What's Your Pluto Sign — And How It Affects Your Personality And Love Life

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your pluto sign

Poor, misunderstood Pluto, way out there at the very edge of our solar system. It’s cold and slow and lonely, and as if that’s not enough, it gets blamed for so much bad energy in the astrology chart that no one likes to talk about it. 

It’s like that annoying friend who keeps pointing out what you’re doing wrong and won’t let you forget it. You know they’re trying to help, but you don’t like to admit that they’re usually right. Can’t they just let you enjoy something? No, they can’t.

They know you can always do better, and they hold you to it. No one wants to hear it, but acknowledging your major personality flaws is an unavoidable step in overcoming them, becoming a better person all around, and achieving spiritual growth.

Pluto wasn’t discovered until 1930, so it's relatively new to the astrology charts. Named after the Roman god of Hell (not the Disney dog!), it's associated with all the bad, miserable energy that constantly gets in the way and keeps us from living the good life.

It moves so slowly that its energy defines the problems and challenges of entire generations, on both a cultural and personal level. Pluto is all about the major transformations that can’t be avoided.

Because Pluto moves so slowly, it’s only gone through five signs in the past hundred years or so (see the years listed next to each sign). It’s still interesting to see how its influence changes from one generation to the next and defines the rifts between parents and children.

While most of you will find that your Pluto sign is the same as your friends', every chart is different. So, what's your Pluto sign? Look at how Pluto interacts with the other planets in your chart to learn more details about its personal message for you.

ARIES (1823-1853)

Under Pluto’s influence, Aries’ love of action turns into impatience and insistence on getting their own way.

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TAURUS (1853-1884)

Taurus’ gentle, stubbornly protective nature and appreciation of material wealth become a greedy control freak with Pluto in the picture. They’re so focused on getting more and more that they fail to appreciate what they’ve got right now, and ignore the really valuable aspects in life that you can’t put a price tag on.

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GEMINI (1884-1914)

Flighty Gemini is even more distracted and hyper when Pluto is in this sign. The ideas and projects come fast, but rarely get finished. They may have so many acquaintances that they never develop any real friendships.

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CANCER (1914-1939)

Cancer is a private, emotional sign to begin with. Pluto is a lover of secrets as well, and this can become a problem when Cancer retreats into themselves too much, refusing to let anyone else in, and blaming others when they stop trying. They need that emotional connection but have trouble finding positive ways to express it.

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LEO (1939-1958)

Leo craves attention and usually is very good about sharing the love. Pluto blocks this generous trait and turns warm-hearted Leo into a thoughtless, self-centered jerk. They may be able to fool people for a while, but eventually, their selfish nature will become apparent.

(Most of the “Free Love” Baby Boomers and the “Me Generation” folks from the 70s have Pluto in Leo. Think about how they created the economic and environmental problems that we’re dealing with today.)

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VIRGO (1959-1972)

Ever the observant perfectionist, Virgo becomes downright picky — and rather nasty about it — when paired with Pluto. The honest Virgo urge to help is still there, but it gets twisted up with the need to call others out on any little thing... and they have a hard time admitting they’re wrong.

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LIBRA (1971-1984)

Libra seeks balance and equality, but when Pluto gets in the way, it becomes hard to just make a decision and go with it. Pluto-Libra spends a lot of time evaluating the options and considering all the possible pros and cons, but they don’t want to have to take responsibility for a mistake, so they tend to stop short of taking real action.

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SCORPIO (1984-1995)

One of the reasons that Scorpio has such a dark reputation is that Pluto is its ruling planet! Pluto in Scorpio amplifies all the natural Scorpio traits, good and bad: secretiveness, intense emotions, dramatic mood swings, and rebelliousness for its own sake.

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SAGITTARIUS (1995-2008)

With Pluto’s influence, unconventional Sagittarius just can’t settle down at all. They're always looking for the next big thrill. Pluto-Sagittarius gets bored quickly, but instead of finding positive ways to stay occupied, the need for constant stimulation and novelty provokes risky, dangerous behavior.

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CAPRICORN (2008-2024)

Capricorn’s efficient practicality becomes fastidious and inflexible with Pluto. Now, this is the current generation of kids who are about to grow up and deal with the mess they’ve inherited, so this careful, no-nonsense approach might just help turn things around if they can use it productively.

They are not going to accept the authority of today’s leaders because they do know how to do it better, but the way they take control and change the world is likely to create a lot of uncomfortable tension.

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AQUARIUS (1778-1798, 2024-2044)

Pluto in whacky Aquarius will take the changes created by the Capricorn-Pluto and push them into realms that we can’t even imagine today. This generation hasn’t been born yet, but remember what happened the last time Pluto was in Aquarius: social and political revolutions across Europe and the Americas!

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PISCES (1798-1823, 2044-2068)

Pluto’s troubling transformations are especially hard in emotional Pisces. Everything feels like an open wound, and they’re just as concerned about others’ pain as they are about their own. This generation will find themselves reeling from the after-effects of the previous forty-some years as they try to work out how to make everything better.

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