How To Use 'The Staircase Method' Before Falling Asleep To Wake Up In Your Desired Reality

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There are several ways of shifting your reality to create the life you desire. These methods can be used for experienced reality shifters, or for newbies who are just getting started, perhaps after watching increasingly popular videos on TikTok or other platforms.

Reality shifting is about guiding your consciousness from your current reality, using your visualization, affirmations and/or scripting, and then moving into the reality you desire. The idea is to change your current state of reality.

One way to reality shift is by using the staircase method. Like the Julia method, raven method, elevator method, and Alice in Wonderland method, the staircase method allows you to travel past the confines of your physical existence.

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What is the staircase method for reality shifting?

The staircase method is a reality-changing technique where you imagine yourself climbing a set of stairs slowly. During your climb, you imagine all that you do not desire about yourself, and your old life is left behind.

In the staircase method, visualization is used to create your desired reality. In other methods, scripts are used to speak a new reality into existence instead of visualizing it.

What sets this reality shifting method apart from others is that it does not need a shifting script; however, if you choose to write one, make sure you are clear on what you want.

Reality shifting is not as difficult as it sounds. Most methods are easy to learn, and just require an open mind and an active imagination.

Here’s how to use the staircase method to wake up in your desired reality.

1. Relax your body.

Find a quiet, comfortable place where you can lay down and relax. Be sure the location you choose is one where you will be free of distractions. Then, imagine yourself in a small room standing at the bottom of a set of stairs.

2. Climb the stairs.

Start to go up the stairs one by one, taking your time as you do. As you move up the staircase, think about everything in your current reality, seeing yourself climb past all of it.

3. See yourself in both realities.

Once you reach the top of the stairs, you ideally have a complete picture of everything in your current reality. Envision staring into a mirror with the recognition that you are leaving this version of yourself behind.

4. Open the door in front of you.

You'll then turn around and see a white door in front of you. Approach it and turn the knob, revealing a descending staircase. Some people like to envision a fancy golden knob or even an old school diamond one.

5. Go down the stairs.

As you start to go down the second set of stairs, you should feel a rush of excitement and good energy flowing through your body.

With each downward step, visualize the people, things, and circumstances that you want in your life. Take your time descending the stairs to imagine all your life’s desires, step by step.

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6. Open the next door.

Once you reach the bottom of the stairs, there will be another white door awaiting you. As you reach out to turn the knob, conjure up visions of an important person you want to bring into your desired reality.

7. Meet your 'person'.

Open the door and your person will be there with an outstretched hand. They will ask if you are ready to go. Take a moment to think about all you are leaving behind, and if you are ready, say, “Yes.”

8. Talk about your new reality.

This person will then lead you through a narrow, dark passageway, asking you questions about your new reality as you explain anxiously. When you near the end, another door will appear.

9. See your friends and family.

After moving through the final door, you will be greeted by all your family and friends that you expected to see in your desired reality. Spend time socializing with them and telling them about your new world.

10. Return to bed.

After chatting with them and ensuring that everything in your new reality is as expected, head to your room and envision yourself going to bed, returning to the position you started in.

11. Enjoy your new reality.

When you wake up in the morning, you will be in your desired reality!

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