Your Love Language, Based On Your Venus Sign

Your Venus sign reveals a lot about how you connect with others.

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Venus is the planet of love, and in astrology, your Venus sign gives insight into your individuality as well as how you are in your partnerships.

The secret to what partners you might be attracted to and who you would not consider dating is woven into your Venus sign, as is your love language.

Venus sign love languages

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Venus in Aries love language: Quality time

Venus in Aries wants to feel passion and adventure. Their love language involves spontaneity. The more chaotic their partner is, the more exciting because Venus in Aries lives for the thrill.

They appreciate spending time with their partner when their partner can inspire them because it brings out their competitive nature. This Venus sign wants a balance of CEO and daredevil in their partner. The flame of passion is kept alive when their partner can transform and continuously surprise them.

Venus in Taurus love language: Physical touch

Venus in Taurus appreciates physical touch. This Earth Venus will take their time to get to know someone, so when they drop their guard down, they will appreciate being close to their partner.


Venus in Taurus is sensual and can be traditional through courtship. Hugs are intimate for them as well as hand-holding. They do not have to verbalize words because holding their partner and having that energy reciprocated is enough for them. 

Venus in Gemini love language: Words of affirmation

Venus in Gemini's love language is a combination of mental stimulation and intense communication. They want someone who can keep up with their fast pace mind and lifestyle. They avoid monotony.

Expect this Venus sign to communicate all day long through text, calls, or social media messaging. They do not stop until they are tired. As long as they are engaged with the person through a means that they find pleasurable, they will remain in the relationship.

Venus in Cancer love language: Acts of service

When Venus is in the sign of Cancer, their love language will be acts of service. They want to be needed and feel appreciated when they have someone that can rely on them and depend on them.


Venus in Cancer does not play games since commitment is everything to them. A partner that can sweep them off their feet and help them build something greater beyond the superficial is ideal for them. It is all or nothing with this sign.

Venus in Leo love language: Receiving gifts

Venus here wants to be honored, admired, and desired. They want to be worshipped.

Venus here appreciates a partner that can create memorable moments with them, will know how they want to be loved, and will risk it all for them.

Of course, this is not one-sided because Venus in Leo will love just as intensely. Venus in Leo is devoted and loyal. They live for a beautiful romance with balance and care.


Venus in Virgo love language: Acts of service

They want to please and devote all their energy to someone they love and care for without expecting much in return. Venus in Virgo will get lost in curating the perfect environment for their partner.

Sometimes they will try to “fix” some of their partners’ qualities as well. Their desire to bring perfection can border towards the obsessive, so they focus on sacrificing their liberties to satisfy someone else's needs if it means preserving the relationship.

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Venus in Libra love language: Words of affirmation

Venus is at home in the sign of Libra and these natives love language involves words of affirmation. Words can either elevate or shatter their relationship depending on the level of trust they have developed. When Venus in Libra values themselves, establishing loyalty and trust early on will be important for them.


As an air sign, communication is imperative. As long as they feel free and comfortable sharing their thoughts and passions with their partner, it helps to strengthen their connection. 

Venus in Scorpio love language: Quality time

Scorpio does not play games and does not want to be trapped in a web of lies. They can be apprehensive when entering a relationship because it involves a massive amount of energy for them to let their guard down.

As long as their partner can provide them with a sense of security, which Venus in Scorpio feels most when in their presence, they will be able to reciprocate the same love and devotion to their partner with no strings attached.

Venus in Sagittarius love language: Words of affirmation

Having a meeting of the minds is Venus in Sagittarius’ love language. They want to experience something otherworldly that allows them to connect intellectually with their partner. The more philosophical, the more enjoyable the companionship will be for them.


The person they choose has to be willing to go with the flow and show that they can lead occasionally. Similar to Gemini, they need someone that matches their energy and ideology.

Venus in Capricorn love language: Quality time

Nothing brings more excitement than following routine and monotonous periods with their partner. Venus in Capricorn does not want surprises, instead, they want to understand their partner both inside and out.

Similar to Scorpio, they detest lies and secrets. A relationship for them means having someone they can trust to build an empire with. After all, they want a business partner, best friend, and lover. 


Venus in Aquarius love language: Acts of service

Venus in Aquarius wants a partner they can feel comfortable with, similar to a friend. They do not want to be engaged in a tedious cycle of lethargy.

Venus in Aquarius wants a dash of chaos in the relationship to prevent boredom. As soon as there is a developed routine between Venus and their partner, Venus might want to look towards greener pastures. They desire someone that can relate to them but be unique in their way.

Venus in Pisces love language: Quality time

Traditional and exalted Venus in Pisces wants to experience romance and passion, but at the end of the day, they want to be with the person that they love the most. There is a need for comfort and care.

Although Pisces can be into acts of service, they prefer to be in their little world fueled by the fantasy of their own love story where they can rewrite the tales their way.


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