25 Best Taurus Tattoo Ideas & Bull Tattoos For Taurus Zodiac Signs

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Are you inked up yet? Getting your first tattoo is exciting if it’s something you’ve pondered about since a young age. And, luckily for the Taurus zodiac sign; there are a bunch of totally awesome tattoo designs that go with your horoscope sign to choose from!

The cool thing about thinking about a tattoo early on is that it doesn’t even sound out of place these days to want such a thing. After all, 1 out of every 5 adults has a tattoo now — and that statistic was taken back in 2014... who knows what it is now? With the likelihood that mom and/or dad have a tattoo, it's not unheard of to be thinking about your first tattoo, even at an early age.

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If you follow astrology, and your birthday happens to fall between April 20 and May 20, then you know the main thing we (yep, I'm a Taurus too!) are known for  being stubborn.

However, this is one instance where being stubborn is a pro instead of a con to not only you, but to others as well.

What I mean is that you don’t want to decide last minute what kind of tattoo you want and get it on a whim, then regret it a week later. Stubborn people are less likely to make such a mistake because they are unlikely to fall under "peer pressure".

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We Taureans get our first tattoo because we want to. 

We all know this is one of life’s decisions that you want to be 200% sure about before you act on it... because it’s permanent. I mean, technically it’s not permanent because there’re laser procedures you can get done for tattoo removal, but it has a painful reputation. 

That being said, we’re pretty much stuck with the decision (unless you have some kind of subhuman tolerance for pain).

The reason taking your time with this decision is recommended is because it's not only beneficial to you (you don't want any regrets) But, depending on your career, you don’t want to be denied an opportunity based off of what kind of tattoo you got or where on your body you got it. That’s just one example, I’m sure there are plenty of others.

Now, lets get into some awesome bull tattoos and constellation tattoos that you probably can see yourself getting (especially if you're a Taurus zodiac sign, or in love with a Taurus perhaps):

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1. Constellation tattoo (mixed with a flower tattoo) on your inner bicep.

This is a simple and cute constellation that adds a feminine touch with flower heads. This would look great in several places and is small enough to be easily hidden in professional settings. 

2. Inner finger Taurus horns.

This one is kind of hidden but unique because no one expects to see bull horns on the inner finger. Plus, while the placement of this tat will most likely be pretty painful, it's so tiny that it should be a pretty quick one to get.

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3. Head of a bull tattoo (geometric style).

This artsy head of a bull has a complex look to it with the added benefit of being able to make it pretty by using multiple colors in each section of the head (if that's the route you want to go).

4. Taurus tribal tattoo.

This looks like a mask, but when you look closer is just a complex bull with patterns around it. This one is probably the most masculine tat on the list, but it would look great on either gender.

5. Half bull half plant tattoo.

This ink is very unique because you can interpret it as two sides of a Taurus. The strong and the beautiful.

6. Bull tribal tattoo.

This tattoo looks like it has the threading of a Christmas reef, or Jesus’ thorn crown. You take your pick.

7. A bull skull tattoo with flowers on forearm.

This one is nice for those seeking more detail since the artist clearly added detail with it with every inch.

8. Chest tattoo with the head of a bull.

This one has the detail of a head of flowers and is very complex. You really have to look at it to see the bull, which makes this one great for those that want a zodiac tat, but want the actual figure to be subtle.

9. Head of a bull tattoo on your hand.

This one is great for those seeking something that is small and simple, but nice nonetheless as the head of the bull sits between the thumb and index finger (although this would look great as an ankle or wrist tattoo as well).

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10. Inner bicep tattoo with a star constellation.

A great option for something small and simple; this inner bicep Taurus constellation can go just about anywhere, but I think it’s suited best right where it is here.

11. Trail of tattoo meanings on your inner forearm.

This tattoo is a cool and unique one because it's a trail of meaning with: the Taurus sign, alchemical earth sign, female symbol and the moon to represent nature or destiny.

12. Taurus roots on the thigh.

Sometimes we all need a reminder of what our roots are, and this artist made the perfect link between that and the Taurus zodiac sign. This is great for those seeking something more elaborate with a full bull.

13. Rugby player with head of a bull.

Something for the jocks. Rugby players are known as being tough, much like our sign is. This loosely can be symbolism for our stubbornness as well.

14. Head of bull tattoo with diverse little details.

This one is simple with delicate dots giving it detail and goes best on your arm like it is in the picture.

15. A feminine back tattoo.

This one is another trail but it's down the back with more detail, which make it a bit sexier.

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16. Head of a bull with flowers.

This tattoo is very detailed and is also half bull half flower, which symbolizes beauty and strength yet again.

17. Bull horns on back of bicep.

Simple Taurus horns on the back of biceps won't take long to get done and looks nice.

18. Bull horns tattoo on the back of your neck.

Another sexy tattoo with these set of bull horns on the back of your neck that only those who see you with your hair up (if you have long hair) will see.

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19. Painted tattoo of a bull on your chest.

This is a bull that looks like it's cut out of a painting. The dark color and bright eyes also make it look mysterious which is pretty cool.

20. Taurus skull tattoo with flowers on inner bicep.

Another flower mix, but that one has some color to it.

21. Patterned bull with tribal tattoo markings on your shoulder.

This one is probably the most detailed with so many different patterns around the bull that you almost forget the bull itself, who looks Taurus strong (and maybe just a little mean). 

22. Big bull for your lower back tattoo.

This one is very unique because the bull looks like it's coming out of a triangle running towards you, with flower designs around it's head.

23. "Suited" bull tattoo.

I like this one because to me it looks like a bull that has a suit on. The shapes and design under its neck looks like a tie and a man tailored shirt.

24. Flowered tattoo with a bull on back of triceps.

I like this one because the bull looks like its fur or skin (if you will) looks like it's made out of flowers, as opposed to just having flowers on it.

25. Back of shoulder tattoo with a flowered bull mix.

This is another unique one for a couple of reasons. Firstly, you have to look closely to notice the head of a bull because the flowers are so detailed. Secondly, because of the size of it taking over both some back space and arm space. Lastly, because it has both alive and dead flowers which raises questions.

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