountainscape while also inspiring an astrological feel with planets.

2. Bull skull forearm tattoo

The Taurus zodiac sign's symbol is the stubborn bull. Give your tattoo a Western feel with the animal's skull and inclusion of the Taurus glyph at the bottom of the diamond.


3. Hard work elbow tattoo

taurus tattoo ideaPhoto: Luis Villasmil / Unsplash

Taurus is notorious for being one of the hardest working signs of the zodiac. Consider a tattoo that shows off this admirable trait — even the hammer is shaped like a bull's head, and we don't think that's a coincidence!

4. Taurus constellation ankle tattoo

This minimalistic tattoo shows off the Taurus constellation.


5. Earth element tattoo

taurus tattoo ideaPhoto: Austin Jack / Unsplash

In astrology, the earth element is symbolized by an upside-down triangle. Add in some earth features to complete the artsy tat.

6. Minimalistic Taurus glyph tattoo

The Taurus glyph is a simple representation of a bull's head.


7. Floral bull's head

Add some flowers to the bull skull for a feminine touch.

8. Tiny Taurus glyph hand tattoo

Though small, this cute Taurus glyph packs in tons of meaning!


9. Taurus woman tattoo

This Taurus woman has the Taurus glyph on her forehead.

10. Realistic Taurus bull tattoo

Give your Taurus tattoo a dose of realism with this intricate bull art.


11. Pointillism Taurus tattoo.

This beautiful tattoo is made up of small dots and is very eye-catching.

12. Cow and Taurus constellation tattoo

A bull is a male cow, but a cow nonetheless. Give your bull a softer look and tack on the Taurus constellation for a pretty look.


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13. Masculine Taurus bull tattoo

There is so much Taurus symbolism packed into this Taurus tattoo.

14. Taurus tarot card tattoo

Each zodiac sign is connected to a tarot card which makes a super fun tattoo idea.


15. Traditional Taurus tattoo

It's always fun to see tattoos done in the traditional tattoo style.

16. Geometric Taurus bull

Geometric style tattoos are really popular while the addition of the realistic bull on one half of the tattoo makes this design unique.


17. Watercolor Taurus constellation

Give your tattoo a splash of (water)color.

18. Geometric Taurus symbolism

This gorgeous tattoo shows off a ton of Taurus symbolism including the bull and aspects of the earth element.


19. Zodiac wheel chest piece

There's more to you than your Sun sign, so a zodiac wheel is a great way to incorporate all the other important parts of your birth chart while still paying homage to your Taurus sign by putting a bull in the center.

20. Taurus bull sunflower tattoo

The Taurus bull matched with the sunflower and constellation gives big Taurus energy.


21. Colorful floral Taurus tattoo

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, meaning Tauruses have a deep appreciation for beautiful flowers.

22. Intricate Taurus forearm tattoo

This gorgeous piece has a bull, florals, and a mandala, making it extra trendy.


23. Linework bull tattoo

Drawn in one line, this tattoo shows off a full bull.

24. Symbolic Taurus woman

This tattoo presents many Taurus symbols including a bull's horns and the earth element symbol.


25. Taurus tribal tattoo

Get your zodiac tattoo in the traditional Polynesian style.

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