What Your Uranus Sign Means In Astrology

Uranus is the planet of rebellion.

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Uranus is the seventh planet from the Sun, discovered by Sir William Herschel almost 250 years ago.

This planet takes approximately 84 years to orbit the Sun and complete its transit and spends about 7 years in each zodiac sign.

Because of this, Uranus is known as a generational planet, or one of the transcendental planets (the others being Pluto and Neptune), meaning its slow-moving pace tends to affect individuals born around the same time and has long-lasting effects on entire age groups.


In fact, Uranus is known for influencing rebellions and liberations while also shaping revolutions and New World orders.

Uranus in Astrology

Uranus affects natal chart placements and transits with its denial of the ordinary or “norm.” This planet refuses to adhere to tradition, so its placement in your birth chart brings a sense of change, uncertainty, and boldness.

In transits, Uranus changes routine, gives us chances to be brave and bold, take risks, and awaken our true feelings deep down.

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Other than being an ice giant in our solar system, Uranus is the planet of rebellion, eccentricity and upheaval. This planet is also associated with unpredictability, breakthroughs, progression, creativity, change, and freedom.

As the ruler of Aquarius, its energy is dramatic, original, forward-thinking and enlightening, but rebellious and irresponsible. Uranus spells chaos and it sparks inventiveness.

Planet Uranus is named after Father Sky, a personification of heaven. According to Greek mythology, Uranus was the offspring of Gaea, or Mother Earth, who emerged from Chaos, and was conceived by her alone. Uranus later was the husband of Gaea, and their offspring included twelve of the Titans or pre-Olympian gods.

As Uranus was born of primordial deity Chaos, it’s no surprise that Uranus’ personality is unconventional and dubious. Uranus is connected to events that happen in an instant, like happy or unhappy accidents and affects intuition, like coming to a revelation or enlightening moment.


Because of its influence, Uranus in your birth chart means sudden change and revelation.

This planet is also the ruler of Aquarius, also called the Innovator or the Awakener, affecting individuals with its eccentric, unique and strange personality. Uranus makes people adventurous, erratic, unpredictable, and extreme.

Due to its eccentricity, Uranus represents creative and innovative change, rebellion, revolts, the unexpected, and discovery. It’s a far cry from tradition and rejects all rules; instead, Uranus represents transformation, uniqueness, and all the unusual parts of life.

In addition, Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury. This means that while we develop who we are and what we stand for, our personalities and means of communication reveal the influences of Uranus.


The personal planets — Mars, Mercury, and Venus — all have lower resonance in relation to their associated planets; while Uranus is Mercury’s higher octave, Neptune is Venus’, and Pluto is Mars’.

Mercury is the lower octave for Uranus because Mercury is exalted in Aquarius, the sign Uranus rules.

Uranus glyph

The Uranus symbol was derived from a combination of the symbols of Mars and the Sun.

An alternate and more widely used symbol features the letter H in it, as a nod to Uranus’ discoverer, Sir William Herschel.

uranus glyphPhoto: Wikipedia


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Uranus in the signs

Uranus in Aries (1927 - 1935, 2010 - 2019)

If you have your Uranus placement in Aries, it means you are drawn to trying and learning new things, are independent enough to make changes in your life, but remain stubborn despite the desire to move forward.

The influence of Uranus in Aries means you function from intuition, but may find it difficult to follow through; after all, you prefer to be the leader, rather than the person who carries out the plan.

Uranus in Taurus (1935 - 1942, 2019 - 2026)

If you have Uranus in Taurus in your birth chart, it means you desire freedom in areas of money, success, business, and passion. Set against tradition, you break the mold when it comes to society’s view on personal comfort and sex.


You find it easy to make do with what you have and tend to make changes in ingenious ways.

Uranus in Gemini (1942 - 1949)

If you have Uranus in Gemini, you want to make communicational changes, share your ideas, connect with others, and learn new things. Since you are highly adaptable, your curiosity takes you to places you never thought you would go.

You also learn quickly and base choices on intuition, and tend to be unsteady in following through on plans and promises.

Uranus in Cancer (1948 - 1956)

If you have Uranus in Cancer in your natal chart, it means changes take place in the home. Uranus in Cancer is focused on the home, yes, but also innovation, nurturing, and caregiving.


Your focus is on changing the way society views emotions and comfort, so you pay attention to your own emotional needs while also feeding your maternal drive.

Uranus in Leo (1955 - 1962)

If you have Uranus in Leo, you defy social norms and are focused on making changes in your romantic relationships, self-expression, and physical pleasures.

You are a trendsetter and want change in areas of creativity. You are truly an innovator, bringing about progressive ideas related to romance and love.

Uranus in Virgo (1961 - 1969)

If you have Uranus in Virgo, you are focused on changing traditions in work and technology. You challenge authority on subjects of self-care, healing and service.


While you are wise, you have trouble trusting your gut and are easily irritable. Still, you come to conclusions based on analyzing details others don’t pick up on.

Uranus in Libra (1968 - 1975)

If you have Uranus in Libra, you reject social convention and inspire change related to relationships, justice, and harmony. You want to transform the way we view commitment and want to bring a sense of fairness to situations.

Your primary focus in relationships is on maintaining freedom and independence.

Uranus in Scorpio (1974 - 1981)

If you have Uranus in Scorpio, you want radical change related to human interaction, intimacy, psychology, and sexuality. You want to shake up the way people view tradition in relationships and bring new ideas to the table in regards to our own personal connections with others.


You tend to strongly rely on your intuition and have big revelations when it comes to understanding yourself.

Uranus in Sagittarius (1981 - 1988)

If you have Uranus in Sagittarius in your birth chart, it means you welcome change related to new thoughts and philosophies, as well as spiritually and educationally.

You seek to change the way others view different belief systems or cultures and have an air of positivity to influence you. But though you tend to get caught up in the details, your impulsivity guides you.


Uranus in Capricorn (1988 - 1995)

If you have Uranus in Capricorn, you invoke changes related to business, management, and career. You challenge the way societal systems run, and the way individuals choose to structure their lives.

You are also hungry for power and are serious, rational, and responsible.

Uranus in Aquarius (1995 - 2003)

If you have Uranus in Aquarius, you want to shake up traditions regarding individuality, friendship and alliances, and brotherhood or sisterhood.

Uranus is the ruling planet of Aquarius, a sign associated with breakthroughs and deep thinking, so you tend to be focused on changing the way we view human connection and science.


Uranus in Pisces (2003 - 2011)

If you have Uranus in Pisces in your natal chart, you focus on making changes related to the arts, mental health, and compassion. Just like the rebellious influence of Uranus, you are ready to challenge the taboos associated with understanding one another, spirituality, and stigmas of mental health issues.

Your focus is on non-material things and you tend to be quite intuitive.

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