The Secret Way Anyone Can Tap Into Their Psychic Power

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What if you actually had a sixth sense and were able to tell what was going to happen next? What would you do with this skill?

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Do you think the life you are living right now would be better for having these psychic abilities? Or, do you think this is simply not possible and there is no way that such things exist?

Do you have psychic abilities?

Here's how to tap into your inner psychic abilities, because everyone's a little psychic.

As someone who was born intuitive and empathic, otherwise called "psychic," I can tell you that there is indeed a sixth sense available to all of us. However, a great deal of us is too shut down to realize it.

And I can also confess that while I have this gift, it is still extremely challenging to see things for myself because I’m too emotionally caught up in my personal reality to see clearly — thus I will consult with someone else.

The one thing that I do know to be absolutely true for myself, however, is that I trust and check in with my gut — my inner intuition, and psychic ability — before I make any and all decisions.

I have found that at the core of many of the issues we explore and handle, there is a deep sense of self and intuition that lives within all of us that really does guide us to the truth of any situation if we were to allow it.

Allowing it, however, is a challenge for most.

Because we spend so much of the time living in our heads, our intuitive nature becomes suppressed.

Example: A friend suggests she is going to set you up on a date with a friend she knows and goes on and on about how perfect you guys are for each other, but your gut is telling you in no uncertain terms this is not what you want to do.

Instead of telling her no, you dutifully say yes, thinking maybe it will be OK and convincing yourself that maybe she could be right. You go on the date and it’s a disaster.

Your gut was guiding you to the right answer, but your mind won over and you wasted time doing something you already knew you didn’t want to do!

The same goes for business relationships, financial decisions, career moves, and even choices around your health and well-being.

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You already have a failsafe internal guidance system that will assist you in making the best choices, but all too often you override this system and overthink matters until you find yourself exactly where you don’t want to be. Sound familiar?

What goes on that we don’t feel safe trusting our own intuition — or psychic ability — to know what is best for us? It’s a pretty easy answer, actually.

The reason we don’t trust ourselves is that we’ve been taught from a very early age to disengage from our emotions and instead pay complete attention to the world outside of ourselves. This is not the winning formula even if it masquerades as such. 

To be psychic is to be tuned into the vibrations and energies that exist all around us. These are the energies and vibrations that we are all connected to. These energies and vibrations are the reason why you can walk into a room and sense what has happened, even though it may be over.

So, how do you know if you're psychic, and how do we know that we all have this potential?

Think about these questions: Can you relate to walking into a room and feeling instantly uncomfortable or perhaps feeling completely at peace?

All of us have been in situations where we don’t really know what’s going on, but deep inside we “know” what happened.

How many times have you met someone and felt instantly connected to him or her? How many times have you met someone and can’t wait to get away from them? This is all evidence of the sixth sense I’m talking about. And if you were willing to listen at a deeper level, to that innate psychic ability, you would live a happier life.

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Our animals know when they like or don’t like someone and they respond accordingly. They sum things up in all three seconds because they function entirely on intuition. They are great teachers in this way.

We tend to second-guess to the point where we are seeking external validation in order to know if we should or shouldn’t do something and this is where we consciously allow ourselves to go off track.

Usually, we do this because we want to make someone happy, or at least appease a situation. We perform and make choices because we believe it is the “right” thing to do.

We ignore most of our internal signals because we are too disconnected and all of this can lead to a wake-up call at 3 AM, staring at the ceiling, wondering what to do. Not fun.

Perhaps you will never become the type of psychic who answers others' questions, guiding them to their best choices, or the type who consults with the police department, helping them to find people.

Maybe you'll never be the type that tunes into the body and picks up on health challenges. Perhaps you may never believe that these things are real or true and that’s fine.

I want you to know that you do possess a psychic ability — otherwise known as your intuition — that is connected to your emotions and your nervous system and it is communicating with you all the time.

Whatever else you believe, this is what I want you to tap into. Especially for those who may choose the study of psychic ability, who knows how far any of you could go with this skill if you chose to? 

But that’s not the real point. The real point is that you have a gift that you haven’t used, and it is a life-changer.

It’s time for you to connect/reconnect to your deeper knowing, your emotions, and your nervous system, and start to feel your way to making decisions, because once you understand how to do this, you will make amazing decisions effortlessly, and you will possess a level of confidence that you may have never believed was possible.

Trust yourself, tap into your intuitive nature, and discover a whole new world.

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Reverand Deborah Bishop is a performer, speaker, and energy practitioner.