What Makes A Taurus Happy?

Running in streets with crowds of people is not on this list.

What Makes A Taurus Happy? asife/Shutterstock.com

One of the happiest zodiac signs is Taurus.

Born between April 20 - May 20, the Spring baby Taurus loves life, love, and things that are beautiful.

What makes a Taurus happy?

Taurus zodiac signs are born during a time when the world is in full swing.

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There are so many things to do during the springtime.

With an increase in activity and growth after the stoic winter, Taurus desires to play, and joy makes them feel so happy.

Bull Taurus is a representation of the myth where Zeus is so taken by Europa’s beauty and innocence that he takes her and they travel the expanse of Europe.

This is not to say that Taurus are abductors, they just enjoy love, beauty, and worldly things, which also pertains to their ruling planet, Venus, and element, Earth.

Steady Taurus wants constant pleasure and happiness.

Here are some things that make Taurus happy, according to astrology:


1. Puzzles

Taurus is the first of the four fixed zodiac signs.

Being fixed gives Taurus a steady patience and perseverance in all that they do.

Taurus loves puzzles because they have the determination to see them through instead of scattered pieces just crowding their coffee table.

They are also all about end results.

Taurus wants to see fruition from their hard work and their earth element makes them enjoy the tangible and solid.

Taurus is probably the one that would glue and frame their completed puzzle to admire later rather than tear it up rewarding the end product unseen.

2. Museums

As I mentioned before, Taurus enjoys material things.

This is not to mean that they are shallow or greedy, they just prefer physical things to abstract ideas.


Museums are great for beauty admiring Taurus.

Their ruling planet Venus is the goddess of beauty.

At a museum, Taurus can bask in the beauty of art, learn about history or science, and congregate with people.

The only downfall of museums to Taurus is that they can only look and not touch these physical wonders.

3. Sunbathing

Taurus is born in the middle of spring, a time of warmth and bounty.

Earthy Taurus enjoys the sensual, tangible pleasures in life.

They love to lay in the Sun because nature and heat feel wonderful to Taurus.

They love the feeling of the heat on their skin and slowing down their busy lives for some meditative peace.

Taurus might cozy up to a person they love, enjoy a tasty meal, or simply feel the earth beneath them while lounging in the sunlight. 


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4. Socializing

Venus is also the goddess of love, inclining Taurus to emotional connections.

They cherish their loved ones and appreciate quality time.

So, they love to spend time with friends and family.

Their fixed modality makes Taurus great for commitment.

Loyalty, time, and connection all contribute to Taurus’ love and need to be around their friends, family, and significant other.


Enjoying physical pleasures predispose Taurus to affection.

Taurus loves to be around their loved ones and give them all the hugs and kisses. 

5. Creating

Manifesting beauty and functionality out of nothing is a strength of Taurus.

Whether they are making art, making food, or making a rube Goldberg machine, Taurus loves to create and then reap the benefits of their handiwork.

Born during spring, the world is beginning to bloom, Taurus loves to plant seeds and watch them bloom into gorgeous flowers—I mean this both literally and metaphorically.

The mixture of Venus rule and earth element makes Taurus love what grows and can be held.

They are more about the destination than the journey, but Taurus will take the journey to get to that marvelous destination.


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