Your Zodiac Sign's Unique Love Language, Per Astrology

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Each zodiac sign has its own love language that describes how they love others and feel loved.

We all give and receive love differently, and rather than just assuming that everyone loves the same (when that's clearly not true), the five love languages help differentiate all the different ways people show their love and affection for someone.

Let's get this out of the way first: there is no right or wrong way to love. When you care about someone deeply, you show your feelings the best way you know how.

Maybe you're the kind of person who tells someone you love and care about them — you're not one to beat around the bush and you've always been a master of communication, so it's just easier for you to express how you feel the minute you feel it. And frankly, you prefer a partner who can communicate just as well as you do.

Or maybe you're the kind of person who needs to be romanced when you're in love. You want all the surprises and presents and love letters your partner can give, and you've been known to return the favor tenfold when you find the right person.

If you think about it right now, I bet you have an idea of how you show love.

Because each zodiac sign has its own unique personality, it stands to reason that each sign would also relate to one certain love language over the others. In fact, you could consider love languages as part of each zodiac sign's personality since love and communication styles can vary from person to person.

Of course, it's also important to note that not every person will relate to the love language of their zodiac sign. In fact, you might relate to more than one love language, rather than just one.

But however you show and receive love, there is a love language out there that works best for you.

Each zodiac sign's love language

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Aries love language: Quality time

Aries, your love language is quality time. You thrive the most in a relationship where you get to spend some serious quality time with your partner.

Sure, you might get to know each other in other ways, but where you really connect is face-to-face. Face-to-face interaction is the most honest and genuine of all the love languages (in your opinion).

And besides, if you had to decide between bonding over the phone or the Internet and doing it old school, you'd choose spending real time with your boo every single time.

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Taurus love language: Physical touch

Taurus, your love language is physical touch. There's something so needed and romantic about getting a really good hug or just holding hands that you love (and crave). You already can't keep your hands off your partner, but even more so thanks to your love language.

You're a very sensual and tactile zodiac sign. You absolutely love everything that leads up to the big bang (kissing and touching) and everything that happens afterward (snuggling and spooning).

Physical touch is your favorite way of connecting with your partner without using words.

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Gemini love language: Words of affirmation

Gemini, your love language is words of affirmation. Not everyone is jazzed about having to communicate in relationships, but you absolutely love it. You have no problem telling it like it is when times are tough and gabbing on and on about your boo when times are good.

For you, communication comes naturally. You've always been very vocal about things that matter to you, and you don't shy away from the Big Talks that can stress other couples out. This is an amazing skill to have because it's so versatile in love.

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Cancer love language: Quality time

Cancer, your love language is quality time.

One thing that all of your past partners have loved about you is how caring you are. Whenever you're in a relationship with someone, you go above and beyond to let them know that you're always there for them.

Spending quality time with someone you really care about means the world to you. You're so nurturing and helpful that quality time just feels right. When you find a technique that works for you, like making your home the ultimate QT den, you really get into it and make it work for you.

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Leo love language: Receiving gifts

Leo, your love language is gift-giving. You respond very well to partners that take care of you — and in ways beyond emotionally and physically. You want to be swept off your feet, which should include everything from affection to gifts (and lots of them).

But just because you love being worshipped and spoiled (and who doesn't), it doesn't mean you don't return the favor for your boo. One of the things people should know about your love language is that it works both ways — you give just as much as you receive.

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Virgo love language: Acts of service

Virgo, your love language is acts of service.

You spend so much of your life dedicating yourself to others that it only makes sense that this would bleed over into your romantic life, as well. When you dedicate yourself to someone, you do so with your entire heart and soul.

Acts of service can mean anything from treating your S.O. to a surprise lunch during the workday to making sure the house is spotless by the time they come home. You're so helpful and devoted to serving others that acts of service are just an extension of who you are.

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Libra love language: Receiving gifts

Libra, your love language is receiving gifts. When you're in a relationship, you respond best to the partner who showers you with all the romantic trappings, including gifts for no reason, candlelit dinners out, and more gifts for no reason.

You absolutely need constant romance in a relationship for it to survive. It doesn't always have to mean receiving physical gifts, but it should include flirting with each other, charming words, good morning texts, and the like.

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Scorpio love language: Physical touch

Scorpio, your love language is physical touch. You are one of those zodiac signs that need intimacy and physical closeness in a relationship for it to last. So, naturally, your love language would be all about how to get as close as possible to your boo.

You are very passionate and protective of your partner. What makes physical touch so important isn't just that you want to put the moves on your S.O. but that the person you choose to be your S.O. can be trusted to get so close and will be just as affectionate as you are.

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Sagittarius love language: Quality time

Sagittarius, your love language is quality time. You are always looking for adventure in life, and the only thing that would make life even better was if you were with someone who's looking for adventure, too. And the only way to figure that out? By spending quality time together.

You're one of those zodiac signs that absolutely must have one-on-one time with someone to know for sure if they are the right partner for you. You also love having that one person who vibes on your wavelength and yours alone; someone you can grow with and learn from.

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Capricorn love language: Acts of service

Capricorn, your love language is acts of service. You are the kind of zodiac sign that is not only someone who devotes themselves to acts of service, but you also need to know that your partner can do the same, too. Seeing the same fire in your S.O. as you have within yourself is a must.

Not only are you devoted to making a difference in the world, but you're also devoted to self-improvement. Acts of service can range from collaborating with your boo on an intense side project to challenging each other to be more honest and caring; you need a challenge in love.

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Aquarius love language: Acts of service

Aquarius, your love language is acts of service. You most definitely need to see your partner as BFF material, but you also want to know that their heart is just as big as yours. You absolutely can't be with someone who doesn't see the value in helping others and doing good in the world.

You're also not the kind of zodiac sign that wants to be swept off their feet. You actually prefer a more practical side to your relationship, so connecting with each other through acts of service is perfect for you.

You're humanitarian and friendly, so serving others comes very easy to you.

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Pisces love language: Words of affirmation

Pisces, your love language is words of affirmation. You know better than any other zodiac sign how important it is to find someone in this big, scary world to bring calm and comfort to your life. And when you find that person, you want them to know just how special they are.

Words of affirmation are your way of showing your boo that relationships are more than just love and touch. You are on a spiritual journey to find someone you can fall in love with body, mind, and soul.

When you do find them, expressing your love through words is your top priority.

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