Why Are Taurus So Difficult To Understand?

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Why Are Taurus So Difficult To Understand?

A stubborn person can be hard to understand, and Taurus, the second sign of the zodiac, is a Fixed Earth sign. Don't try to make them do what they don't want. It's impossible, and you might as well give up before you even try.

Why is Taurus so difficult to understand?

It's amazing that someone ruled by the planet of love and beauty could ever exhibit such a harsh personality trait.

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Sure, being fixed means that Taurus holds the elemental energy of endurance and stability, but when expressed so strongly that it holds back progress, it's confusing and sometimes incomprehensible.

Taurus’ Earth element is also known for its stability, as it is the most durable element. This lends itself to Taurus, making them methodical, patient, and dependable, much like earth!

But when dependability becomes so fixed that nothing happens, it's hard for other zodiac signs to comprehend.

To make it easier, here are the Taurus traits that make them so stubborn and hard to understand, per astrology:

1. They are stubborn.

The symbol for a Taurus is a bull — and they live up to the comparison.

While Taurus is known for being easy-going, they are much more known for being stubborn. They are persistent and determined to do what they want.

They like to come to their own decisions, and often once they've made one, that's it for them. Taurus is also stuck in their ways and is hard-pressed to change.

Though this trait is negative and can present in a way that presents a conflict, it's actually great when times are tough.

A Taurus won't give up in relationships nor in jobs, especially when times are rough.

2. Taurus is self-centered.

Taurus' have impressive drives, are smart and ambitious, and they are dedicated and hardworking.

Though this means they will do a great job at work, or pull an all-nighter for school, it also means a Taurus will protect their own interests at all costs.

Taureans are also known for being greedy and materialistic. This will lead them to focus on what possessions they own, and forgetting their natural, loving inner nature.

Their focus on "having" possessions can spill over into their relationships, making them possessive lovers, who may get over-attached.

These traits can lead to ruthlessness, as a Taurus will always put themselves first. They crave security, and they believe focusing on themselves will give them the security they seek.

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3. They are emotionally unavailable.

Taurus are known for internalizing their emotions and prefer introspection over vocalizing their thoughts. They like to think things over on their own, without the input of others.

It takes a while for a Taurus to warm up to new people, and that is why you’ll always see them with the same set of friends, and you won’t find them at a party.

The stubborn bull feels emotionally closed off and cold. They won't tell you how they feel, leaving you feeling like you're playing games rather than having a relationship or friendship. Directly confronting a bull is risky; they might get irritated, but it's the best way to figure out where their heart lies.

This lack of communication often leaves others wondering what Taurus' problems are, or if they have done something wrong. Agonizing over your feelings won't help, though, because a Taurus won't notice anything amiss.

4. They have contradicting traits.

This is a doozy. Taurus is both lazy and hardworking. They are caring, yet unemotional; they are stuck in their ways, but open to others' ideas and opinions; they love material possessions, but also love to give gifts to friends and family; they are patient but complacent, and they are not known to be vengeful, but they will hold a grudge.

Lazy and hardworking? Yes. A Taurus is willing to put a plan into action, but once their complacency in their situation takes hold, you're likely to see them sitting on the couch with a beer after dinner, or opting for a night in rather than a night out.

Their emotional complacency has them stuck in their ways, but they are open to others' ideas. It just takes a bit of prodding.

They do love possessions, but they also love giving them — definitely one of their finer qualities. This gift-giving is often the best way they know how to express their love.

If you anger a Taurus, you won't need to worry about revenge. However, they will harbor ill will, and it takes a long time to get back into their good graces.

This contradiction of traits makes Taurus hard to be around at times. They repress their feelings, and when they let them out, it can be overwhelming.

Driven by their own impulses, the Taurus has trouble seeing others' needs, which leads to friction in relationships or at work. Taurus' are also amazingly self-assured, leading them to believe their own viewpoints over others' views.

Taurus may seem mysterious and hard to understand. They are sincere and mean what they say. They see the best in everyone they know and work their hardest to cheer them up when they're blue.

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