How To Set Clear Intentions So You Can Get What You Really Want

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How To Set Clear Intentions So You Can Get What You Really Want

Are you sending out mixed messages about what you want? Most people tend to send a lot of mixed messages out into the universe without even realizing they're setting intentions for things that won't help them.

This doesn't get you what you want — it gives you more of what you don't want. This is why you're manifesting things that don't work for you, instead of things that will improve your life.

Learning how to set intentions is an important part of getting clear about what you really want in life.

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First of all, it's important to be clear and specific with what you want.

It's OK to change and refine what you want as you go and learn, but you need to start somewhere. Know that you can create exactly what you want, but it starts with knowing what you want first.

You can start small, but you must start.

You can have some larger intentions over time, but also have some that are smaller goals that you can achieve in less time. Don't make your goal so big that you overwhelm and disappoint yourself and just give up.

Big goals are always achieved step by step, so break it up into one manageable step at a time. You can always keep the bigger picture in mind.

Actions speak loudest.

The big secret to setting intentions is that your actions show your intentions much louder than anything else.

Your thoughts are just that: Thoughts. Your thoughts help you to try on an idea, so to speak before you actually put it in action.

By taking action, you send out a request for what you want into the universe. So for instance, if you stay in a bad relationship, the action of staying is telling the universe that's what you want — and more of that will be sent back to you.

You can think all day long about getting out of the relationship, but staying in it is the action that speaks the loudest.

In your mind, you could think about many different places you want to go, but does thinking actually get you there? After thinking about it and choosing, it's the action of getting in the car or walking there that makes it happen.

Just thinking about it or saying what you want isn't really putting that signal out there, you must be showing what you want with your actions.

The same thing is true with a job. No matter how much you think about how you hate your job, staying and not trying and taking steps toward something different says that's exactly what you want.

You're in control of your free will.

You have free will, so even if you're choosing to do something horrible for you, the universe will help you do what you want. You're in control.

So, look closely at your actions. What are you allowing in your life that you don't really want? What are you just dealing with or accepting?

Your spirit guide can help, but you must be clear with them so they can help in a way that's really beneficial. If you aren't clear, then you'll get unclear and confusing results back, which is why so many people feel stuck.

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Spirit guides and "white and blue lights."

Besides your spirit guides, you can also attain "white and blue lights." These "lights" are beings who help you to send your signal out so you can get back what you want.

The more intentional and clear you are about manifesting what you want — and showing that's what you want with actions — the more of these lights you gain.

For instance, you may start thinking about wanting to do something, and boom, it pops up in your life somehow. Those synchronicities happen more as you set your sights on what you truly want.

Eventually, you become more in sync and things manifest quickly with practice and having the maximum amount of lights helping you behind the scenes.

It's very helpful to keep a journal of what you want.

Writing is an action, and it helps to give it more power than just thoughts. You can write down exactly how you want your day to go step by step, or an intention you want to complete in a week or 10 years.

Exactly how you format your journal is up to you. Do what feels right. Be OK with changing it over time if something feels even better, and learn and edit as you go.

You can write in it every day or once a week, do what feels best for you. The more you do it, the more clear you become!

Writing also helps you to keep track of your goals.

It's funny after you achieve a goal, your mind then goes to the next one. Sometimes, you can almost miss the fact that you actually achieved a goal.

So, looking back at the past goals in writing can show you how far you really have come.

You can also write out possible actions you can take to get to each goal. You can analyze what your actions are showing that you want now, compared to what you actually want and work on how to change that.

This is for you so create your life how you want.

Start setting those clear intentions and showing with actions and certainty what you want so you can have it! You're here to create what you want, not just settle and stay with what you don't.

As you keep setting intentions and achieving them, it gives you so much momentum and makes it easier and easier each time to get what you want.

Once you know how to set and send intentions, you start to know with confidence that you can always achieve them, which gives you even more power.

So, the big question is what do you want? Set those intentions and achieve them! Don't wait any longer, start now!

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