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Taurus + Aquarius Dating Relationships: Zodiac Sign Compatibility, Per Love Astrology

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Taurus + Aquarius Dating Relationships: Zodiac Sign Compatibility, Per Love Astrology

At first glance through love and relationship astrology, a Taurus and an Aquarius are two incompatible zodiac signs who don’t seem like they have any hope, at least not enough to make even a friendship work.

Can a Taurus and Aquarius dating relationship work and be romantically compatible, according to love astrology?

There are a lot of differences between these two zodiac signs that do make an emotional connection possible in some form.

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Just because astrology tells you that your Sun sign is incompatible with another zodiac sign that doesn’t mean that’s the end-all, be-all.

In fact, some of the best relationships come from being opposites with your significant other. When it comes to Aquarius and Taurus relationships, there couldn't be more differences between these two.

And yet, even when they don’t always see eye to eye or they butt heads, there’s a connection there that can’t be replicated.

Of course, it’s not always sunshine and rainbows, but even the hard parts of a relationship are what make it worth fighting for.

Just like any relationship, there needs to be a significant amount of work that goes into this pairing. Otherwise, it will fall apart like any neglected relationship.

When this pairing is cultivated and taken care of, it can flourish, even if these zodiac signs aren't known for being very similar.

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What does a relationship look like between a stubborn Taurus and a freedom-seeking Aquarius, according to love astrology and zodiac compatibility?

Here's what love astrology has to say about the zodiac compatibility of Taurus and Aquarius relationship.

Taurus zodiac signs: Love and relationship astrology

Taurus is the old-fashioned type when it comes to love and relationships.

This zodiac sign likes everything from the courting stage and taking things to the next level to moving in together, getting married, and talking babies and pets.

They may not outwardly show it all the time, but Taurus is a hopeless romantic who is just looking for The One; someone they can share their life with.

For some zodiac signs, predictability and routine are what make a relationship stagnant, but Taurus prefers knowing what’s coming next.

Change can be hard for this zodiac sign, but when they stick to a plan — for example, like knowing that moving in together comes after dating for a couple of years — it helps them embrace change and the unknown a little better.

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Taurus is very strong-willed, meaning they are willing to hold out for the perfect partner rather than engage in casual and frivolous hook-ups. That, and the fact that initiating a serious, committed relationship can be a big (and scary) change for Taurus.

As the Bull of the zodiac, people often think that Taurus is easily provoked and too stubborn to move a relationship ahead, damning themselves to being part of stagnating relationships over and over. In reality, they are very docile and laid-back unless provoked.

Then, Taurus will do everything in their power to stick up for what’s right. That said, it will be a work in progress for this zodiac sign to stop equating honest emotion — no matter how provoking and out of the ordinary for them — with being weak-willed or losing control.

Sometimes, partners, friends, and family want to see this side because it means they are being their authentic self.

Taurus is generous, kind, and reliable. It will be important for this zodiac sign to practice being all of these things and still being able to stand their ground, rather than letting love or a new relationship turn them into a push-over.

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Aquarius zodiac signs: love and relationship astrology

Aquarius is not a traditionalist when it comes to love and relationships.

This zodiac sign is more likely to rewrite the rulebook on love than try to fit into the same relationship mold that everyone else squeezes themselves into.

By nature, Aquarius is unconventional and rebellious, and those traits extend to their love life as well.

Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus, which is the planet of individuality and surprises.

What makes this planet (and by association, this zodiac sign) so unique is the fact that Uranus is one of the only planets that rotate in an opposite direction from most of the other planets.

Aquarius, like Uranus, tends to do things their own way regardless of how everyone else is doing things.

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When it comes to love and relationships, Aquarius prefers to go against the grain and be spontaneous.

This can mean everything from opting for open relationships over monogamous ones to leaving a relationship after a decade of being with the same person.

Aquarius needs to mingle in social circles where they can bond with potential love interests and friends over common interests. This zodiac sign should find someone who plays to their interests and strengths — or even makes their differences feel like a learning experience they can grow from — when looking for the right person to date.

On top of that, Aquarius may initially shy away from commitment and long-term, monogamous relationships, but they can be liberating and empowering.

For a zodiac sign who loves to explore new and challenging things, a relationship may be one of the most rewarding challenges yet.

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Taurus and Aquarius Relationships; Love Astrology & Zodiac Compatibility

A relationship between Aquarius and Taurus is one that can be full of passion and excitement, as well as a lot of butting heads and disagreement.

These two zodiac signs are as polar opposite as two people can get, but that doesn’t mean a relationship can’t work.

What it does mean is that for the relationship to last, Aquarius and Taurus need to learn how to balance out each other’s quirks and differences out and play to each other’s strengths.

Where they click: There’s intoxicating chemistry between Taurus and Aquarius — Taurus provokes Aquarius to really feel emotions more deeply, while Aquarius’ laid-back nature helps cool off Taurus’ hotheaded rants.

Where they clash: Aquarius and Taurus have very different communication styles.

Taurus prefers to sit down and work through each problem as they come, letting their stubborn sideshow if things aren’t resolved, which doesn’t always work with Aquarius’ approach.

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Aquarius, on the other hand, likes to take a logical and factual approach to problems, rather than let their feelings dictate outcomes, which makes them seem detached and uncaring to the overly-feeling Taurus.

In other words, Taurus is very black and white, while Aquarius is more a spectrum of grays – very different, indeed.

Aquarius is an air sign, which means they are always going with the flow and constantly changing how they feel and think. Air signs may be highly-skilled communicators, however, they don’t always follow through with their word.

Taurus, an earth sign, is much more grounded and stable in thought and action.

Earth signs prefer to let their actions speak louder than their words, even if their word would mean more to their partner. It can be hard for these two to see eye to eye at times, both because of their communication styles and because both are stubborn in their own ways.

Aquarius and Taurus are both fixed signs. This means that both are masters at building strong foundations that help make their relationships and friendships last a lifetime.

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It also means that both are highly stubborn and aren’t afraid to disagree with anyone who tries to get them to sway how they feel.

They would much rather dig their heels into the ground and defend themselves until they are blue in the face than even consider changing their mind on something they believe.

This is where most of the head-butting and arguments come from in their relationship – you can’t tell either zodiac sign nothin’ without a fight.

Taurus possesses a feminine (or yin) energy, while Aquarius possesses a masculine (or yang) energy. By nature, Taurus is more passive and receptive to emotional openness, while Aquarius is more likely to speak their mind and be honest about how they feel.

At best, Aquarius is self-assured and confident. At worst, Aquarius is dominating and aggressive. At best, Taurus is patient and tolerant. At worst, Taurus is passive-aggressive and overly sensitive.

Whether they are on each other’s good side, or they are in the midst of another heated argument, Aquarius and Taurus will always have a dynamic, push-and-pull, hot-and-cold kind of relationship.

This pairing may come together for a short period as friends with benefits, break up and spend some time apart, then get back together again once they’ve grown up.

They may also spend years together before parting ways as friends or to never speak to each other again. Since these two are so hard to pin down as one specific kind of couple, their future can’t be predicted.

The only thing that can be predicted is that at their best they can be the power couple that rivals Kim and Kayne or Meghan and Harry, and at their worst, they can clash for the upper hand.

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