15 Best Libra Tattoo Ideas

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libra scales

Libra is the zodiac sign of the people born between August 23 - September 23.

Everyone can recognize a Libra Sun, Moon, or Rising sign by the beautiful elegance they display when walking into a room.

Venus rules Libra, so it's no wonder that you are a moving piece of art — and these Libra tattoo ideas are just a lovely as you are.

The sign of a Libra is the scale. It is a depiction of The Measure of Our Souls myth. Libra tattoos may consist of the goddess Themis or Justicus holding scales and symbols.

These symbols that represent the Libra are popular with women because they are positive, representing romanticism, diplomacy, peace, and idealism.

Some other popular Libra symbols include its glyph, zodiac constellation, and its ruling planet Venus' astrology symbol.

The colors used in each individual's tattoo are most likely a representation of that person's personality and that tells this person's story, or you can lean towards one of Libra's power colors, pink or blue.

Here are some of the best Libra tattoo ideas to inspire your own original artwork.

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1. Minimalistic Libra scale on the wrist

Any time you get a glimpse of your wrist you'll be reminded to stay balanced.

2. Watercolor Libra symbols


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You can combine any number of symbols into one original piece of art, such as this one that has everything from the Venus symbol to the Libra glyph.

3. Libra glyph neck tattoo

This larger piece lets everyone know where you are on the zodiac wheel.

4. Masculine Libra scales

This unique tattoo shows the Libra Scales emerging from the skin.

5. Linework Libra scales

You can go big while also keeping it simple with something similar to this shoulder tattoo.

6. Angel and demon on the Libra scales

Add another dimension to the Libra symbol.

7. Colorful Libra glyph

The Libra zodiac sign's personality isn't black-and-white, so why should a Libra tattoo be?

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8. Libra-inspired tree of life.

Combine spirituality with astrology.

9. Libra scales and a knight

Just as the knight protects others, Libras are known for promoting justice.

10. Elephant holding Libra scales

Spiritually, elephants embody a lot of the same traits and characteristics seen in Libras.

11. Dotwork Libra scales

This minimalistic tattoo design is perfect for those seeking something simple yet meaningful.

12. Realistic Libra scales

If you prefer the look of realism, this scale design is for you.

13. Libra scales holding Heaven and Earth



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In this tattoo, the earth is symbolized by a feather which can also symbolize Libra's air sign element.

14. Galactic Libra scales

The astrology influence is unmistakable here.

15. Intricate floral scales tattoo

Add a feminine touch to the Libra scales.

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