Taurus Man And Cancer Woman Love Compatibility

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Taurus Man And Cancer Woman Love Compatibility

We all have a pseudo idea of zodiac compatibility, and which signs we get along with, which is why we are often times prompted to ask potential lovers what sign they are.

Will their answer bring hope, or dread? Will we find certain zodiac signs more attractive than others, and why? Will we find ourselves saying things like, "No matter what, we just couldn't get along"? There are reasons for this — astrological reasons.

If we want to get deep, we can compare individual natal charts, called a synastry reading.

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When we do a synastry, we uncover the many things a couple has in common, whether they have promise, or if it's going to be an uphill battle all the way.

If we aren't equipped with all the information (birthdate, time, place of birth) that one might need to get a truly specific read, we turn to the sun sign and its elemental influence.

Fire signs versus Water. Earth signs versus Air. Who gets along? Which signs can stand the test of time when placed together?

Let's dive in right now and explore the possibilities of love between two specific signs. Pass or fail?

What are the chances of a successful relationship for Taurus man and Cancer woman compatibility?

Their elements: Taurus is an Earth sign; Cancer is a Water sign

It makes sense that these two signs have the potential of working well together, simply because of the nourishing nature of the two elements when placed together. Earth survives due to water. Water need earth to give it boundaries.

The Cancer woman is very good for the Taurus man, and vice versa. They provide an essential foundation for their love to grow.

How compatible are Taurus men and Cancer women in love and intimacy?

Right to the point, this match is a beautiful thing, and a relationship made up of a Taurus man and Cancer woman is one of the best there is.

Taurus, ruled by the planet Venus, the Goddess of Love, is both physical and somewhat feminine. The Taurus man has access to his feminine traits, and this makes him both an exceptional lover and a devoted partner.

The Cancer woman will always have the need to nurture and care for. She is well received by the Taurus man.

Their love life will be respectful and sweet, and their intimate life will be well balanced, though not on fire. Both parties will be completely happy with that.

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What personal values do these different zodiac signs share?

Once again, fairly compatible here as well. They both value and go out of their way to give themselves a good life, a peaceful outlook, and a healthy existence.

Both Taurus and Cancer are somewhat idealistic, which may occasionally cause conflict, as the two don't always agree on what is right or wrong. But they are willing to work it out.

Cancer women value the home and creativity, while the Taurus man will place his focus more on finances. These two ideas can work in tandem, and often do.

So, this coupling works in the way that their personal values are complemented and helped out in each other.

Are Taurus and Cancer similar with expressing emotions?

One of the things that makes this match almost perfect is that, emotionally, they are almost always on the same page.

While their issues may be different, they are always there for the other one, because they believe in the emotional state of their partner; it's never "too much" to deal with. In fact, they are driven to be helpers, as both signs are compassionate and very, very caring.

Relationships between these two signs last because both parties want them to, and both signs will put in the legwork to make it work. What Taurus needs, Cancer gives in abundance, and vice versa. 

Do these signs consider trust in a relationship a priority?

Here we go again, and now we know why — when two people are emotionally on the same page, there's a good chance they trust each other.

Taurus and Cancer rely upon each other for insight; they look to the other for balance. If one is feeling blue, the other is there feeling it, knowing what their partner is going through, and they are ready, willing and able to help out.

They aren't tempted to cheat on the relationship as they know the consequences and aren't willing to lose something as precious as what they've got. Their trust in each other is rock solid, though if it were to dissolve, the relationship would slowly but surely end.

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How do a Taurus man and Cancer woman communicate?

After all that proof that the Taurus man and the Cancer woman can get along very well, they don't always speak the same language.

Remember those initial traits — Taurus, the Bull, is stereotypically stubborn, unmovable, unwilling to change their minds, while Cancer, the Crab, is somewhat insecure trying new things.

While they speak the silent language of love, compassion and honesty, there are also subtleties to their communication, and hyper-sensitivity on both parts can lead them into a communication gap.

Both parties frustrate easily, and when an argument arises, both signs tend to over-emote, which leads to an emotional shut down.

This coupling is one of the best there is, as these two want peace and balance way more than they'd ever want to fight.

Once over their minor temper tantrums, they forgive easily and are always ready to move forward.

Once dedicated to the partnership, there's very little they'll do to jeopardize it. And while both parties are naturally equipped with their own ego, they try very hard to use their ego for the benefit of the relationship.

No relationship is perfect, and nothing will ever be ideal, but this zodiac match is about as good as it gets.

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