The Secret To Making Your Manifestation Come True, Based On Your Moon Sign

Manifesting with your Moon sign puts your whole soul into your manifestations.

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The Moon in astrology represents our emotional nature, what we define as our comfort zone, and the dreams we consider worth dreaming. And using one's Moon sign for manifestations is an excellent way to tap into one's soul and manifest from a space that feels second nature.

Additionally, manifesting with your Moon sign can protect you from making wishes that you may regret later. People often get influenced by the celebrity lifestyle or the possessions of other people, not taking into account whether that lifestyle is suitable for them or if something they want is even worth it. Your Moon sign can redirect you away from regretful desires and help you zone into goals that truly matter to you.


The secret to successfully manifesting with your Moon sign

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Manifesting with Aries Moon

If you have Moon in Aries, your natural tendency is to act first and ask questions later. You love diving headfirst into fresh projects and new adventures and are not one to shy away from taking the lead. To manifest with your Aries Moon, do not second-guess yourself. Your natural enthusiasm and fearless attitude make it easy for you to manifest your desires. It's almost like you already possess an extra-large “law of attraction” magnet. For added power, do a manifestation ritual during an Aries New Moon or Full Moon. Just make sure it's not during an eclipse as that will mess up your manifestations.


Manifesting with Taurus Moon

If you have Moon in Taurus, you are super loveable, easy-going, and excellent around children and animals. You may also be extremely beautiful in a salt-of-the-earth kind of way. To manifest with your Taurus Moon, do an intention-setting exercise first before you start manifesting. Take as many days as you need to zero in on the things you truly care about and edit out the bells and whistles. Food and flower rituals are perfect for you. For added power, manifest your biggest desires during a Taurus New Moon or Full Moon. Just make sure it's not conjuncting with an eclipse as that can mess things up for you.

Manifesting with Gemini Moon

If you have Moon in Gemini, you are fun-loving, chatty, friendly, and an excellent partner in crime. But you may find it difficult to focus. To manifest using your Gemini Moon, speak your desires out loud. But not in a stream-of-consciousness kind of way. Focus first with an intention-setting exercise and then create a bunch of affirmations or manifestation spells (simple poems with a 1-2-1-2 rhyme scheme that's easy to memorize) that you can say every day for a set amount of days. For added power, do this during a Gemini New Moon or Full Moon. But not during an eclipse, as that will mess up your manifestation.

Manifesting with Cancer Moon

If you have Moon in Cancer, you are a gentle soul who loves creature comforts and staying at home and hates busybodies who poke their noses into your business. To manifest using your Cancer Moon, tap into the ocean of emotions you have inside of you. Do a visualization exercise and imagine you already have what you are wishing for. Then, feel the entire gamut of emotions you know you will feel once you get what you want. Silver metal and coins are good manifestation tools for you. For added power, do your rituals during a Cancer Full Moon or New Moon, but steer clear of eclipse nights as they tend to mess up manifestations.

Manifesting with Leo Moon

If you have Moon in Leo, you have a big heart, are very loveable, and like to live a king-sized life. To manifest using your Leo Moon, make your wishes as big as they can be and ask yourself if you are sabotaging yourself and can dream even bigger. Fire rituals and sunlight manifestations are also a great way for you to tap into your moon energy. For added power, manifest during a Leo New or Full Moon. But steer clear of eclipse nights as they will doom your rituals.


Manifesting with Virgo Moon

If you have Moon in Virgo, you are naturally spotlight-shy, practical, clear-headed, and fun to hang out with. To manifest using your Virgo Moon, use manifestation rituals. The intricate activities and detailed tasks will focus your intentions better than anything else. You can make the ritual as expensive or cheap as you want. The money is not the point. The feelings and intentions are. And salt — one of the cheapest ingredients — is historically known to be the most-used ingredient in spells and rituals. For added power, manifest during a Virgo New or Full Moon. Daytime rituals are also better for you... unless you were born during the night. Just make sure not to schedule your ritual during an eclipse day as that will mess up your manifestation.

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Manifesting with Libra Moon

If you have Moon in Libra, you are an easy-going person who loves to socialize and get swept up in interesting romances. To manifest using your Libra Moon, “balance” your manifestations. Think of it like the yin-yang symbol in Chinese mythology: for every creation, something must be destroyed, and vice versa. Employ the same principle for your manifestations. For example, if you want to manifest love, anchor this desire to a cosmic exchange with the universe where you promise to give up a bad habit. Each time you stop yourself from engaging in that bad habit will be an opportunity for you to remember your manifestation and add more power to it. You can also do a ritual on a Libra New or Full Moon day as the energy will be naturally aligned with yours. Just steer clear of eclipse days as they tend to mess up manifestations.

Manifesting with Scorpio Moon

If you have Moon in Scorpio, you will face some challenges if you want to manifest with your Moon sign. The moon is debilitated in Scorpio because the scorpion's nature goes against the moon's natural tendency. This is often exhibited through a strong attraction to dark and dangerous things that are harmful to the self. Manifesting with your Venus sign or Mercury sign might be a better idea for those with a Scorpio Moon. There's one exception, though; Scorpio New and Full moon days (when it's not an eclipse) are the perfect time for Scorpio moon natives to do a manifestation ritual. The energies are more in your favor during those days (and nights).


Manifesting with Sagittarius Moon

If you have Moon in Sagittarius, your natural tendency is to learn, expand yourself, and go where your heart pleases. To manifest using your Sagittarius Moon, speak your manifestations out loud. Since Jupiter (the planet of fortune) rules Sagittarius, having a Sagittarius Moon makes it very easy for you to manifest your desires, more so than a lot of other signs. Most of the time you may not even need to manifest anything. You usually get what you want... unless your chart is debilitated by enemy signs and planets. To add power to your manifestations, do your rituals on a Sagittarius New or Full moon day (when it's not an eclipse). You can even manifest using a bonfire in the company of other people.

Manifesting with Capricorn Moon

If you have Moon in Capricorn, you are naturally strong-willed, dedicated, disciplined, and ambitious. To manifest using your Capricorn Moon, make sure you are crystal clear about what you want to manifest. And then create an action plan for yourself with set goals. A lot of the “don't try to direct the universe” advice regarding manifestations will be counterproductive for you. Tapping into your leadership ability with your Capricorn Moon is the path of least resistance for you. For added power, try to manifest or do a goal-setting exercise during a Capricorn New Moon or Full Moon. But don't manifest during an eclipse as that will mess up your manifestation.

Manifesting with Aquarius Moon

If you have Moon in Aquarius, you have probably felt like an oddball your entire life. You are ambitious but don't like to make it known and you thrive on dreaming of the future and how humankind will advance technologically through the years. To manifest using your Aquarius Moon, tap into this side of you while setting intentions. What kind of future do you dream of? How will it impact the world? How will it impact the community around you? These questions will help you zero in on the right goals for you. Vision boards are an excellent manifestation tool for you as are mock items that mimic your goals. For example, a fake check with $1,000,000 written on it. For added power, manifest during an Aquarius New or Full Moon night. But steer clear of eclipses as they will mess up your rituals.

Manifesting with Pisces Moon

If you have Moon in Pisces, you are sentimental, soft-hearted, and romantic. To manifest using your Pisces Moon, tap into your incredibly powerful creative and psychic abilities. This can range from full-fledged visualization exercises that almost feel like reality shifting to doing intricate manifestation rituals that make you feel like a witch or wizard from the Harry Potter universe. For added power, do your manifestations during a Pisces New or Full Moon night when the energies will be heightened for you. But postpone your ritual if this coincides with an eclipse, as they tend to mess up manifestations.


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