Taurus And Virgo Compatibility In Love, Sex & Relationships

Their chemistry is off the charts!

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While there are many pairings in astrology whose chemistry is strong, Taurus and Virgo compatibility goes above and beyond. And whether you are a Taurus or a Virgo, there's no denying that these two signs tend to gravitate towards one another.

Taurus and Virgo are both Earth signs, which is one of the reasons they attract each other. They share many similarities and values, are each reliable, crave stability, and their dependability is quite alluring.


But there are many reasons these two find success in attraction, sex, love and relationships.

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Taurus and Virgo Attraction

One of the reasons Taurus is so attracted to Virgo is because of Virgo's intelligence.


Virgo is ruled by Mercury, and Mercury rules thinking. Communication is key, and once that stops Virgo shuts down. Respect is always on the table for Virgo and if they see any change in that, they walk away.

Virgo is smart, sophisticated, and kind to the point you don’t think you will ever find someone nicer. They like to get the job done without complaining and are always there to lend a hand.

Intelligence is their core, and they love going through life trying new things, reading books, and overall learning about the world. As for recreational time, they prefer hanging out with their close friends and relaxing for the night.

Taurus is someone who is smart, ambitious, and trustworthy, so they want someone like Virgo to be open and share from the heart. They value honesty over everything else and strive for drama-free relationships.


Aside from Virgo's intelligence, believe it or not, Taurus finds Virgo's stubbornness attractive, too! Although Virgo can be stubborn sometimes, they try to get out of that headspace to see the other person’s point of view, and only change their mind when they have a change of heart.

Virgo is a hard-worker, as is Taurus, who is very persistent and will get something done, no matter what. Friends of both signs only have good things to say about these two, and know they won’t look for drama.

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Taurus and Virgo Sexual Compatibility

Both Taurus and Virgo take some time to open up to a potential partner, but it's only so they are sure it's worthwhile. Since Taurus represents strength, prosperity, growth, and stability in life, they are looking for a partner to complement their personality, especially in the bedroom.


When Taurus pursues a relationship with Virgo, there's a balance between sensible and sensual. And though Taurus tends to take a more assertive approach in pursuing Virgo, Virgo, in turn, can't help but be curious.

Where Virgo is a bit conservative in terms of sex and experimentation, Taurus does a great job of providing a gentle experience, allowing Virgo to express their inner desires.

Thanks to Taurus' ruling planet, Venus, the planet of love, this makes for a sexually compatible match where the needs of both signs are met on a physical level.

Taurus and Virgo Relationship Compatibility

These two signs truly bring out the best in each other. Virgo can also help Taurus to lower any cautionary walls around their heart.


Taurus enjoys the organizational skills of Virgo, and the Virgin's structure is why this zodiac sign is so attractive to the Bull. Virgo is a great organizer, so they easily view things without distractions, including a relationship with Taurus.

Taurus also values Virgo’s sense of structure and safety. Since change is not Taurus' strong suit, knowing that they have something strong and unbreakable with Virgo makes them fall deeper and appreciate Virgo on another level.

In addition, Taurus loves Virgo’s clever humor and responsibility — traits that Taurus finds so appealing in a mate. Virgo's skills rub off on Taurus and get them to think about how to approach things with that same vigor.

In a relationship, they like having in-depth conversations about the world and its mysteries. They like hanging out with their partner, whether it’s just running errands or relaxing on the couch watching movies all day.


Both signs are resistant to change and value a committed partnership. Neither desires a mate who takes them for granted, and if that ever happens, they make sure the other won’t hear from them for a long time.

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Taurus and Virgo Love Compatibility

Taurus finds Virgo incredibly attractive because of their synergy, leaving plenty of potential for love to blossom. Both signs look at the bigger picture and plan ahead so they feel in control.

When the two are in love, both are reliable, honest, straightforward, and have a good sense of purpose. Each person inspires the other and makes sure they are comforted.


They share similar values and goals, and understand the other without questioning their thought process. Respect comes with their love, and neither will stop giving it to the other.

Above all, loyalty is the utmost important factor for these signs; both Taurus and Virgo are loyal to a fault. Once Taurus is committed to a relationship, they remain that way. In fact, Taurus is enthusiastic about their love and loyalty.

Because of their generosity and responsibility, Virgos are the ideal partner for Taurus. It’s not a surprise these people will be naturally drawn to each other and, once together, will be the most reliable and honest couple that others wish they are.


In love, Virgos like being honest and believe in the term “what’s mine is ours.” Physical contact, including many kisses and little reminders of how much they are loved, keeps them happy.

Overall Taurus and Virgo Zodiac Compatibility

Overall, Taurus and Virgo make an amazing match because each has the ability to be themselves and feel comfortable with one another.

Virgo and Taurus have a hard time letting just anyone in and giving their heart out easily. Both are known to be “picky” with their partners, only because they want to make sure they found the right person.

Taurus and Virgo are on the same page as far as commitment and stability. Patience is key between the two, but they understand their emotions will come to the surface soon, and once it does they know it’s pure and true.


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