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10 Cool Tattoo Design Ideas For Gemini Zodiac Signs

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10 Tattoo Ideas For Gemini Zodiac Signs

One could say that tattoos and eyes are very similar. Both get compliments of beauty and while they may look similar, each one is unique in its own way.

Do you need an idea for a tattoo and want it themed by your Gemini zodiac sign?

Aside from looks, there’s another way both of these are like each other. Just like eyes, tattoos can be a window into the mind and soul of a person.

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No matter what you decide to get, a tattoo always tells someone something about you. It can be as simple as a love for your favorite team or as deep as your own personal struggles.

As long as you’re okay with whatever it is you want to get being engrained on your body forever, then it’s all good!

Now if you want to get a tattoo of a platypus, be my guest. I won’t stop you and I’m sure the platypuses would be appreciative of your support. There’s no rule book to tattoos and what you can get.

But if you’re on the fence about what you should get, I’d recommend something with meaning. And as for categories, there’s no better place to start than zodiacs.

Astrology can tell us a lot about ourselves and our signs play a major role in helping to determine that. Now, while there are twelve zodiac signs, in this article I’m going to be focusing on the third sign, Gemini and tattoo ideas for them.

If you’re not a Gemini, then sorry, but hey, if any of these strikes you too, it’s not like you can’t get one!

So for you Geminis out there, your traits are all about you having fun and exploring your curiosity while also getting serious when you need to be.

It all comes down to being sociable and trying new things for you. So, what kind of tattoo fits a person like that?

Here 10 Gemini tattoo design ideas for your next ink.

1. A glyph symbol for Gemini as a tattoo idea.

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2. Gemini tattoo design ideas if you love being a twin.

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3. Gemini zodiac signs who want a tattoo that's unique.


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4. Gemini zodiac signs that are social butterflies will love this tattoo design.


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5. If you love to read, here's a Gemini tattoo for readers.


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6. Here's a tattoo idea for Gemini zodiac signs who love music.

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7. If you want to keep your Gemini tattoo design simple, how about a sound wave?

Covers both music and communication.

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8. If you like the Gemini symbol, how about putting a spin to your tattoo?

Just because it can represent twins, doesn't mean they'll be exactly the same, hence the different wings.

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9. Gemini zodiac sign is ruled by Mercury, so why not get a tattoo of the planet and the symbol?


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10. And if you're one for the stars, here's Gemini tattoo idea in constellation form.

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