Signs A Taurus Man Is In Love With You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Taurus is a tricky sign to navigate when it comes to love.

Ruled by Venus, they’re driven by love — and money. And while it is true that they are usually sensual and might be big spenders, they can be a bit hard to read when it comes to relationships.

One stereotype about Taureans is that they're a bit snobby in appreciating the greater (read: richer) things in life. However, I’d like to take that concept and put it in a better perspective in order to understand their love language better. I believe that Taureans just like to experience the best that the world has to offer.

Whatever a Taurean's definition is of living their best life, a Taurus man will not hold back in reaching that goal. Therefore, if they love coffee, books, movies, shopping, etc., they will put money towards those things.

They indulge in whatever makes them happy, including their partners.

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Furthermore, Taurus men are stubborn, but not for the sake of being right. They just believe so intensely in their views that they want others to at least understand their perspective.

With pent-up emotion and loyalty, they release tension through physical contact. This doesn’t have to be overtly sexual. They can just be expressive friends and thoughtful family members. They can be the ever-present shoulder to cry on and fierce protectors if someone does you wrong.

This built-up affection may come out during intimacy, but it’s not only a physical feeling.

Unbridled passion can change how a Taurus sees the world and how they treat the people that they love. They take everyone they meet very seriously; they see them as lifelong friends or partners.

Therefore, if someone does not take a liking to their openly loving nature, they take it harder than most. No one will love you like a Taurus; as passionately or as intensely.

Signs a Taurus man is in love with you, by zodiac sign

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Signs of a Taurus man in love with Aries

Aries and Taurus are often known to clash. This is because Aries is impulsive and will do whatever they want without thought. Taurus does not like spontaneity.

However, when a Taurus loves an Aries, they compromise for them, which is a huge deal for a Taurus.

They may fight and argue constantly but both have put too much effort into the other to give up. Nor do they even want to give up, because in each other they recognize the same fire and passion for life. 

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Signs of a Taurus man in love with Taurus

A Taurus loving a Taurus is interesting because they are like-minded. But they love each other fiercely because they understand each other.

Another Taurus provides them with an endless challenge; a puzzle they can never solve. They rarely argue because their fundamental values are nearly identical.

However, when they do it turns into a game of who is going to cave first and say that they were wrong. 

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Signs of a Taurus man in love with Gemini

A Taurus values good communication in a relationship. However, a Gemini gets bored more quickly than a Taurus. A Taurus will be ready to settle down while the Gemini is ready to get up and leave.

While the Taurus will love them deeply, the best thing to do is to let a Gemini go. 

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Signs of a Taurus man in love with Cancer

Cancer and Taurus express their emotions very differently. When a Taurus man is in love with a Cancer, they will show a lot of physical affection. This can mean hand-holding, hugging, or even sex. A Cancer is more verbal about what they feel.

This is a nice juxtaposition and will give these two a very caring relationship. 

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Signs of a Taurus man in love with Leo

Leo and Taurus are often butting heads. This is due to Leo's need to be front and center; not in the dramatic way of always vying for attention, but they do enjoy being listened to.

However, if a Taurus notices something wrong in their behavior, they will correct them, which Leo views as a direct betrayal. Especially if they are told that they are doing something wrong in front of others, Leo will feel as though their trust is broken.

However, when they are in love, they are constantly on adventures, debating in a way that ends in laughter.

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Signs of a Taurus man in love with Virgo

Virgos and Taurus get along magically. They both know what they want and will act accordingly. Taurus needs consistency and a Virgo is just that. They will be forever friends or even lovers.

A Virgo makes a Taurus feel loved and a Taurus, in return, takes some responsibility off the Virgo's shoulders.

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Signs of a Taurus man in love with Libra

Libras are excellent company and friends. However, being lovers is difficult because decisions will be very difficult to make. A Taurus knows what they want while a Libra wants to be fair to everyone. This will cause tension and rifts that a Libra won't be able to stand.

But if a Taurus loves a Libra, they practice patience and provide the grounding energy that Libra needs.

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Signs of a Taurus man in love with Scorpio

Scorpio and Taurus will have an amazing sex life. Both fiercely themselves, they will not settle for mediocre lives.

Scorpios, like Taurus, are jealous and stubborn. This lethal combination will make a very distrusting love affair. Each constantly tries to prove themselves while simultaneously not believing the other, they love very unusually. 

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Signs of a Taurus man in love with Sagittarius

Sagittarius and Taurus will not make good partners. Sagittarius will drop anything and everyone to go after the life they want for themselves. It's admirable, but a Taurus does not like knowing that they are disposable.

If they can make it work, it's only because the Taurus has decided that they will follow the Sagittarius anywhere. 

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Signs of a Taurus man in love with Capricorn

Capricorn and Taurus can have a lasting relationship because they both want that. However, they are both very uncompromising in their views on everything else unless Taurus finds a Capricorn who is very similar to themselves.

If a Taurus man finds a Capricorn to their liking, they will happily live out lives that may seem mundane to others, but perfect to them.

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Signs of a Taurus man in love with Aquarius

Aquarius and Taurus have a tricky relationship; they both believe intensely about the things that they believe in. They also have different ideas about lifestyle. Aquarians are more introverted and, while a Taurus can be that too, a Taurus always craves a bit of romancing.

When a Taurus man loves an Aquarius, Taurus won't take Aquarius' shyness personally and will give them the time they need to make their move.

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Signs of a Taurus man in love with Pisces

Pisces will get tight-lipped Taurus to reveal their deepest secrets. They will have an excellent friendship, built on trust and honesty.

In a relationship, they will rarely argue because they understand how the other feels. Full of romance, this love will flourish. 

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