4 Powerful Gemini Colors That Bring Luck, Love & Success

Bring out a Gemini's best qualities with these four colors.

Last updated on Dec 09, 2022

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Though this might sound hard to believe, color psychology is a real thing, and even in astrology, the zodiac signs have colors that bring out the best in them.

According to many psychological studies, colors affect your behavior, mood, and impression on others. Power colors have the ability to signal action and even affect physiological reactions.

So when a Gemini wears the right color it can boost confidence which is great for an interview, first date, or going out with friends.


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Geminis — those born between May 21 and June 20 — are outgoing and intelligent people.

As an air sign ruled by Mercury, Gemini are incredibly communicative, witty, and sociable. They are free spirits who welcome new changes and adventures into their life with open arms.

Symbolized by a pair of twins, Gemini are known to be "two-faced" or have dual personalities, making them extremely versatile.

Certain colors can amplify these positive traits and make Gemini the best they can be.

Lucky Gemini colors

lucky gemini colors chartPhoto: Kseniia Ozornina, Bron Alexander, and sparklestroke via Canva


1. Yellow

As Gemini's lucky color, yellow is their perfect power color.



The bright and cheerful hue conveys pure power and confidence and encourages creativity.

This is the perfect color to help a Gemini succeed in their career.

Often, Gemini can be nervous people, but the color yellow brings out the confidence that is already inside them and just waiting to come out. It also enhances the innate creativity that all Gemini have.


So, if a Gemini is struggling with writer's block or has a big presentation at work, yellow is the way to go.

A great way to incorporate yellow into one's wardrobe is through statement pieces.

2. Blue

gemini colors bluePhoto: Marflor and IconsMind via Canva

As an air sign, Gemini rules the lungs. This makes the color of the sky a fitting choice.


Symbolizing freedom, pale blue hues bring out a Gemini's curiosity and originality. They are undoubtedly free spirits and wearing their power color blue can help Gemini to let go and embrace any adventures that come their way.

It's a great color to wear when traveling, as it helps Gemini to embrace their freedom and make the most of any current escapades.  

Pale blue has a timeless quality and is incredibly easy to add to any wardrobe. Go monochromatic or pair with neutrals for a cleaner look. Either way, Gemini will reap the benefits of this beautiful color.

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3. Green

gemini colors greenPhoto: IconsMind via Canva

According to astrology, people born with a Gemini rising sign are forever young. And Gemini is the third sign in astrology, meaning they are somewhat of the "teenager" of the zodiac.

With this comes unpredictability and restlessness. Moreover, as an air sign, they breeze through life, rarely stopping to catch their breath.


This is where the power color green comes in. The tranquil color tethers the air sign to the grounding earth, slowing them down and allowing them to take a step back from their hectic lifestyle.

Gemini should wear green to feel stable.

Green dresses, accessories, tops, and even pants are all great ways to inject some green into a wardrobe and reap the benefits of the calming color.


Gemini should try a pair of green heels to truly ground them to the earth.

4. Orange

gemini colors orangePhoto: IconsMind via Canva

In the tarot, Gemini is associated with The Magician tarot card, and this signifies talents and creative ability.

Orange is a cheerful and fun power color that also promotes creativity. A pop of orange can make for an energetic and creative look. 


If a Gemini is feeling stuck, whether in a dead-end job or seemingly one-sided relationship, they should wear the color orange to give them the energy and creativity necessary to move forward.

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