How To Manifest Using Your Mars Sign

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In astrology, Mars is the planet associated with actions, drives, and how we approach things. To understand how you can best manifest the life you desire, it is important to look at the sign your Mars is in.

As astrology TikTok creator @astro.daddy explains, "Mars is the planet that rules over how we take action, which most of the time is exactly what we need to know to manifest."

There are many different manifestation techniques that can help you put the Law of Attraction into action. When coupled with the energy of your Mars sign, your manifestations are even more likely to come true.

"The more action you take towards your manifestations, the better, @astro.daddy continues. “I’m not asking you to chase them, I’m asking you to take action. The more action you take the more you attract them."



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How to manifest using your Mars sign

To find your Mars sign, enter your birth day, time, and place into a free birth chart calculator. By knowing the sign your Mars is in you can tailor your actions involving manifesting that suit your personality and energies.

Mars in Aries

You are ambitious but impatient, and very determined. The key is to get a grip on your own impatience, write down your goals and approach them one at a time. Physical activities such as walking, running or anything else may help clear your mind in the thinking process. Your solid determination can lead to manifestations coming true — and don’t take no for an answer.

Mars in Taurus

You understand the childhood story of how the tortoise beat the hare: slow and steady wins the race. Since you have high sexual energies, channel some of this energy into alignment with what you want to achieve. It is also important to be in comfortable and attractive surroundings when you manifest.

Mars in Gemini

This is all about communication and taking in information. Write things down and journal your desires. Communicate your ideas to others with others who can help. Research your plans fully and take action.

Mars in Cancer

You are a compassionate and sensitive individual. Your intuition can play an important role in your decisions to manifest certain things at the right time. Follow your intuition and continue to express your creative thoughts to others. The right timing should be a natural instinct.

Mars in Leo

You take matters into your own hands as you are a self-driven natural leader. Don’t focus so much on exact outcomes and timelines. Put your manifestation out there, take all of the action you can, and keep your focus on the bigger picture.

Mars in Virgo

Your superpower is being organized and prepared. Write down your desire, then write down steps (actions) that you can take to make it happen. You are a natural communicator which is another quality you possess so talk to others about your plans and be prepared.

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Mars in Libra

You have a lightness that makes you attractive to others. You are a rational and creative person so your own creativity can take you far. You have the ability to raise the vibration energy in the room. Include others in your plans if possible as you don’t work as well alone and talk up your plans, present ideas and mix with others who might help.

Mars in Scorpio

You are intuitive and driven. Focus on what your intuition tells you and go after it. Write your own affirmations as you often prefer to act independently and repeat them each day. Your high psychic energies and inner determination can connect you with the right people to help.

Mars in Sagittarius

You are independent and adventuresome and may prefer to work on your own. Mars in your sign is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion. Write down your desires and expand on ways to achieve the outcomes. Your natural luck should guide you in the right direction.

Mars in Capricorn

You are a natural-born achiever to begin with. Your Mars drives you toward action but focus on doing less and working and manifesting smarter to attract more and bigger things into your life.

Mars in Aquarius

You are a rational air sign and you have many ideas; most of them unique. You naturally draw and attract others so you need to increase your confidence in your own abilities to do this. Create a grounding routine in terms of manifesting your ideas into the universe, let go and collect the results.

Mars in Pisces

With Mars in Pisces, you may be the most intuitive of all. As a matter of fact, you may have been intuitively guided toward many of your accomplishments in life already if you think about it. Focus your intuition on what you want, trust it, and you will be guided in the right direction to achieve what you want.

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