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20 Beautiful Libra Zodiac Sign Tattoo Ideas You'll Love

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20 Best Libra Zodiac Sign Tattoo Ideas + Astrology Meaning

Everyone knows a Libra Sun, Moon or rising sign by the beautiful elegance of they display when walking into a room.

Venus rules Libra, so it's no wonder that you are a moving piece of art — so, your ink needs to be just a lovely as you are.

As a Libra, you are full of different traits that are both glorious and inspiring, which is why people love you and want to be friends with you, all.of.the.time.

Your strengths include being social, cooperative, diplomatic and fair-minded.

Your weaknesses may include being indecisive, full of self-pity, avoid confrontations and you will carry a grudge.

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Most Libras like harmony, the outdoors, sharing with others, and being gentle while disliking violence, loudmouths, conformity, and injustice.

The sign of a Libra is the scale. It is a depiction of The Measure of Our Souls myth.

A Libra is a balance between extreme/off-the-wall situations and safe, less threatening situations.

Libras are very insecure and are unsure about their next steps. You are aware of things and are careful around others.

As a Libra, whatever you do in your life only helps you point your Souls towards the "higher power" to measure our existence.

A Libra tattoo most likely consists of the goddess Themis or Justicus holding scales and symbols.

These symbols that represent the Libra are popular with women because they are positive, through representing romanticism, diplomacy, peace, and idealism.

Whereas, the sign can also have negative connotations of faltering and wavering decision-making skills.

The balance symbol is appealing to Libras because it reminds them to keep themselves centered and of the challenges they have faced and the success they have had.

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The scales and the symbols used with them are most likely in black, not color. It makes the scales and symbols have a bold, decisive and dramatic effect.

There are some colors that make these symbols bolder, which are reds, blues, yellows and greens.

The colors used in each individual's tattoo are most likely a representation of that person's personality and that tells this person's story.

The symbol of a Libra's balance personifies justice and the astrological sign of the people born between August 23 - September 23.

You cannot see this sign in a physical form, but it is something that you can sense and feel around you because it is an air sign.

Fun fact, the Libra constellation is the shortest constellation in space.

So, here are some examples of Libra inspired tattoos to maybe give you an idea for your own.

1. A beautiful Libra.

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2. A little balancing act.

3. Balance.

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4. Libras, follow your heart and find balance.


5. Keep a hold on your balance.

6. A small understatement.

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7. Some colorful astrological signs.


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8. A Libra sketch.


9. A whimsical Libra.

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10. A simple sketch.

11. Angels and demons.


12. A behind the ear symbol.

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13. A balanced tree.

14. A rose without thorns.


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15. A knightly balance.

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16. A bejeweled elephant.

17. A dotted balance for a beautiful Libra.

18. A realistic balance.

19. A balance between heaven and Earth.



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20. The balance of the universe.

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