How You Think And Communicate, Based On Your Mercury Sign

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When you tell people your zodiac sign, what you're really talking about is your Sun sign. However, there are more planets in astrology that influence your personality and actions, one of them being Mercury. 

According to astrology, Mercury is the planet of communication. Your Mercury sign influences your communication style, the way you express yourself and relate to others. According to the Power of Mercury, since Mercury is usually close to the sun, your Mercury sign is typically the one directly preceding or following your Sun sign — but you can always get a full birth chart reading to know for sure.

For better or worse, a big part of communication is arguing — find out how you debate your point, according to your Mercury sign.

Your Mercury sign's communication style, according to astrology

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Aries Mercury

Your words are not measured. The heat of the moment consumes your thoughts and although you can project that you are confident in your argument, it’s all really fueled by what you feel.

An Aries Mercury that has not evolved will come off as childish and stubborn, refusing to admit defeat.

However, when you have mastered your control and thoughts, you are quite the challenge, ruthless in your delivery and instilling fear in your opponent.

Taurus Mercury

The stubborn bull can get very indignant. You can argue and debate for hours, ready to challenge whatever you deem as wrong.

However, you can get caught up in your own thoughts, not settling for reason and opting for belligerence instead.

Taurus can be very tenacious, which can make other people quite irritable. An evolved Taurus Mercury will accept that they are wrong and see things from both sides with a clearer mind.

Gemini Mercury

Everything in your mind is synchronized. Fluid thoughts produce words that are sharp like daggers.

Blessed with the ability to pick apart any argument, you usually never turn down a good debate. The more complicated the subject, the more willing to accept the challenge.

On the negative side, you can also exaggerate things a bit if you feel that you are losing control, but somehow you find a way to steer things back to your advantage.

Cancer Mercury

The master observer, you’ve acquired your debating skills through your parents, learning every step of the way from them. You analyze things and pick them apart at your own pace.

Your thoughts might border on the traditional side. Everything you do is measured, diligently, and patiently.

Those with this placement are usually highly intelligent and well-read; when they are in the heat of debate, expect to face someone who appears cool, calm, and collected, but having an emotional tug of war starring their heart and mind.

Leo Mercury

Charming and witty, this placement makes the native likable. You might see things from a more entertaining light, opting for a more relaxed approach than your predecessors.

This placement can turn their opponent into a friend with their charisma. Their trusting aura makes everyone feel more relaxed. Words that are sweet like honey make even the most stubborn debater malleable.

Virgo Mercury

Mercury is exalted in Virgo. This placement can be callous when they are debating. Mercury only wants the facts, there is no tolerance for lies or hidden truths. Deceit will be caught, and nonsense is rarely tolerated.

If you are going up against the Virgo Mercury, prepare yourself because if they find a flaw in your argument, they will expose you with finesse and will verbally obliterate you.

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Libra Mercury

Libra is patient and loves compromise, but you are willing to dig deep for the truth and answers. The field of law and justice is representative of the sign, giving you the oomph needed to meticulously win arguments.

The Libra Mercury is the natural diplomat, the ultimate lawyer, and you will rarely lose your cool.

Your temper is controlled and your tone is measured. Your voice will even sound melodic to the opponent, as this sign takes their argument apart. There will be no aggression and they may even put forth a peaceful front while they eviscerate an argument.

Scorpio Mercury

You are the detective at work. Nothing gets past the Scorpio because they do not trust anything.

The Scorpio Mercury is usually well-read because they have to find things out for themselves. These people will read through everything they can get their hands on and store it in their powerful minds.

Like the Virgo Mercury, the Scorpio is relentless. You have no patience for nonsense or deceit. You can read others' thoughts and mannerisms and to others, it almost seems as though you can see through them.

The Scorpio is several steps ahead, so beware.

Sagittarius Mercury

This is the philosopher’s placement. You like to read everything in sight, always hungry for more. Knowledge fuels you and the more books you have added to your collection, the better.

These people enjoy debating and are always up for a challenge. Sagittarius, you can come off as aggressive and can lack discretion when you are arguing, especially if you are passionate about something. It is hard to get you to change your mind sometimes because you can stand very firm behind your principles even if there is doubt in your mind that they are wrong.

Capricorn Mercury

You represent the authority. The Capricorn is the businessman and you will channel that when you are giving your delivery in a debate.

This sign does not seek validation, just demands respect. If you are faced with someone that does not have tact, you will immediately check out because you have zero tolerance for buffoonery.

Capricorn excels in expressing their thoughts in a clear and cohesive manner. You will be revered and feared.

Aquarius Mercury

Aquarius likes to observe and see how things play out. It might be hard for you to express your thoughts in a cohesive way since Aquarius is the rebel when it comes to thinking.

Others might be confused by what you have to say, but they might be intrigued. You will shift an argument in a new direction, surprising your opponent and puzzling them. This can either work to your advantage or expose your ignorance.

The Aquarius will be a tough opponent if they can get their fact straight and arguments airtight.

Pisces Mercury

The dreamer gets caught up in their own mind. You might give an altered version of the facts, or you might plainly lie. The Pisces might paint a beautiful picture to the world, giving everyone a floral argument with sprinkles of embellishments and useless information.

As a Pisces Mercury, you give your argument confidently, however, you will falter if someone ruled by Mercury or Mars dissects them. But you can hold your own, especially if you have planets in accommodating houses.

Much like Libra, the evolved Pisces will be cool and in control as long as they can restrain their dreamy side.

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A.T. Nunez is an Afro-Latina Astrologer and philosopher living in NYC. She is passionate about astrology and aims to continue writing more about stargazing in the future.

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